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10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

There are too many blogs on WordPress that find advertising as the most important source of monetization. They use a number of advertising channels, including Google AdSense, Affiliate Ads, AdSense alternatives, and Direct Ads. 

But many of these blogs find it really hard and complicated to manage and maintain their ad-based monetization strategy. For example, integrating the AdSense code in your WordPress theme can even become a challenge for people with Non-tech background. 

For such people, we have a range of easy to WordPress plugins that help in all aspects of ad management. Before calling up a WordPress development company India, look at these choices we have picked. 

1. AdSanity


AdSanity is a superb ad management plugin that any WordPress users will find extremely easy to use. AdSanity allows selling direct ads and also network ads like Google AdSense. The plugin with a light build offers fast performance. 

The basic plugin offers all the key features that you expect from an ad tool, and by taking add-ons, you can always integrate more enhanced functionalities. The best thing about AdSanity is that the plugin offers graphic stats with insights about the ad performance. 

2. AdRotate


AdRotate allows you to plan the advertisement campaigns for several months in advance. With the advanced ad planning tools, it allows you to develop time tables corresponding to your advertisements’ future timeline. In the arena of WordPress plugin development for ad management, this one is a gem for many reasons. 

The plugin offers a free version that allows you to create your custom ads and track the ad performance and impressions. If you opt for the Pro version, you can get the following features. 

  • The geo-targeting feature will allow you to display ads on the website or blog as per the users’ geographical location.
  • Mobile ads will help to display ads as per the type of the device.
  • Advertiser campaigns are a feature of this plugin to help the blog sponsors create their custom ads. 
  • The Pro version of the plugin offers premium support as well. 

3. Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin comes loaded with an impressive range of features while offering a low-cost advantage. It is also a highly popular plugin because if it’s integrated tools to bypass ad blockers.

The plugin also allows you to display ads in a wide range of positions on the website. Ads Pro can display ads in more than 20 different ways, including background ads, banner ads, sliders, floating ads, etc. 

The pro version of the plugin allows you to take direct ad purchases through a front-end interface. The Ads Pro version also offers split-testing to track the types of ads that can pull the highest revenue.

Some of the other crucial features of the Pro version include filtering ads, impression capping, geo-targeting, ad analytics, etc. 

4. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System

This awesome and comprehensive ad management tool comes loaded with more than 18 predefined positions for advertising. Apart from the basics like sidebar banners and ads within the content, it offers several creative adoptions such as slider ads, corner peel ads, background ads, etc. 

The PRO version of the Advertising System offers a great banner ad creator that can quickly build animated HTML5 banner ads. The core plugin is fairly basic, and for advanced features, you need the Pro version. 

5. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

When you need a solid and comprehensive tool for running robust WordPress advertising campaigns, Ad Inserter comes as the right choice. It boasts of 40,000+ active installs and great ratings.  

Ad Inserter plugin, besides helping you to insert the ads or the HTML/Javascript/PHP codes of the ads into WordPress, offers a lot of flexibility of integrating diverse types of ads and the option of inserting ads at any place in a blog post. If you want to display ads in different Oates and posts in different manners, this plugin is the right one for you. 

The free version of the plugin is quite power-packed with several key features like the following. 

  • The plugin offers 16 code blocks.
  • It offers an editor function with syntax highlighting capability.
  • It offers previews of the code with a CSS editor.
  • It also allows manual insertion of the ads through widgets, a PHP function call, shortcodes, etc. 
  • It offers multiple block alignment and style options. 

6. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

The AdSense Plugin WP Quads has emerged as an excellent toolset. From its earlier avatar as Quick AdSense ads plugin, it remains one of the most downloaded and popular advertising plugins as of now. The plugin is popular because it is fully coded from scratch and comes with a faultless code base. 

Do you require getting AdSense on your site with a glitch-free performance? Then this plugin can be the best choice. All the old Quick AdSense plugin users can easily migrate to this plugin through the “quick import” function. One of the latest features of the plugin is that Google AMP ads are supported by it. 

It comes with a free and premium version. The Pro version of the plugin offers additional features such as the following. 

  • You can incorporate Google AdSense ads in any place within the post.
  • The plugin supports all Ads code apart from Google Adsense. 
  • It is capable of displaying as many as 10 Ads on a single page.
  • It offers support for as many as 10 Ad codes on the Sidebar Widgets.
  • The plugin allows using shortcodes within the ads.

7. OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is an ad manager plugin that particularly suits WordPress websites willing to sell ad spaces directly to advertisers without any middleman’s role. The plugin pretty much handles everything ranging from reporting, ad payments, and analytics and tracking. 

The plugin also allows you to create different sizes of ad spaces on the website. The website can customize the type of ads, the number of ads to display in each ad space, fix a price, the rotation cycle, specific ad targeting, and many other aspects.

The OIO Publisher plugin offers an excellent, straightforward user interface that is highly user friendly. It delivers a custom widget for displaying ads in all areas of the website that are ready for the widgets. In case of some ad placements, you are required to edit the files of the WordPress theme to insert the specific code for the ad zone.

8. Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads

Are you looking for a plugin that can allow automatically inserting ads into the website or blog posts? Well, for this purpose, you should choose Insert Post Ads. The plugin helps a blog or website to integrate display ads right in the post.

This flexible plugin allows you to create different types and sizes of ads, and you can choose after how many paragraphs the ad is going to display. By using the plugin, one can also integrate multiple ads in a post and choose where in the article they will be displayed. 

Simplicity and ease of use is the key value proposition of this plugin. All you need is to create the ad, generate the ad code, and choose the paragraph number after which you want it to be displayed. You can add ads from third-party sources apart from integrating your own ad with custom HTML code. 

9. DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick by Google is a well known online ad sales and service platform popular across the publishers of niches. Backed up by Google, DoubleClick offers a sharp edge over competitive platforms when it comes to reliability and lower cost.

It helps you to sell ads and create competition for the particular ad spots on many advertisement networks, including Adsense. DoubleClick can automatically select the ad with the highest pay for the respective spot and display it there. On top of all these, the plugin also offers quality reporting tools to track ad performance. 

10. Ultimate Ads Manager

Ultimate Ads Manager

Ultimate ads manager is a great plugin to take care of all ad management work and helps you with the technical part from start to finish. Ultimate Ads Manager (UAM) appears as a widget, and as a second option, you can also choose to use a shortcode for displaying the ad anywhere on the website or blog.

Some of the most important value propositions of UAM include exceptional ease of use, ad clustering, the automated publication of ads, etc. the plugin offers its own statistics and rich reports. Besides, the plugin offers extensive support to Google Analytics to showcase very layered tracking information concerning the performance of banner ads. The plugin meticulously takes count of the clicks and views per hour, per day, week, and yearly basis. 

The Ultimate Ads Manager plugin also helps your ad display by maintaining certain rules of ad display and ad hiding. With plenty of useful features, it is fairly one of the best ad management plugins to ensure successful ad campaigns. 


As it is evident from this post that there is no dearth of great ad management solutions to help your blogs and websites monetize with ads. You have a pretty good number of choices covering all that you need to make campaigns successful. You can always try a few before settling with the best one for your purpose.

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