12 Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

Some of us, unfortunately, do not have the luxury to pay for streaming services and premium software, but that doesn’t mean we should be left behind because there are tools at our disposal that can help us find the paid content we desire for free. SevenTorrents is one of the most reliable torrent sites that offers a massive variety of content and a worthwhile user experience.

Unfortunately for most of us looking for the original SevenTorrents site, the search comes to a dead-end or takes us to the multiple SevenTorrents proxy mirror sites.

Regular shutdowns are a common problem for all torrent sites and their users. The reason for the sudden disappearance of torrent platforms is legal takedowns and geographical restrictions. Fortunately, there are ways for users to avoid this issue and bypass the restrictions. However, it is essential to protect yourself by using a reliable VPN service to make your online browsing anonymous and safe.

What is SevenTorrents?

SevenTorrents is a relatively new torrenting website that made its name within the market through its simple user interface and minimalist look and keeping its focus on providing its users a rich source of TV shows, movies, anime, and more.

Today, thousands of people rely on SevenTorrents for safe torrenting. The site adjusts files to ensure the highest quality and the safest downloads, which is why SevenTorrents’ popularity worldwide.

The clean and modern user interface is well designed and intuitive. The latest and trending torrents are presented neatly on the left side of the page, while the powerful search bar takes the center spot. For the most part, SevenTorrents is ad-free, but unfortunately, most people cannot access it.

Is SevenTorrents Free And Secure?

7Torents offered a ton of paid movies and other paid content without charging its users any money. Users from around the world frequented the 7Torrents site because it was a secure torrent site for free movies.

Its database of free content is massive, which is ideal for movie lovers. The site is no longer accessible in many countries because it has been banned for copyright infringement.

How to access SevenTorrents’ Proxy Sites?

One way to continue using SevenTorrents services is to use proxy and mirror sites. Firstly, make sure that these mirror sites are available in your country since they also suffer the same fate as the original websites.

If you are unable to access your desired mirror site, then a proxy site will help you bypass the Geo-restrictions. Thankfully, most mirror sites offer the same speed and experience since they are clones of the actual site.

Mirror sites serve as an alternative way of accessing torrent files when the FHS main domain is unavailable. Typically, they also offer the same library of content.

Often mirror sites are run by the same staff as the original platform and are helped by volunteers. These people are a group of torrent lovers that want others to continue to have access to movies on this site even when the authorities block the main domain.

Top Alternatives To SevenTorrents

If you are not comfortable using mirror sites or proxy sites because they can be unreliable and unsafe, you always have the option to try out sites similar to SevenTorrents. These substitute platforms offer the same services and are sometimes much better.

Following are the best alternatives to SevenTorrents:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. ExtraTorrent
  3. YifyTorrents
  4. IsoHunt
  5. RARBG
  6. 1337X
  7. KAT.cr.to
  8. SeedPeer
  9. TorrentReactor
  10. BitSnoop
  11. YTS.AM
  12. Nyaa.si

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the biggest user-sourced Torrenting site that is brimming full of free torrent files in every category, including music, movies, games, software, e-books, registered, and a lot more. The Pirate Bay is regarded as the oldest and the pioneering torrenting platform for getting free torrents.

One of the few downsides of Pirate Bay is that users are not given the meta link, which means anytime a user downloads a torrent, it goes automatically to the torrent client rather than providing the download file. This limits the users to directly downloading from The Pirate Bay.

Therefore, the site ranks lower in user-friendliness. Nonetheless, the enormous database content makes up for the weaknesses of the platform.

2. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is another prominent name in the world of independent torrent search engines and BitTorrent. The platform is one of the leading platforms that offer users original torrent files for free, which many other similar sites cannot do.

ExtraTorrent’s greatest strength is the advanced and powerful search engine. It is simple to use and works well with just a few keywords, which is ideal for users who don’t know the exact name or title of the content they want.

As an independent torrenting platform, ExtraTorrent is also able to cater to the adult content market. The site has all the features you would expect from a top-rated torrenting website. Besides being expansive, the content library of Extra Torrents is easy-to-navigate and well organized.

3. YifyTorrents

If you only want movie torrents, then the biggest torrent site in the market serving that segment exclusively is YifyTorrents. While most other free torrent sites offer different types of files and content, YifyTorrents only deals in films; you won’t even find music or TV shows on this site.

Nonetheless, YifyTorrents does movie torrents better than anyone else in the industry. You will find torrent files of the most popular films and blockbusters, but that’s not all! Yify Torrents also offers newly-released content in real-time, and that is its greatest strength.

The advantage of using YifyTorrents for your movie torrent downloads is that it offers users the choice between HD, FHD, and even 3D quality videos, which are ideal if you want the ultimate theatrical experience at home.

4. IsoHunt

BitTorrent recognizes IsoHunt as a certified peer-to-peer torrenting system. Thanks to the team behind the site and its thousands of loyal users worldwide, the website features millions of torrent files encompassing every category and genre, including movies, music, videos, e-books, licensed software, premium apps, and more.

IsoHunt users are free to explore unlimited torrents and aren’t limited by download limitations or restrictions. They can download and upload as many files as they want. The platform encourages its users to upload torrents with the help of their easy-to-use uploading system, through which they can convert files into torrents and then upload them to share with fellow users.

The pleasing user interface of the site makes it easy for users who are new to the world of torrenting. The people behind IsoHunt have made the website user-friendly and simplistic, perfect for a site that offers such a high level of content for free.


RARBG is one of the most trusted torrent sites of all time. The biggest reason behind RARBG’s worldwide spread popularity is the ever-expanding database of free-to-download torrents. RARBG offers thousands of torrents in all categories, including movies, TV series, games, eBooks, software, and more.

The best thing about RARBG is that it supports torrent sharing; therefore, it is also famously known as one of the biggest torrent sharing communities.

RARBG’s website has an impressive, uncluttered user interface that is easy and simple to use. To maintain the user experience, the RARBG’s team regularly updates the website. To top it all, RARBG’s website does not have any risks and threats, so you can enjoy torrenting without any worries.

6. 1337X

1337X is another widely loved SevenTorrents alternative that you must try if you want to enjoy a massive range of new and popular movies and TV shows.

1337X also offers a massive collection of anime, music, documentaries, apps, games, and more. What we love about 1337X is that the team ensures that all torrents on 1337X are high-quality and fully reliable. 1337 has a wide range of verified torrents that you can download and share without any worries.

Talking about the website interface, 1337X will not fail to impress you with its modern and user-friendly interface. It has several features/categories that make torrent browsing a breeze.

7. KAT.cr.to

If you want to find the best torrent website to download and upload torrents and meta links, there isn’t a better torrent site than KAT.cr. This SevenTorrents alternative allows you to download torrents via both torrent clients or any download manager.

The best thing about KAT.cr. is that its team regularly updates the website with new content, including movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, and more.

We are not a fan of KAT.cr.to the website interface so that we would deduct a few points for the below-average user interface. However, if you aren’t looking for a torrent site with an impressive site but with a highly impressive range of reliable torrents, then KAT.cr.to will surely impress you.

8. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is one of the most trusted and widely used torrent search engines. SeedPeer allows you safe access to millions of torrents, including new and all-time popular movies and full-length TV series episodes.

SeedPeer is also widely popular for its Spanish content library. So if you are a Spanish content fan, then you’ll never run out of options to watch on SeedPeer.

The website has an intelligent interface with a range of features, filters, and categories that make torrent search a hassle-free task. To top that, you also have a smart search bar that leads you to your desired torrent within a few seconds.

SeedPeer is a reliable SevenTorrents alternative, but remember that due to its widespread popularity, it has been through several downtime episodes that can occur again anytime in the future.

9. TorrentReactor

TorrentReactor is among the most active torrent sites with the broadest torrent range of latest and popular movies and TV shows. TorrentReactor has developed a worldwide fan base because it consistently provides high-quality, reliable torrents in all popular categories.

Another reason behind TorrentReactor’s popularity is that it encourages users to share torrent files for free. Free torrent sharing enables many new and aspiring content creators to share their work with a massive audience for free.

10. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is another popular peer-to-peer sharing torrent site. It is trusted for its torrent quality and is recommended for its excellent torrent download speed.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that BitSnoop is one of the biggest torrent platforms because it has access to more than twenty-four million active torrent files. To top that, the team of BitSnoop provides access to hundreds of new torrents every day, so you never run out of torrent options on BitSnoop.

BitSnoop has a basic torrent website interface with all essential features, so BitSnoop does not deserve any brownie points for its website interface. Overall, BitSnoop is a fantastic alternative to SevenTorrents, and we highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable peer-to-peer sharing torrent site.

11. YTS.AM

If you talk about the best torrent sites of 2020-2021, YTS.AM deserves mention because of its impressive performance during the past one and a half years. YTS.AM has tripled its popularity during the past year, and today it stands as one of the best torrent sites.

Similar to SevenTorrents, YTS.AM has become famous for its ever-expanding torrent library that includes a massive range of latest, classic, and all-time popular movies, TV shows, and anime in HD, FHD, and even 4K video quality.

The best thing about YTS.AM is that most of its torrents (if not all) are active, healthy, and reliable. YTS.AM also provides a modernized user interface that allows easy torrent browsing and fast torrent downloads.

12. Nyaa.si

Nyaa is one of the most popular and recommended anime torrent sites of all time.

However, its popularity does not always work in its favor because the original Nyaa Torrent website was taken down in 2017. Since then, many mirror sites have emerged and been taken down. Currently, Nyaa.si is active and running, with thousands of active anime fans visiting the website every day.

Nyaa.si has an incredibly vast anime torrent collection consisting of thousands of anime series with a complete number of full-length anime episodes in HD and FHD video quality with subs and dubs.

Nyaa.si is a free torrent website so that you can enjoy unlimited anime torrent downloading and sharing without subscription or registration. So, if you want to find the best anime website with the widest range of East Asian Japanese, Chinese, and Korean anime torrents, then Nyaa.si will surely impress you.


We hope that with our list of the 12 best torrent sites, you will find the perfect SevenTorrents alternative. All of our alternatives have one thing in common – an impressively vast range of safe torrent files for free download.

Have you tried any of our torrent sites mentioned above? Please share your favorite SevenTorrents alternative with us in the comments.

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