Civilization 5 Tier List

Civilization 5 Tier List

Are you ready to conquer the world of Civilization 5? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, having the right strategies and knowing which civilizations reign supreme can make all the difference in your quest for global domination. In this comprehensive tier list, we’ll delve deep into the strengths and weaknesses of each civilization, allowing you to make informed decisions and lead your chosen nation to victory.

Understanding the Tier List:

Before we dive into the rankings, let’s clarify what a tier list entails. In the context of Civilization 5, a tier list categorizes civilizations based on their overall power and effectiveness in various aspects of the game, such as military prowess, cultural influence, scientific advancements, and diplomatic abilities. Higher-tier civilizations generally possess stronger attributes and are more capable of flourishing in different victory conditions.

S-Tier: The Elite Few

S-Tier The Elite Few

At the top of our tier list are the S-tier civilizations, representing the pinnacle of power and versatility in Civilization 5. These civilizations excel in multiple areas and are formidable opponents in any game scenario. Leading the pack is Babylon, renowned for its scientific prowess and ability to rapidly advance through the technology tree. With the Great Scientist specialist bonus and the unique Walls of Babylon improvement, Babylon can quickly outpace its rivals in scientific research, making it a dominant force from the early to late game.

A-Tier: Strong Contenders

In the A-tier, we find civilizations that boast exceptional strengths and are well-suited for achieving victory in various ways. One standout civilization in this tier is Korea, famed for its scientific superiority and rapid city growth. Thanks to its unique ability, “Scholars of the Jade Hall,” which provides additional science for each specialist, and the powerful Hwacha ranged unit, Korea can outshine its competitors in technological advancements while maintaining a formidable military presence.

B-Tier: Solid Choices

Moving down the tier list, we encounter civilizations that offer solid performances but may lack the same level of dominance as their higher-tier counterparts. Among the B-tier civilizations, Poland stands out for its unique ability, “Solidarity,” which grants free social policies with each new era. This allows Poland to adapt its strategy dynamically and pursue multiple victory conditions with ease, making it a flexible and reliable choice for players seeking a well-rounded civilization.

C-Tier: Middle of the Pack

In the C-tier, we find civilizations that possess decent strengths but may struggle to compete effectively against stronger opponents. One such civilization is Russia, known for its expansive territory and resource abundance. With the unique ability “Siberian Riches,” which provides additional strategic resources upon founding cities, Russia can quickly establish a robust economy and military infrastructure. However, its lack of significant bonuses in other areas relegates it to the middle tier of our tier list.

D-Tier: Limited Impact

Finally, in the D-tier, we have civilizations that face significant challenges in achieving success compared to their counterparts. Denmark, for instance, falls into this category due to its lackluster unique abilities and units. While the Berserker unit offers some combat advantages, Denmark struggles to carve out a niche for itself in the competitive landscape of Civilization 5, making it a less favorable choice for players aiming for victory.


In conclusion, mastering the Civilization 5 tier list is essential for maximizing your chances of success in the game. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each civilization, you can tailor your strategies accordingly and outmaneuver your opponents on the path to victory. Whether you aspire to achieve scientific supremacy, cultural dominance, or military conquest, choosing the right civilization is the first step towards building your empire and etching your name into the annals of history. So, rally your forces, forge alliances, and embark on your journey to become the ultimate ruler of Civilization 5!

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