15 Active Kickass Torrents Alternatives

If you are into torrenting, then you may remember when the Kickass Torrents website popped up and soon became amongst the most popular sites for getting free torrents. Kickass came with an exceptionally large directory of magnet links, torrent files, and magnet links for easy downloading without costing money through BitTorrent protocol. Their service was one of the best, and this was why people loved Kickass Torrents so much.

Unfortunately, its success came to a halt in late 2016, when the United States Department of Justice arrested the owner of Kickass Torrents for money laundering and copyright infringement. Since then, the original Kickass Torrents site is not available now. 

Thankfully, after the takedown of Kickass Torrents, torrenting is still thriving thanks to many other sites that have similar or even better services than KAT. With so many websites to choose from, selecting one as good as Kickass Torrents can be a challenge.

Like anything else, all the torrenting sites aren’t equally well designed and well equipped as KAT. While some struggle with the same legal issues as Kickass Torrents, most have remained strong and continue to provide torrents and a fantastic user experience. We share the best Kickass Torrents alternatives in this article.

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Beginners guide to using a VPN service for safe torrenting

Sadly, Torrenting is not entirely safe or free of online risks. Sites and files can be infected with malware; there is also the severe problem of data leakage, software vulnerabilities, legal issues, and more. One way of protecting yourself from these threats is to use a VPN service for anonymous and safe torrenting. We share the steps below to guide you on how to use VPN for torrenting:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service provider and subscribe to your desired plan. Our top recommended service is ExpressVPN, which provides complete anonymity and superior security features plus quick speeds, and exceptional customer support.
  2. Download the right VPN client for your device and sign in using the credentials provided at sign-up.
  3. Select the closest VPN server and connect to it, preferably one closest to your physical location. Most top VPN service providers offer dedicated P2P-compatible servers that have the best download speeds.
  4. Make sure that the Kill Switch feature is enabled. If your VPN doesn’t have this service, find out if it offers an alternative, such as Express VPN’s kill switch has been renamed to ‘Network Lock.’
  5. Download and install. Torrent clients such as BitTorrent (if you haven’t already).
  6. Next, go to your preferred torrenting site.
  7. You are now ready to download torrents from any of the Kickass Torrents alternatives we have reviewed below. Enjoy safe free content from torrenting.

An Important Reminder Before Torrenting

It would be best to remember that Torrenting isn’t legal because uploading and downloading content that doesn’t belong to you is copyright infringement. Although some people consider torrenting legal by its nature, Reviewsed.com advises against using any torrent sites, no matter why you need to. It is best to be privacy savvy than to become a pirate.

One way to avoid breaking the law when torrenting is to download and access license-free content or videos, software, eBooks, games, and others that you own the rights to. 

In any case, we highly recommend that you use a VPN service to protect your identity, security, and privacy, against the many threats while using torrenting websites. We also suggest that you seed torrents so others can also enjoy downloading files at good speeds. 

Top 15 Kickass Alternatives Currently Available – Detailed Reviews

Since KAT is no longer available in any part of the world, loyal users and fans are constantly searching for alternatives to Kickass Torrents that are just as good. If you are among those people, hopefully, your search will end today.

Below are the best 15 working alternatives of Kickass: 

  1. 1337X
  2. EZTV
  3. ExtraTorrent
  4. YifyTorrents
  5. IsoHunt
  6. SkyTorrents
  7. Kinozal.tv
  8. YTS.AM
  9. SeedPeer
  10. Nyaa.si
  11. TorLock
  12. SumoTorrent
  13. Mininova
  14. TorrentFunk
  15. H33t

1. 1337X

Keeping a torrenting website running and thriving while avoiding legal takedowns and blocking is a true feat that 1337x has managed to pull off. This site has been around for over ten years and has remained up while other more significant sites toppled. 

Although 1337x has been the choice of thousands of global users, it has never been as great as KAT or The Pirate Bay, two of the leading sites. After Kickass Torrents disappeared and The Pirate Bay is struggling to remain online due to legal problems, 1337x has climbed up the ranks to become one of the most popular torrenting sites with over 67 million monthly visits. It also boasts an active P2P community thanks to its global user base.

The reason behind its widespread success is its strong performance. A user-friendly interface and a regularly updated database of files are its true strengths. We recommend checking out the ‘Top 100’ lists of every category to find some gems. If 1337x stays up, it has the potential to become a big player in the torrenting world.


The name says it all! EZTV focuses on providing easy access to TV show torrents. While many other torrent sites offer the same type of content (especially those featured on our list), EZTV has earned a worthy spot here for multiple reasons.

Firstly, we are impressed with the easy-to-use user interface that allows easy navigation and access to the content. We love that the website is kept up-to-date with the majority of the latest TV show episodes airing every week.

Secondly, EZTV offers some added perks that you won’t find elsewhere; for example, the site’s calendar section allows users to watch TV shows and episodes according to the date they aired on. And if you want to know when the next season of your favorite TV is coming, check out the ‘Countdown’ page. These are some of the unique things that make EZTV so special.

3. ExtraTorrent

Another worthy, prominent pick for the Kickass Torrents alternative is ExtraTorrent, one of the most reliable torrent search engines. ExtraTorrent is unique because it offers original free torrent files that you can’t find anywhere else. There are also many other strengths of ExtraTorrent, which make it so popular.

 ExtraTorrent has a powerful advanced search engine, which is simple to use and ideal for anyone who doesn’t know the exact title of the content they are looking for because it works with just a few keywords. It makes easy work of finding files from the expansive library.

 A significant contributor to the site’s popularity and success is its availability of adult content, which it can provide as an independent torrenting platform. ExtraTorrent offers every feature expected from a top-notch torrenting platform. Its content library is massive, well organized, and easy to navigate.

4. YifyTorrents

If you are a movie lover and it’s exclusively a movie torrent you seek, then YifyTorrents is the best pick for you because it’s the largest movie torrenting website in the market. Although most other torrent sites offer different types of content, Yify Torrents has decided to serve the film’s niche instead. It doesn’t even provide tv shows or music torrents.

By dedicating its services to only one segment and focusing only on providing movie torrents, YifyTorrents specializes in providing the best service. It offers torrents of blockbuster movies and newly released films, as well as classics and cult favorites. Additionally, Yify Torrents also provides movies that have been just launched in real-time, which you won’t find elsewhere.

Another advantage of downloading movie torrents from YifyTorrents is that you will get a choice between HD, FHD, and 3D quality videos for most of the videos, so you can enjoy the ultimate movie-watching experience without going to the cinema. 

5. IsoHunt

Another popular torrenting site featured on our list of Kickass Torrents alternatives, and for a good reason! First of all, IsoHunt is a certified P2P torrenting system by BitTorrent, so it also gets our seal of approval. 

The most extensive collection of millions of torrent files acquired and seeded by the dedicated team behind IsoHunt and its loyal users globally are thoroughly impressive. Content of every category and genre is available for download, including tv shows, movies, eBooks, music, software, videos, premium apps, and much more.

IsoHunt users face zero restrictions on how much they can explore and download from the site. They are free to upload as many files as they want, plus seeding is also encouraged. The easy-to-use uploading system makes adding files to the library a breeze. The IsoHunt community of users worldwide is vibrant, which is a strength of the site.

The modern user interface of the site is beginner-friendly and looks excellent. Overall, this is the perfect torrenting platform for anyone new to the world of downloading and uploading torrents. It is simple and easy to navigate. The content is also well organized.

6. SkyTorrents

If you want a site that offers the same experience as Kickass Torrents and has one of the best content libraries online, then SkyTorrents will be just right for you. SkyTorrents has multiple strengths that we love, especially the safety and security of the content, thanks to verified files, as a torrent file search engine.

The people behind Sky Torrents have put in a lot of work and time to verify the website’s content, ensuring that users won’t end up on false links or download files with malicious content. This also gives the surety to people that don’t have a safe connection that they are secure.

Another standout feature of the site that impressed us a lot was the lack of ads. There is no need to stress about annoying pop-ups while using SkyTorrents. Unfortunately, the user interface is a big letdown; it looks unattractive and outdated. 

Although it is lightweight and straightforward, it can benefit from an upgrade. If you can get past the site’s look, SkyTorrents is one of the best places to find free torrents ready for downloading.

SkyTorrent has the potential to become a leading independent torrent search engine after some minor adjustments. Thousands of people love the abundance of original torrent files that are delivered to them free of cost.

7. Kinozal.tv

If you are a fan of Russian movies, then Kinozal.tv is the best option. Kinozal is famous for its massive collection of classic and latest Russian movies. Whether you are looking for romantic, comedy, adventure, horror, or movies from other popular genres, you will find it all on Kinozal.tv.

The Kinozal.tv activity team regularly updates the website with new torrents; thus, Kinozal.tv is the best place to find the most extensive range of Russian content. 

The website has several features and filters that make torrent searching a hassle-free task. The website shares comprehensive details about each torrent, including its audio and video format, language, size, and quality. To top it all, Kinozal.tv is a safe and secure website, so you can download all torrents that you need without worrying about a malware attack. 


It wouldn’t be unfair to say that 2020-2021 has been the peak of YTS.AM’s success. YTS.AM has almost tripled its torrents downloads during the past year. YTS.AM achieved new levels of success with its consistent flow of high-quality torrents and an excellent torrent search and download experience. 

YTS.AM has a massive, ever-expanding range of torrents of movies and TV shows from all over the world. Most TV series and movies are available in HD, FHD, and even 4K video quality. One of the top reasons behind YTS.AM’s widespread success is its torrent quality. The team ensures that all of the torrents are on YTS.AM is healthy, reliable, and active.  

YTS.AM’s team has been consistently making efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable torrenting experience to its fans worldwide, and their efforts have paid off as YTS.AM is currently one of the best torrent sites worldwide. 

If you love Kickass Torrents and are looking for a torrent site that would provide you somewhat or a similar experience as Kickass Torrents, then we highly recommend giving YTS.AM a chance. You’ll surely be impressed with YTS.AM’s torrent collection and download experience. 

9. SeedPeer

If you are looking for that one site that will provide you access to millions of torrents and fulfill all your torrent needs, there isn’t a better option than SeedPeer. With a massive 3-million torrent library, SeedPeer is one of the fastest-growing torrent sites. 

SeedPeer has one of the most extensive collections of movies and complete seasons of TV series. SeedPeer also has a vast collection of games, music, documentaries, eBooks, apps, and several other torrents. SeedPeer is also famous for its massive collection of Spanish torrents. So if you are a fan of Spanish content, SeedPeer is an excellent torrent site for you. 

SeedPeer is a fast, reliable, and efficient torrent search engine that provides you access to available torrents on other torrent sites for free. The website interface is perfect for beginners as it has neatly organized categories, smart filters, and an efficient search bar to help you locate your favorite torrent within a few seconds only. 

SeedPeer has seen a few short-term episodes of downtime; we hope that SeedPeer will not get into trouble again in the future. SeedPeer is overall a reliable torrenting platform that we highly recommend you to try. 

10. Nyaa.si

For all anime movie and series fans, Nyaa.si is a must-try! Nyaa.si is a heavenly platform for anime lovers because Nyaa.si provides free access to the most extensive collection of anime torrents. You’ll easily find a vast range of East Asian Japanese, Chinese, and Korean anime movies and series on Nyaa.si.

It is widely popular and recommended for its extensive range of HD and FHD anime torrents. Nyaa.si is famous worldwide because most torrents (if not all) are available with subtitles and dubbing. Nyaa.si offers safe and fast torrent downloading and sharing without subscription or registration. 

Nyaa.si is one of the most trusted and recommended anime torrent sites of all time, and we highly recommend it to anime fans.

11. TorLock

If you love torrenting and you haven’t tried torrenting on TorLock, then you are missing out on an excellent torrent downloading experience. TorLock is one of few torrent sites with a massive collection of verified torrents. 

TorLock is so confident about its collection of verified torrents that it offers a $1 guarantee to its users. If you spot an unverified or fake torrent, you can report it to TorLock’s team, and you’ll get $1 as a reward. TorLock is one of the most trusted websites, and it is highly recommended for its malware-safe torrent downloading experience. 

Unlike other verified torrents sites with a limited number of torrents, TorLock has a vast collection, and the platform is uploaded regularly with new, verified torrents. So if you love torrenting, but you are fearful of infecting your devices with malware, then you should definitely give TorLock a try for safe and reliable torrenting.

12. SumoTorrent

SumoTorrents is hands-down one of the safest and most reliable torrent websites. The website is not jam-packed with thousands and millions of torrents like most of the other Kickass Torrents alternative sites mentioned in our list; however, it has many valid torrent files. 

SumoTorrents is a BitTorrent recognized torrent provider, so it delivers top-rated, highly reliable, and best seeds and leeches torrent files to torrent fans. SumoTorrents also provides various other features like the automatic file repair system to improve the torrenting experience of its fans. 

If you want the best platform for valid and safe torrent downloading and sharing, SumoTorrents is the free torrent platform for a top-class torrenting experience.

13. Mininova

Mininova is one of the most popular and trusted BitTorrent torrent search engines that allows you to access millions of torrent files within a few seconds only. Mininova is also popularly known as the best website for beginners because of its highly user-friendly interface. 

With Mininova, you can access a massive collection of movies, anime, TV series, games, documentaries, software, eBooks, and more in HD, FHD, and even 4K quality. One of the significant reasons behind Mininova’s widespread popularity is that it can provide easy access to thousands of valid torrents for free. Mininova encourages its users to post healthy torrents. Therefore, if you hunt for new and refreshing content by emerging artists, Mininova is an excellent platform to find such content for free. 

Mininova simplifies the tiresome process of finding a torrent by providing quick, easy, and safe access to millions of torrents, making Mininova an excellent Kickass Torrents alternative. 

14. TorrentFunk

All torrent fans across the globe love TorrentFunk for its fast and reliable torrent search and download experience. The website offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes torrenting an easy and pleasurable experience. 

The accurate search bar leads you to your desired movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, and more within a few seconds. The website also suggests torrents that will interest you, making torrent search on TorrentFunk more exciting and result-oriented.

To add to the torrenting experience, TorrentFunk is supported by BitTorrent, so you can access torrents and download them without any hassle. TorrentFunk might not be as loaded with torrents as Kickass, but its torrenting experience is definitely better than Kickass Torrents.

15. H33t

H33t is another Kickass Torrents alternative that offers a massive collection of 100% verified torrents. You will easily find tons of torrents of classic, latest, and all-time popular movies, TV series, games, music, eBooks, software, and more on H33t.

The torrent speed of H33t is impressively fast, and the website interface is simple-to-use. The H33t regularly updates the website with new content and removes low-torrent quality links; that is why H33t always provides an excellent, seamless torrent downloading experience. 

H33t isn’t as popular as other torrent sites mentioned on our list; however, its extensive torrent range will surely impress you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of content can you find on Kickass Torrents alternative sites?

Kickass Torrents alternative sites are jam-packed with thousands and millions of torrents. You can find all types of files on torrent websites; however, you will most commonly find movies, complete seasons of TV series, anime, music, software, apps, games, and eBooks on these torrent sites.

Some torrent platforms also have content from new artists and research work for free. Parents have to stay cautious that many torrent sites also have an abundance of adult content, so keep an eye on your underaged children’s torrent activities. 

2. Are Kickass Torrents alternative sites legal?

Since Kickass Torrents has undergone several downtime episodes, torrent fans are more concerned about safe and legal torrenting. Not all of our Kickass Torrents alternatives provide legal torrenting, especially if they share the latest copyrighted content for free. 


We hope that our Kickass Torrents’ alternatives list will put an end to your best alternative search. Several torrent websites on this list provide a similar torrent downloading and sharing experience as Kickass Torrents. 

What is your favorite alternative to Kickass Torrents? Have you tried any of our alternatives? We would love to learn about your torrent downloading and sharing the experience in the comments section.

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