HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Gaming headsets are unavoidable when it comes to gaming. Without a suitable pair of headsets, you can neither enjoy gunshots and mayhems nor chat with your friends. However, whenever purchasing a gaming headset, a colossal range of renowned brands click your mind.

The overwhelming sea of choices can confuse your mind because each headset has specific features for a particular purpose. In this regard, HyperX is one of those notable brands that meet the particular needs of their customers. It has always been a successful name regarding sound quality and simplicity.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset

The market is full of brands that are offering quality headsets. Wireless headsets have a significant upsurge because people have shifted from wired to wireless. Moreover, cordless headsets are making your gaming experience better and easy. HyperX Cloud 2 has been successful regarding HyperX Cloud 2 wired headset. So, why should not its wireless version be tried?

HyperX Cloud 2 provides an enjoyable experience through its extended battery life and comfortability. They have a wireless USB dongle, which has very low latency. Moreover, this headset contains a detachable boom mic that does a brilliant job recording your voice and detaching it from the headset whenever you want.

HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless headset is the best pick for gamers who don’t like a wired connection. The wireless signals stay stronger even up to 25 meters which is a viable feature compared to its competitors. Moreover, if you are looking for good sound quality and something comfortable, you must choose the HyperX Cloud II Wireless headset. Secondly, this pair of headsets is ideal for home workers and online personnel who don’t mind wearing headphones all day. The long-stretched battery life enables you to make phone calls, zoom meetings, and play games for long hours of the day.

Highlights of HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Highlights of HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

A good and honest review lights every nitty-gritty of the respective product. This is because sometimes, even minor things annoy the user. For example, if a headset has loose adjustability, it cannot be said as a comfortable headset to wear. Therefore, we present a quick overview of HyperX Cloud 2/ Cloud II better to understand the product before diving into the complete article. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the products you must consider before buying.


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Extended battery life
  • Low latency
  • Classy design
  • Durable material
  • 7.1 surround sound


  • Very few differences from the HyperX cloud 2 wired headset
  • No option for wired connection
  • Average mic
  • Short USB cable
  • Not compatible with Xbox One gaming consoles

How’s the Unboxing Experience?

HyperX Cloud II Wireless comes in an attractive package. The box has an exciting red and white color combination scheme. Also, there are a few illustrations in black color. Hence, it is a box you can place as a showcasing agent on your shelf near your gaming setup. The front of the TV contains a picture of the headset, and some features of the headset are highlighted. The back of the box has the headset’s features listed in detail.

After opening the box, you will get a welcome pamphlet and a manual book. Inside the box are the headset, the detachable boom mic, and a USB dongle for making a wireless connection. Moreover, a USB type C cable is present to charge the headphones.



The original wired version of HyperX Cloud II came in 2015. The wireless version carries the same attributes as the wired version, like its stylish and iconic design. The design is very similar to its earlier version but has some refinements too.

The outlook of the headset is quite refreshing and chic. The overall texture has oval-shaped puffed earcups. Both the earcups get connected to the headband with a Y-shaped string.

Moreover, you will see an iconic design with many red specks on the logo, yolk, and headband. Both earcups have the HyperX logo in red color. Earpads have inner leather covering filled with foam. The same covering is present in the headband area.

Let’s talk about buttons on HyperX Headset. There are two buttons on the left ear cup; one is the power button, and the other is a mute button for the headset boom microphone. Moreover, on the left earcup, there’s a port for plugging in a detachable boom mic. There is a volume dial button on the right earcup. A beep makes you alert when the volume reaches 100%. A USB dongle on the bigger side connects you to your PC when you plug it into your computer or console.


Regarding size, HyperX Cloud 2 is neither too big nor too short. The earcups are ideal and fit appropriately. They have a soft padding, which makes them comfortable to wear for long hours. They have the following dimensions:

Length: 19.8cm
Width: 14.2cm
Height: 9.1cm
Weight: 309g

The earcups have a relatively adjustable fit and can survive multiple accidental drops without getting much damage.

However, the headset is not conducive for sports. They may fall off during exercise or running. Moreover, this pair of headsets is not good in portability because they are not foldable into a more compact form. Moreover, they don’t contain any extra protective carrying case to help secure them from external damage.

Sound performance

Sound quality is another significant aspect to consider when buying headsets. A headset with poor sound quality may spoil your gaming experience. Therefore, sound quality should be kept in mind before considering any headset.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless has a high-bass heavy sound profile that is pretty suitable for gaming. They offer very accurate audio effects for gaming and phone calls, giving a sound of 4000Hz. The drivers are 53mm neodymium which is an excellent trait. The sound output is fantastic because of the least leaking due to their closed-back earcup feature. At greater volume, the vocals can get a bit brighter, which is noticeable for gamers.

Mic Quality

HyperX Cloud II contains a detachable boom mic that lights up red when muted. The boom is foam covered oval-shaped and works nicely. You can make clear calls and voice chats with your friends during a live session or gaming recess. However, the mic might not perform well regarding noise cancellation. It cannot entirely block any intruding sound with a higher bass range, such as a bus engine. Overall, HyperX Cloud II performs well in terms of the mic.



Compatibility is also essential when buying headsets because limited compatibility restricts you from using headsets on a few devices. Therefore, before buying a headset, you must ensure it is compatible with your device.

For example, in the case of HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless, it connects using a 2.4GHz Wireless USB dongle. Thus, you are limited to using HyperX Cloud 2 on a limited number of devices.

Compatible Devices

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

Non-compatible Devices

  • Xbox One
  • Android Devices

Battery Life

Battery life is a chief factor when purchasing a prosperous gaming headset. HyperX Cloud II Wireless lasts up to 30 hours on average volume. Of course, the battery life will vary on different volume levels. However, at maximum volume, it can still last up to 25-26 hours. It is a ground-breaking battery capacity at such an affordable price.

In addition, there is an indicator on the left earcup that notifies you about your battery status. When the battery level is between 100 and 90, it remains green. When the battery reaches 60-50, it begins flashing, turning red at a low battery level.

The headset enables fast charging, and it is usable during charging. However, you cannot use it as a regular headset because it does not support a wired connection.

Ngenuity Software

You will have to install HyperX Cloud II Software named Ngenuity. The Ngenuity software views your headset’s battery, volume, and mic level. You can also enable power saving function and virtual sound through the app. Moreover, it presents a toggle for surround sound and mic control. Mic control lets you hear your voice to check whether it is coming off properly. However, the headset can work better without Ngenuity software; some users prefer the software while others do not.


Man users prioritize price so their required product does not exceed their budget. It is essential to consider the price because sometimes, the same features are offered at different prices. Thus, researching a cost-effective solution is vital to saving your budget.

HyperX Cloud 2 wired came into the market in 2015 at $110. It was the decent headset in the market, and still, it is. But the wireless version has additional features like wireless compatibilities, a great microphone, and par surround sound. HyperX Cloud II wireless costs $149 in the market, which is a costlier experience than its wired version.

The major competitors of HyperX headsets in terms of price are Black Shark V2 Pro and Sennheiser GSP 370, which offer precise microphones and more comprehensive features at a relative price.

A Brief Difference Between HyperX Cloud II Wired and Wireless Version

A Brief Difference Between HyperX Cloud II Wired and Wireless Version

Whenever a discussion goes about choosing between HyperX wired and wireless, most people choose the wired version. The reason is that you remain more comfortable about connection and don’t have to worry about battery life. However, very few differences exist between both headsets.

Let’s talk about the differences between both headsets. The Wireless version is more oval when viewed from earcups, while the wired version is more circular. Mic also differs a bit in both headsets. You get 7.1 wired dongles in the wired version; however, in the wireless counterpart, you will get 7.1 surround sound that works via the Ngenuity app.

Sound quality is another factor you might consider while comparing both headsets. The surprising thing is that both headphones’ sound quality is almost similar because both use the exact driver. However, a very minute sound difference exists; the wireless version tunes differently.

In short, very few distinctions exist between headphones, which is both a good and a nasty factor.

Comparative Analysis

Knowing the specifications and features of only one product is not enough to make a purchase decision unless you compare it with other products of its standard. HyperX Cloud II is doubtlessly a good headset for gamers with excellent sound performance and extended battery life. It is compatible with PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch; however, it does not support gaming consoles like Xbox One. Thus, you must check our other recommendations for the best wireless gaming headsets.

HyperX Cloud Flight 5

HyperX Cloud Flight 5
  • HyperX Cloud Flight 5 and HyperX Cloud II are almost similar, and you can favor one over the other.
  • HyperX Cloud Flight 5 has a better sound profile and mic performance; however, HyperX Cloud II is more comfortable to wear because of wireless compatibility.
  • Moreover, Cloud Flight 5 has longer battery life.
  • HyperX Cloud Flight 5 costs $139, a more inexpensive option than HyperX Cloud II wireless.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro has a different strength than HyperX Cloud II in terms of sound and battery life.
  • Razer V2 pro is usable wirelessly with its low latency, which delivers brilliant sound and mic performance.
  • However, HyperX is better in terms of comfortability. Moreover, their boom mic offers better noise cancellation performance.
  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro costs $179, a costlier experience than HyperX Cloud II wireless.

Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Wireless

  • HyperX Cloud 2 performs better than Logitech G733 in terms of comfort and gaming experience. They also have continuous battery life and low latency.
  • However, Logitech allows you to customize your sound profile using its companion software’s graphic EQ and presets.
  • Moreover, Logitech G733 Lightspeed costs $106, a price less than HyperX Cloud II.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless
  • SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a better-performing headset than HyperX regarding sound quality.
  • They have a more robust structure and feature control like channel mixing. Moreover, they can also be sued wirelessly with their TRRS cable, which offers excellent mic and sound compatibility.
  • Moreover, you can use SteelSeries Arctis on Xbox One with a wired connection.
  • You can also customize your sound setting using their SteelSeries Engine Software to your liking.
  • However, HyperX is better when it comes to comfortability and price factors. SteelSeries Arctis costs $236, which is far more expensive than HyperX.


  • HyperX is a better option for gaming as compared to Corsair HS80 RGB. They have low latency, a non-Bluetooth connection, a comfortable experience, and better battery life.
  • However, Corsair HS80 RGB has good customization options through their Corsair software. Their boom mic also performs well than HyperX Cloud II.
  • However, from a price point of view, both are the same ($149).

The Final Words

Why do We recommend HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset?

HyperX always focuses on the purity of its product, and the same goes with HyperX Cloud II wireless. The overall build quality is matchless, and its lightweight body fits excellently on the head. Moreover, the headset is appreciable in terms of sound and mic quality. $149 is the price you must spend if you’re a game lover and want an unforgettable gaming experience. The extended battery life will allow you to use them throughout the day without frequent charging. Therefore, after considering all these primary factors, we suggest you buy HyperX cloud II Wireless.

What Can Be the Relative Downsides of Buying HyperX cloud II Wireless?

The headset is not for you if you’re an Xbox One lover because of its incompatibility with Xbox One. Moreover, HyperX Cloud II will not give you a pleasurable experience if you’re looking for something for your daily workout routine. They may slip off your head during running or other moderate exercises. Moreover, in the price range of $149, other masterpieces are available that even offer a more delightful gaming experience than HyperX.

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