Logitech G930 Review

If you are a gaming fanatic, be it about PC games or consoles, you eventually don’t want to annoy the people around you with the constant bleeps and gunshots from your video games. While you already might have a mic, webcam, and a pair of headphones – it is all a hassle to fetch each.

Therefore, an all in one headset becomes the need of the time. And better yet, if it is cordless and you do not have to worry about the audio jacks and USB ports. While there are many headset brands that are competing, Logitech is surely one of the popular choices.

Logitech wireless gaming headset g930 comes more or less with all required and needed features for an ideal gaming headset. Let’s see what an ideal gaming headset must-have.


  • Comfortable, Adjustable Headset
  • Good Software
  • Surround Sound Features


  • Not ideal Music Performance
  • Lots of controls
  • No helpful Presets

The Ideal Gaming Headset

There are many things to consider while getting the ideal match of a gaming headset. This could range from the technicalities to the outward build of the headset. One of the first things to consider could be the comfort- that whether the headset fits perfectly to your head. 

The next thing could be the very important technicalities pertaining to sound quality. This has a lot to with the surround sound, which is a common feature in gaming headsets. Be it any kind of game; you need the surround sounds to enhance the gaming experience. 

Surround sound features allows a holistic soundscape with multiple speakers covering each year, so if a character is coming from the right, you might be able to hear the sound from that direction only. The Logitech g930 offers this feature and is distinguished for it amongst the gamer community.

The next thing you could potentially be looking at is the general clarity of sound, the software of usage, and the build’s material for the headset. The software should give easy navigation and management options, while the headphones’ build should be sturdy enough to run for a good long time. 

Now that you know what to look for in a good headset, let’s see what does the Logitech g930 model offers.

Firstly, the Comfort Level

The Logitech g930 model offers a generous amount of padding, which makes it a perfect fit for Long-time wear. Further, the headset also offers a flexible and adjustable headband, which helps avoid unnecessary slips and disturbances. 

The ear cups are designed to fit well around the ears; however, some users do complain about the ear cup fittings. Moreover, some people find the headset considerably heavy making causing discomfort to some. 

Then is the Design

Logitech g930 comes in the combinations of blacks and reds with good padding around the ear cups. Most of the headset controls are located right behind the left ear, making it easy to reach and use. 

The power button, mic mute button, surround sound switch, volume wheel, and three customizable buttons are all at a single place. The distinguishable feature includes the volume wheel, which is very unconventional and reduces the chances of accidentally hitting the wrong buttons. 

The headset is largely wireless and gives the micro usb charging port under the left ear cup as well. The headset also contains a light indicator which turns red when the mic is muted. While all this is fascinating to have, there are downsides. 

With so much happening all at once, the chances of a user being confused amidst so many controls is definitely certain. So this creates a general complication.

Importantly, the Sound Performance

The sound performance for gaming with Logitech g930 headset varies from game to game. One of the headset’s best features is its low latency, clear sound, and decent bass for most games that were tested on it. While its performance can’t be ranked excellent all across, it is moderately good with sound. 

The surrounding sound features make the gaming experience par from many where one can easily identify where the opponents are coming from. So, for example, while playing the Titan fall, the sound was just beyond ordinary. However, in the Assassin’s Creed Unity, the headset just performed okay.

The headset also comes with a decent microphone that offers voice modulation options. This means that the tone and pitch are adjustable, and you could also use a voice avatar. However, these are just value additions and do not add so much to the real gaming experience. However, If you are looking to build your own custom pc you can take help from thepcbuilders. They provide free compatibility checking for all pc components.

The Logitech G930 is similar to Logitech’s previous models in several ways, especially when it comes to the sound quality of music. The G930 has a disappointing bland, flat, and distant music sound quality. The equalization options are of no help. You can slightly improve the music sound quality by using presets for different genres. 

We tested the Logitech G930 with several songs. The sound quality of the music was highly disappointing, especially if you compare the G930 with other popular gaming headphones. The soundscape was plain, flat, and tinny. We have no complaints about the clarity of the sound, but the overall quality is lacking in many ways, making Logitech G930 not the best choice for music. 

The ever-so-essential, Battery Life

The longevity of the battery life is an essential deciding factor for many. Logitech G930’s battery lasts about 10 hours per charge, which is ample for most users. We like that you can use the headphones while charging them, in case you run out of battery life. If you are an entry-level or mid-level gamer, the 10-hour battery life shouldn’t be an issue. However, pro gamers might need longer battery life. 

If the G930’s battery runs out, you can easily and quickly plug the charger. The headphones offer reliable connectivity even while charging, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing disconnects in crucial moments. 

Logitech G930 comes with its 2.5GHz technology, supposedly up to 38 percent faster than Bluetooth. The wireless connectivity is reliable as it maintains a connection of about 40 feet. We tested the headphones for hours for several days, so we can confidently say that the wireless link works as efficiently as claimed by Logitech. We rarely experienced connection or disconnection issues, and the sound was always crystal clear without any hiss.

And the Software

The Logitech Gaming software is truly worthy of praise. The peripheral program allows one to manage all Logitech gaming gadgets from a single place. Adding to that, is the easy-to-use and clean interface of the software, which makes it extremely easy to get to what you want. 

The software allows you to automatically personalize sound profiles as per the games present in the computer. You can set up in command through the customizable buttons given on the headset. 

However, the downside of the software lies in the complexity of the sound equalizer, which one needs to have considerable experience to operate. If you do have any expertise in the area, you can create customized sound profiles and mixes for individual games.

Lastly, it all comes to the Price.

In the $100 range as listed for Logitech at Amazon, the headset offers a decent amount of good features in terms of the design, the sound performance, and the software. However, the headset doesn’t have a brilliant music quality or any relevant presets. Bringing to the downside. 

In Conclusion, Would You buy it?

Well, we will leave that to you. However, if we compare the competitors and in the same price range, then Logitech headset g930 offers a decent set of features. It does offer unique features and a good interface, which sets it a par. 

The closest product to look at in comparison is the Corsair H2100. Though, we will leave the choice to you.

Happy Gaming!

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