Promote on Telegram

The Best Way to Promote on Telegram

More than 600 million active users use Telegram. People love this messenger for its security, open-source, and various features. These include channels with unlimited possibilities that attract users. But how can I get an ad on the Telegram channel?

Many brands create their Telegram channels for advertising because of:

  • High indicator of audience coverage;
  • Reasonable advertising prices;
  • Instant notifications.

To buy Telegram members is not a new thing but entrepreneurs often buy advertisements on telegram exchanges also. There are two types of Telegram channel advertising exchange: pre-moderation and pre-moderation. Most exchanges don’t have pre-moderation: they cooperate with everyone who turns to them. 

That is, you can place your advertisement on them as quickly as possible. Exchanges that use pre-moderation work longer because you have to wait for the ad to be approved by the service (but it’s safer this way).

One of the most convenient tools for advertising on Telegram is the service. The developers have made the process clear and automated, saving customers time and effort.

Get an Ad on Telegram Channel Through

How can I get an ad on the Telegram channel? First of all, visit This exchange allows you to independently launch and promote advertising campaigns in Telegram channels and increase sales on the platform. In addition, the service provides a manually selected channel catalog and many other functions.

Features of

  • Based on, thousands of selected “live” Telegram channels have an active audience.
  • Another convenience of the exchange is the bulk purchase for advertising. This allows you to buy advertising in bulk without spending too much time. A selection of dozens of channels for posting is generated automatically using filters and selected topics. It is very convenient.  
  • The advertising platform provides its users with the possibility of free analytics of Telegram channels and detailed reporting. For example, how can I get an ad on the Telegram channel through In a separate section, you can see the number of subscribers, views, and the cost of 1000 views in the selected channel or on a specific topic.
  • There is one more critical point. It is the possibility of safe and convenient payment for the services of the exchange. The advertising platform provides not only a secure transaction (provided that the money is transferred to the service only after the approval of the advertising post). It also enables non-cash payments for legal entities.

Summing up and analyzing the reviews about, this is a project aimed at the final result for the client. The versatility of the platform and a large selection of tools for a high-quality but straightforward launch of advertising campaigns will help you avoid unnecessary expenses in terms of time, effort, and money. And honesty and openness in all financial actions and reporting will also help business owners who want to get an ad on the Telegram channel.

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