spotify error code 3

How To Fix Spotify Error Code 3

Error Code 3 occurs as users choose to log in to their Spotify accounts, either from the Spotify website or from the Desktop app, which stops them from signing in while this error message is being shown. Since many people around the world also use Spotify, this is very troubling.

Causes of Spotify error code 3

The issue is often associated with a password failure, probably if password specifications for Spotify were changed. By simply resetting your Spotify password, this can be fixed. Users have also stated that they could solve it by using their Spotify username instead of the email or vice versa.

Finally, any VPN tool on your computer could contribute to the issue, and you should immediately uninstall them.

Here are many solutions to fix the Spotify error code 3

Solution 1: Reset Your Spotify Password

The initial and easy step in fixing this issue is to reset the Spotify password.

  • You should first open the official log-in page of Spotify. After that, press the sign-in button in the upper right corner. And enter the email address for the Spotify account that you are using. Tap on the next option now.
log-in page of Spotify
  • After that, check for the forgotten password or password reset option and tap on it.
  • Now the window will open to recover your password, and you’ll be able to enter your email address on the screen. You should enter the same email address which you use for the Spotify account.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the necessary details. And you should create a strong new password that fulfills the requirements of Spotify.
  • When you complete the above steps, log in with the right details to your Spotify account. One thing keeps in mind, log in with a new password. And check to see Spotify error code 3 fix.

Solution 2: Use Username instead of an Email or Vice Versa

Try using your username if you are trying to log in to Spotify using email. The same applies to users who try to login with the username. Check to see if the Spotify error code 3 has ceased to appear!

  • Navigate to this link after you have logged in on your browser in the website. Here you will find some basic information regarding your Spotify account.
  • Under the Account overview tab in the Profile section, you should see an entry under “Username” and “Email.” Please take note of both of them and use them to log in. 
Account overview tab in the Profile section

Solution 3: Uninstall Your VPN Tool

If you still have trouble with the error despite using the above steps. You can then attempt to uninstall VPN tools to fix the error.

Most notably, make sure you don’t use Spotify and VPN at the same time. Spotify is not yet set globally so that the incorrect VPN configuration can trigger the error.

Here are the steps to uninstall the VPN tools:

  • Open Control Panel by searching for it in your search bar. Alternatively, you can open Settings by clicking on the Windows logo located in the bottom left corner and clicking on the cog icon.
  • Change the View by option to the Category view in the Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program under Programs and Features.
Uninstall a Program
  • If you are using Settings, simply click on the Apps section located as soon as you enter Settings.
  • After you take a look at the entire list of installed apps, locate the tool you have been using a VPN, click on it and choose Uninstall Additionally, if you have been using similar tools, you can also try uninstalling them if you don’t need them anymore.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the uninstallation process of your computer. Confirm any prompts which may appear for you to confirm your choice.
  • Search for and delete everything related to the program you have just uninstalled by searching its name in File Explorer.
  • Restart your computer to apply the changes you have made.

The driver may have stayed on your computer after you uninstalled the program, and errors may still arise if you don’t use Device Manager to uninstall it. Follow the instructions below.

  • Start Control Panel by searching for it in the search bar located at the left part of your taskbar, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Device Manager.
  • Expand the node next to the Network adapters and right-click the name of the entry identical to that of the installing program. If you’re not sure, search the Network Adapters section in Google search for each device you see and conclude which one you should uninstall by right-clicking on it and selecting the Uninstall device option.
  • On the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK to start the uninstall process.
  • When the uninstall process is complete, restart your computer and check to see if the Spotify error code 3 appears again.

SOLUTION 4: Use The Authentic Version Of Spotify

A popular solution from Reddit to solve the Spotify Error Code 3 issue is to use the authentic version of Spotify. People assume that using the cracked version is the same as using the Premium one. However, the cracked version comes with a ton of disadvantages, including the Spotify Error Code 3. Any type of log-in done on the cracked version is deemed illegal; thus, it can yield errors. 

To fix the Spotify Code 3 Error, uninstall your Spotify cracked version from your phone and go to the Play Store or the Spotify website to install the authentic Spotify app. After successfully installing the updated version of the authentic Spotify app, check if the Spotify Error Code 3 is resolved.

Use these three easy methods to Fix Spotify Error Code 3. Let us know if this guide has helped you in any way in the comment section below. 

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