Top Workout and Fitness Apps for Android

5 Workout and Fitness Apps for Android

The fitness industry has changed over time. The modern world has revolutionized the fitness business and developed many applications and software for people.

These applications are compatible with every operating system and provide all the features that are needed for tracking the activities. The invention of fitness applications has provided many advantages to the management of the fitness studio.

It has many tools and options that help you to store a record of daily, weekly, and monthly activities. According to the survey, it has been observed that fitness application is now used by 60% of the fitness studio customers and staff.

It is a cloud-based security system that stores your personal health information. But the main reason for the development of this software is that it helps to meet all the requirements of fitness management.

By using this application, you can schedule, cancel or reschedule your appointments.

Below are some of the top workout applications for android:

1. FitNotes


FitNotes is a professional application that is designed for fitness and workout trainers. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform that keeps track of your activities. You can simply set up your profile after sign-up using a valid e-mail address. It includes all the options and features for the people, including cardio and resistance.

It saves the data in a proper format. FitNotes application has restored and backup feature as well. You can easily download this application on your mobile phone. It is good for the trainer who wants to manage a workout routine.

2. Wellyx


Wellyx is one of the most featured fitness applications that is used all over the world. It is designed professionally to meet all the needs of the trainers. The basic thing is that it is a convenient platform for fitness studio management. 

It includes sales and lead management, inventory details, gift cards, promotions, clients, staff portal, and much more. Wellyx helps the management to keep track of all the activities. It provides a free trial for new customers. This software is a customized tool that works efficiently.

3. Glofox


Glofox is a famous software and workout software application that allows gym owners to manage, organize and operate the entire system of the fitness studio. This application is also available on iOS and Android operating systems.

It helps the fitness members to book, schedule, and cancel the appointment by sitting anywhere. It has a mobile application that provides a proper portal system for the clients. You can sign-up for this application by providing your fitness business name.

4. Mindbody


Mindbody is a fitness and wellness management application that is used by gyms and salons around the world. It provides many services and features for people to schedule appointments and bookings. 

This software is a business management platform for fitness and wellness studios. It is a powerful software that works efficiently and properly to manage the activities.

5. Gym Master

Gym Master

Gym Master is a professional application for fitness business management. It works for all sizes of fitness businesses. Whether running a salon or gymnasium, this software manages all the staff activities by using automation features.

It enhances the growth of sales and makes the customer happy. It is a convenient tool to save and organize the records of customers. Another feature of sales management in this system helps the employee to track the revenue.

Why does Fitness Mobile Application help to Attracts People?

The fitness industry is using various applications for its customers. The main objective of fitness software is to manage all the activities of the customer and staff.

This software provides 24-hour assistance for the clients. People can schedule appointments with their trainer in just a minute by using an application on their smartphone. It makes the system of the fitness studio work efficiently.

One amazing thing about this software is that it helps the executive management to track the attendance and performance of the employees. The fitness application is an automated tool that offers fitness lessons and classes for people. The gym owners can record the sales, revenue, and profit margin of their business.

The gym management software is developed for the managers to cover all the areas of their business. It is a paperless system that eases the work of the management. It also results in engaging the customers.


The management software for the fitness and wellness business is very important for the salons and gyms because it gives many facilities and services. It is an effective tool that covers the entire operations of the business.

Most businesses have applied this technology for management. Some are still using the old method to maintain the system. The best fitness business application is the one that helps the customer schedule appointments in just a minute.

If you are going to start a fitness business, you must buy an online application because it helps enhance productivity.

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