How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM2

The Sim Not Provisioned MM#2, it’s the most frequent problem among new customers of smartphones, who’ve just obtained a new SIM card, or who’ve switched SIM cards.

You will see the Sim not provisioned mm2 issue on your phone only if you select the “Emergency Calls” option. With this mistake on your phone, you’ll only be able to get in touch with emergency services.

In this article, we’ll first learn what does ‘sim not provisioned’ means, and then we’ll list down a few ways to fix this issue.

So without any further issue, let’s begin.

Section 1. What does sim not provisioned mean?

‘Sim not provisioned MM2 means you’re not allowed to make any voice calls or send messages through your sim because it’s not working.

The biggest reason your sim isn’t provisioned with the provider is that it’s deactivated, it’s been suspended, or you’ve lost it.

The issue could appear because you’ll need to first activate your new SIM card after buying it. Two things might cause your sim to provide this message if it previously ran properly. One is your sim is now damaged, or two, something on your sim’s circuit board has shorted out.

First, the sim card could be dead and hence inactive (if it’s too old). This situation occurs when you ask your supplier to issue you a brand new sim card.

You see my point now: Every time that happens, the sim card will always be out of service, and so will your phone.

Section 2: How to fix Sim not provisioned MM#2

Solution 1: Ensure you have inserted SIM card properly

Most of the users often make this mistake. They don’t insert the SIM card correctly, which causes the ‘Sim not provisioned mm2’ error. Usually, the pins are not correctly in contact.

This is the first solution you could try.

Fix SIM Not Provisioned

The following procedures will help you get your SIM card in place.

Turn off your Android phone, and use the Q pin to remove the SIM holder (and SIM card) from the SIM slot.

Now, please use a rubber pencil eraser to clean the gold SIM card pins with care. You may assist in preventing this problem by wiping off the rubber with a cloth while the SIM card is still moist.

Finally, once you put the SIM back into the SIM card holder, return it to the SIM slot.

To check if your SIM card has been provisioned on the Android problem, start your smartphone and see if it’s working properly.

Solution 2: Check if your SIM card is wet or dirty

Occasionally, simply cleaning your SIM slot and card can fix the problem. Making sure that SIM stays dry and then placing it back where it belongs. If this is successful, then the SIM failing to operate on Android devices was caused by dirty or wet elements interfering with appropriate SIM card pin contact with the smartphone’s circuit.

Solution 3: TopUp your SIM Card

A $1 amount may set off your cellular carrier to give you a new SIM card. To resolve this, restart your cell phone and verify if the error has been resolved.

Many cell phone service providers provide both GSM (2G) and LTE (LTE or data calls) options. If your phone is set to use LTE exclusively, it will not work on 2G, 3G, or 4G networks; it will only work with LTE networks. So, set your phone to AUTO so that it may automatically select between LTE, 4G, or 3G.

Solution 4: Make sure if your SIM card is active

At times’ SIM not provisioned error MM#2′ issue is caused when your SIM card is not active.

A SIM card would be activated within 24 hours in most circumstances once it is placed into a new phone. Three different methods are available to get it to activate in the case that that does not happen:

  1. Call on the carrier support helpline number.
  2. Send a text message.
  3. Log in to the activation webpage on the service provider’s site.

No matter whether the method is used, they are all quick and straightforward. However, whether or not the carrier can assist is a factor. The “SIM not provisioned” issue should generally be resolved.

Solution 5: Contact your Network or Carrier provider

If the error persists, it’s high time to phone your network carrier to discuss your contract. Tell them what went wrong and what you’ve done to try to fix it.

A potential problem with the activation server might be blocking your SIM card from being activated. This error would appear.

If you’re having an issue with your phone, you’ll be put on hold until the problem is resolved. It might take some time to activate the SIM since it may be an issue with the activation server. Although you’ll still have an issue on your hands and no set time frame for its resolution, the problem’s existence and the cause for it have a silver lining.

The ‘SIM not provisioned MM#2’ error, resolved!

This problem will only impact SIM-enabled cell phones. As far as the SIM fits and is compatible, these solutions should work for most SIMs and in most SIM slots.

By now, you’ve probably figured out why your phone says “SIM not supplied MM2.” You can repair this problem by choosing from any of the five alternatives.

If you can’t resolve these issues, you should reach out to your service provider and ask for a new SIM card. After you’ve settled everything, your SIM card must be in good working order.

New SIM card problems are cropping up more and more frequently, but the internet is quick to mobilize and come up with home-based remedies. When SIM problems arise, always check the internet to see if you can discover a solution or workaround.

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