Can DC Ever Beat Marvel? What Are The Upcoming DC Movies That Could Do So?

Well, it a battle of two heavyweights when it comes to comic movies. For the comic fans in the room, without a doubt, you are aware there are two comic book companies, namely DC and Marvel comics. Each company tries to dominate the comic universe. It’s a battle that has been firing on for a very long time.

Both DC and Marvel have a cult following of fans although, Marvel fans believe their side has dominated the comic world over DC. And DC fans don’t agree with that, for they believe they have the upper hand over Marvel.

If you enjoy both DC and Marvel productions, then without a doubt, you have watched both Marvel and DC movies in order of release. This means you know who has the best comic movies/characters between Marvel and DC. And many fans have all supported Marvel as the best for this battle. But what are the advantages that Marvel has over DC?

Advantages that Marvel has over DC

Characters. Marvel characters are relatable. And on top of that, Marvel brings more realism into a fantasy world compared to DC.

Marvel likes to take risks because they surprise their fans with a unique and unexpected movie such as the Guardians of the Galaxy. They keep their fans Guessing and wondering what’s next.

Each Marvel character has a background on his own, making it easier to start a movie based on each character. And once that happens, they will have enough content available for their fans.

But between DC and Marvel, one is more original than the other. Which one of the two was the first to enter the comic universe?


Without a doubt, DC is by far original compared to Marvel comics. In 1941, DC created its first superhero movie three years ahead of Captain America, created in 1944. DC was also the first to create superheroes with action comics.

How then did Marvel happen to get the largest fanbase?

How Marvel gained the largest fanbase

In the beginning, DC dominated the comic movies because they had big names; superheroes that everyone was aware of, including Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Then Marvel Cinematic Universe joined in. After the release of Iron Man, the MCU brought hits after hits. Later on, everyone knew about Marvel Characters, including Captain America and Ironman.

DC happened to stagnate as they didn’t make a single movie besides the abomination of Green Lantern. This gave MCU a free run, and as a result, it dominated and gained a large fanbase.

Can DC ever catch up to Marvel?

Can DC beat the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It all goes down to what DC can offer and take advantage of what Marvel doesn’t. DC is brilliant when it comes to making an artistic live-action movie. Also, Marvel is good when it comes to creating a live-action film. The only advantage Marvel has over DC is that they are more consistent in making them than their competitors.

The fans all have one thing in common to see a good film, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s DC or Marvel but movies worth watching. So, if DC wants to reclaim their position as the best, all they need is to release movies that will attract fans, and below are some of the best upcoming DC movies that could do so.

The Batman

It is an upcoming DC movie based on the comic character Batman. His second year of trying to eliminate crime in the city of Gotham. Here, he uncovers corruption; things get interesting as he traces the corruption only to see his family is connected. And there is a serial killer by the name of Riddler.

The film was supposed to get released in 2021, but due to the pandemic, it got pushed to 2022. Expectations are it will be available on March 4, 2022.

Black Adam

Black Adam, just like the pandemic affected the Batman movie, it also affected Black Adam. For it was supposed to air on December 22, 2021. But due to those complications caused by the pandemic, it got pushed to 2022.

It should air on July 29, 2022, as expected. It’s a film that will star Dwayne Johnson.

The Flash

The plot features a superhero who lives in the future but tries to go back to the past to prevent his mother’s murder. But that results in unexpected consequences.

The flash will be available in the US on November 4, 2022.

DC will have a busy 2022, as they have a selection of movies that will soon be released. Anticipated movies are Aquaman and the lost Kingdom, Batgirl, Wonder Woman 3, DC league of Super-Pets.


For DC movies fans, you know the feeling when a DC movie is released. DC has a lot of movies to release, and once they are released, DC will show they mean business as they will be targeting to be at the top of the comic universe.

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