6 Useful Online Tools You Will Want To Hear About

6 Useful Online Tools You Will Want To Hear About

Many technologies have shaped our lives, but few can compare to the rapid innovation of the internet. The variety of online tools available for use is astounding, so it’s not always easy to keep track of them. Some of them are a hit and a miss, but there are 6 that everyone should try out.

1. File Downloader

File Downloader

Any person with a computer and internet is probably aware of downloading files. While there are other ways to do this, having download software can make it easier to get files from different sites on your computer. When looking at this tool, the important thing to remember is to check whether it’s compatible with your OS and what its main use is. Some are perfect for downloading videos, and having the ability to convert those into a video or audio format is always a good thing.

There are also those that focus on articles and PDF files and allow you to save or convert them into formats that can be read on your device. You can get different download software for your computer, or simply think about what would be the most convenient for you, and go with that one.

2. Cloud-Based Storage

The need for an external hard drive is almost completely gone with cloud-based storage. There are many that offer different variations, depending on how much space you want to get and what they will allow you to do. Some of these solutions allow you to access your files anywhere, which is great for people who travel a lot. 

There are also those that work more like a file-sharing service between friends or colleagues. Then others focus on business use by allowing teams to collaborate with shared folders and the option of adding different levels of permissions.

Even though the amount of storage space offered can vary, these services are typically very affordable – and in some cases, even completely free. If you’re looking to use a cloud-based storage solution, you should think about which one is most suitable for your needs and start using it right away.

3. Password Managers

Password Managers

One thing people have been bad at since the beginning of time is remembering all of their passwords. This is where a password manager can be very useful as they make creating strong passwords more manageable.

While something like 1234 can be easy to remember, it’s also easy for cybercriminals to guess. A password manager can generate strong passwords that hackers will have a tough time guessing and allows you to store them in an encrypted format. Since you only have to remember one master password, it’s much easier to come up with something complicated without having too much trouble.

Of course, you should look at how secure the password manager is before using it – including what security measures are taken to ensure that you’re the only one with access.

4. Personal Assistant Software

Personal Assistant Software

It’s easy to see why this tool has gone viral since it’s one of those things that can make our lives much easier. And there are lots of different options to choose from, so finding one that suits you won’t be a problem.
The great thing about a personal assistant app is that it can automate a lot of tasks that you do daily, making your life much easier.

They can learn the way you work and suggest things based on what they know about you, making it easy to automate a variety of things. From shopping to just asking questions or setting reminders, the possibilities are almost endless.

You should choose an assistant app based on what type of tasks you want to automate – both in terms of how complex they are and if they require face-to-face interaction or not.

5. Add-Ons and Extensions

Add-Ons and Extensions

These days there are also online tools that can be installed as extensions on browsers. You can use these to improve your overall browsing experience by making it more convenient and allowing you to do things like blocking ads or tracking different events without leaving the site you’re currently on.

There are all sorts of different add-ons and extensions that can be installed on your browser. Many of these extensions are free, but some might require a paid subscription to use them, so make sure you check the small print.

6. Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker

It’s easy to make mistakes when you are writing something, which is where a grammar checker tool comes in. You can use it to ensure your writing makes sense and check for any grammatical errors that might have sneaked through.

While most writing programs have an integrated spell-check tool, a grammar checker can do more than just catch spelling mistakes. It can also keep an eye out for punctuation issues, incorrectly used words, or phrases that don’t make sense when put together. Some can give you tips when it comes to your writing style as well, which can help you improve how you write in the future. Some can even guide your writing based on the tone you’d like your article to have.

Online tools have become a part of most people’s everyday lives, and they allow us to do things that we couldn’t before or complete tasks much faster. Depending on what you’re looking for, a vast range of different apps and programs can help you. While some apps can be useful for both personal and professional use, others might only be appropriate for one or the other – so make sure to mix and match according to your needs.

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