A Simple Guide to Buying Refurbished Servers

A Simple Guide to Buying Refurbished Servers

If your business relies on servers to run demanding applications or for data storage, you probably already know how pricy this type of hardware can get. While it’s impossible for businesses to function optimally without it, obtaining a server might require a substantial capital investment.

However, implementing the right technology can be a big factor in the business’s growth. The right server will expedite your movement toward achieving a long-term increase in productivity. But, not every business owner is a tech genius and knows how to pick the game-changing server for their business.

Some top-of-the-line equipment can set you back more than $3000, but that does not mean you can’t get your hands on quality equipment for far less. A recent trend in the tech world is the rise in the popularity of refurbished equipment.

What is refurbishment

What is refurbishment

Before making any changes or revisions to your overall technological infrastructure, it’s best to outline a budget. As mentioned above, the equipment can get expensive, especially servers. Still, these devices are essential; without them, your employees will have problems running multiple cross-function activities, hosting a website, and sending and receiving data. 

One way to approach this problem is to look for a good deal online. Most often than not, when there are new models about to be unveiled by popular tech companies, the prices of the already released ones drop significantly. 

The other, more conventional way is to opt for refurbished equipment. The whole point of refurbishment is restoring that used equipment to a fully functional state. Most of the time, refurbishment is done on devices that were in use but were later deemed faulty by the user and returned to the vendor or shop they were bought from.

Why buying refurbished equipment is viable

Why buying refurbished equipment is viable

Let’s say there are no performance differences between the same make and model of servers. Why would you opt for the pricier sticker rather than the more conventional option?

For instance, a brand-new HP ProLiant (GEN 10) server will cost you around $2,399.99, while for a refurbished one, a vendor can offer much lower prices. Going for a used HP ProLiant will make no difference in the performance department. You will be able to perform all your business-related tasks optimally and ensure that only the most cutting-edge technology products back you.

How to buy refurbished equipment

There are many things you have to consider before making the leap and getting your wallet out. You will first need to find a reputable vendor offering top-quality equipment at a fair price. To have a pleasant purchasing experience, you should establish a proper relationship with the vendor. Inquire how long they have refurbished equipment and what training they have completed.

They are likely legitimate businessmen and expert refurbishers if they don’t hesitate to provide you with all the information you require.

Ask for warranty

Ask for warranty

Besides providing you with product-related information, if the vendor is professional enough to offer a warranty for the products they sell, they are confident in their skills. However, if the vendor is not that eager to provide you with some safety net, you should take your business elsewhere.

Test the device

While the vendor might be eager to tell you all about the specifications and capabilities of the device, you should only listen to the facts. Ask the vendor to show you how the server works and see whether it’s performing to your liking.

You will rarely encounter a faulty device as refurbishers perform stress tests and many other performance evaluations before selling that product. But it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Bottom line

Servers are incredibly important for businesses that run applications such as CRM software. Besides that, servers are incredibly useful for secure data access and storage. So, if you want to find the right device for your business needs and not pay an arm and a leg for it, consider refurbished servers as an option.

Follow the simple guide we outlined for you above to ensure that you always find the device that will satisfy your demands.

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