Improve the Quality of Your Videos

How to Improve the Quality of Your Videos

Making a flawless video sounds like something unreal. Even though significant growth in the video industry has happened over the recent years, creating an ideal video sounds like something unreal. There are always certain difficulties connected with the quality of pictures or audio that can spoil everything.

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video creators and consumers. That’s why make sure you produce high-quality content to grow your brand on YouTube. And remember that video marketing is one of the keys to successful business performance.

Here is a quick guide on improving your video quality, and preventing and fixing various related problems. Use these tricks for your next footage.

improving your video quality

Tips on How to Improve Video Quality

First, plan your footage and think of filmmaking techniques. These pieces of advice will help you:

  • research your destination (location) in detail, especially if you’re filming somewhere you have never been before;
  • consider weather conditions;
  • think of the time and light (remember of the golden hours);
  • stick to a particular style;
  • prepare your models to befit this style;
  • arrange your camera settings properly;
  • make sure you charged the batteries;
  • check out if there is enough storage space;
  • imagine or write down a “sketch” of the final result;
  • don’t forget about a tripod.

Social media gives excellent possibilities for effective digital marketing. People prefer watching videos instead of reading text posts. That’s why you need to improve video quality and get the most out of it.

Step 1. Do Not Shake Camera

Holding your camera in your hands might not be a good idea. There are high chances you’ll produce shaky and trembling footage. Viewers hate such videos and don’t watch them. Use a tripod or video stabilization editor.

Step 2. Make It Bright And Juicy

Human eye precepts so many colors. Cameras cannot rend colors as perfectly. But you can enhance the video colors even if the weather is dull. Even if you’re shooting on your iPhone, still there are various apps to improve your quality.

Color correction should be juicy but natural. Please don’t overdo it. Nobody likes dark videos, so use the right software and take the time to adjust the brightness. Have a look at what can be done with saturation and contrast.

Step 3. Black Bars

Black bars are definitely not something your viewers will appreciate at the top, on the bottom, and along the sides. It’s necessary to consider the proper aspect ratio before pressing “start shooting”. In case you forgot about the aspect ratio, crop the ugly bars.

Step 4. Proper Camera Settings

Carefully set up your camera’s settings, like resolution or frame rate, to end up with a high-quality record. Proper camera settings are half of the victory.

Step 5. Background Matters

Unwanted objects or people sometimes stick in the background of your video. Reframing your footage can be your option in such cases. You can use a zoom to crop out things or people that shouldn’t have appeared in your masterpiece.

Step 6. To Trim Or Not To Trim?

Improve video quality by trimming it. Take your time to watch the footage scrupulously and cut out the boring moments.

Step 7. Visual Effects

With the help of various visual effects, your video will spark the interest of your audience. Cinematic, vintage, flares, lighting, fog, slow motion, and other effects are all at your disposal. They’ll help to convey your message better.

Step 8. You Need To Sound Good

Use a microphone to make your footage sound better. Don’t be upset if your video sounds too quiet. Use a video volume booster to make it sound louder. Remember that YouTube sometimes shows errors like “please restart your computer” connected with audio. This may be due to various bugs, glitches, conflicts between the system’s sound and the driver, or some technical problems, so get ready to fix them if you have one.

In case you import sound to add it to your record, use only high-quality WAV files. YouTube compresses the audio, so you cannot afford to use something that isn’t mastered well. For example, MP3 will be compressed by YouTube for a second time, and the audio quality will be compromised.

If you’re performing live, capture the sound from the sound desk. In case there is no soundboard, set up several room microphones and synchronize the sound in post-production. Don’t grudge money, and don’t save on your microphones if you want to fix your videos’ quality issues.

Even with the availability of microphones, don’t forget that you can extract, enhance and re-import the audio. Make a final edit as a WAV file and export your record to an audio editor. Listen carefully to it with the help of different devices (a computer, a tablet, a phone, speakers, and headphones) and assure yourself of the great sound. Check out popular videos on YouTube and compare their sound with yours.

You Need To Sound Good

Step 9. Audience Engagement

You must engage your audience. For many people, it only takes a few seconds to watch the footage to get them interested. In case it hasn’t awakened their interest, they abandon such videos for other ones.

Plan your record beforehand and make sure you provide a visually-gripping show. Your audience should be intrigued immediately after pressing the “start watching” button. All in all, shooting a video is about delivering certain messages to the audience; make sure you do it.

Audience Engagement

Step 10. Record Presentation

There is plenty of software for video presentation to help you to enhance your video and attract more viewers. You can install software on your personal computer or use it online. Tastes differ. Try several programs to come up with the most comfortable one for you personally. 


Video is an effective way to promote your business. It isn’t obligatory to hire an operator or use costly cameras. You can produce great content with the help of your phone and various video editors. Having read this article, you know how to improve video quality. Follow these steps to enhance the content and deliver the best video to your audience. 

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