Cannot Complete the Update Error SU-42481-9 on PS4

How To Fix Cannot Complete the Update Error SU-42481-9 on PS4

Want to download or install updates on your PS4 console, but facing error su-42481-9?

Give a high-five!

I have also witnessed it a couple of times, which actually helped to get enough hold onto it, and that’s the reason why I am here to share all the fixes for PlayStation error su-42481-9. 

If you don’t know the time we, the PS4 gamers, are facing, let me tell you that this error code SU-42481-9 has started disturbing us in the mid-2018 and has been disturbing present since

So, what Play Station officials did? 

Good question… they have acknowledged the error on their official Twitter handle and responded with some tips which seem helpful but actually do not work properly. 

So, forget them, and try these workarounds on your system – to fix the issue right away. 

Before jumping to the workarounds, get to know why we come across error SU-42481-9?

Causes of PlayStation Error SU-42481-9

We often experience this error when our play station goes into an error state while either updating the firmware or connecting to the PSN network. 

Want to catch a few of those culprits?  

Here you go; 

  1. Bad updating files: It is highly possible that the files you have planned to install for the update are corrupt and maybe failed to install properly.
  2. Corrupt temporary files: There are certain cases when the PS4 has corrupt temporary files that resultantly, prevent the firmware from updating properly.

Before moving further towards the solutions, keep your PSN credentials at hand. You might be needing them to re-enter anytime soon if prompted. And yes, remove all disks from the console, to let the workaround/s show its magic.

Workarounds to fix Error su-42481-9

  1. Power-cycle your PS 4 

First thing first… if your PS4 error code SU-42481-9, for a long time, showing this error when you’re trying to update the software, then simply power cycle your console. 

FAQ: What is a Power-cycle? 

Power cycling is like completely shutting down the device, ensuring all the power is drained entirely. This means forcing the console to recreate all the configurations and then start again.

To power cycle your PS4, 

  • Power down the console normally.
  • Once shut down properly, unplug the power supply – at least for 30 seconds and then turn it on.
  • Now, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds – so that all the power is drained.
  • Wait… for 4-5 minutes and then, plug everything back and run the console. 

Check if the error message vanished and your PS4 is connected to the PSN network successfully, if it still persists, look for the next fix.

  1. Safe Mode Rebuild Database

If power cycling doesn’t work, it means the problem could be presented in the firmware – maybe the system is corrupt. In this case, try updating the console through safe mode. 

FAQ: What is Safe Mode on PS4?

It’s a mode through which we can fix error codes and other unexpected issues by performing basic operations; make sure updating the PS4 through the safe mode would take a while so be patient and don’t think of cancelling the process at any stage.

So, are you ready to rebuild the database, that will verify the integrity of the firmware?

Let’s follow the instructions below;

  • Reboot the PS 4, let the indicator blink a couple of times.
  • Once turned off, press and hold the Power Button and keep pressing until you hear two beeps; you will hear the second beep once the duration of 7 seconds holding gets over.
  • Now, connect the PS4 controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. 
  • Your PlayStation 4 is now in the safe.
  • Now, select the option Update System Software and follow the remaining update procedures.

Issue not resolved? Try a manual update!

  1. Update PS4 Manually 
Update PS4 Manually

To update the firmware manually, follow these instructions;

Step 1. Format a USB 

  • Connect the USB to the USB port.
  • Right-click the flash drive in the File Explorer and select Format.
  • Format the USB to FAT32 or exFAT.

Step 2. Download the PS4 Firmware

OPTION 1 (This will keep your files and data)OPTION 2 (This will wipe your files and data)
Visit this official site for the firmware.Click “DOWNLOAD NOW.”Visit the site for the 900mb firmware.Look for “Perform a new installation of the system software.”Now, click to expand.And finally, click “DOWNLOAD NOW.”
  • Once done with download, create a Folder (name PS4 or anything) inside the USB drive.
  • Open the folder, and create a sub-folder (name UPDATE).
  • Move the downloaded file in the UPDATE and name it as PS4UPDATE.PUP (case sensitive).
  • Next, perform a power cycle of your PS4 by – keep the console unplug for at least three minutes.
  • Now, turn it on and flash your PS4, accessing the Safe mode.

Not fixed yet? 

Here’s the last method to try.

  1. Initialize PS4

Note: This workaround may end up with losing some or all files, so please keep a backup of your files and other data before proceeding.

If the “PS4 error code SU-42481-9” continues, restore your console to factory settings using Initialize PS4 in Safe mode.

To initialize PS4, 

  • Access the Safe mode (the instruction is given in solution 2) 
  • Select Initialize PS4 (if it doesn’t work select the next option – Reinstall System Software)

If all workarounds fail to perform on your PS4, take your console to the nearest service centre for repair or warranty service.

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