How to Fix Pending Transaction Steam Error?

Steam, who doesn’t know this giant gaming distribution platform that offers the best-known Windows games to millions of users around the world… its efficiency will significantly be affected due to its bugs and errors; the most annoying error is the one being prompted due to the pending transactions. 

Yes, this often happens when a user tries to purchase with Steam, making it impossible for users to complete transactions for games; today, I am here, with enough research, to fix pending transaction steam error.

Often, when this error arises, this message appears on the screen “your transaction cannot be completed because you have another pending transaction on your account.”

You must be thinking why Steam, being the most secure and easy to use, stopped processing payment requests at the time of purchase; a network glitch can also be the bone of contention. 

Let’s figure it out; you will soon be saying bye-bye to your pending transaction annoyance. 

Before jumping into fixes for steam transaction pending, let me tell you why pending transaction steam error occurs?

An incomplete Steam purchase in the past.

The servers are not up and running.

Some Prerequisites

  1. Is Steam working?

The pending transaction error can be caused by a Steam server outage, though this is not common; but still worth checking. To do that… 

  • Open the Downdetector → drop-down menu → your country
  • Now, enter Steam in the search box on that site – to get further details pertaining to its server outages.

2. You may also check the Official Steam Status to confirm whether the servers are in an operational state; troubleshoot if repeatedly unable to access Steam servers. 

3. Before trying any solution, ensure that all external software, including proxy/VPN if you are using one, are turned off as Steam does not support anonymous proxies; this policy was implemented recently.

How to fix Pending Transaction Steam Error?

Cancel Steam Transaction Pending Error

When a user makes a purchase through a Steam client, but the process fails to complete, and when the user tries to make another purchase, Steam will show this error, restricting the game engine to process another transaction. 

In this case, canceling the pending purchase is the wise decision – to retrieve the current transaction. 

Are you facing issues in completing the cancellation process? 

Open Steam Client → Account Details → Purchase Help Page → to cancel the pending transaction; to check the status, click on the View purchase history and check whether the earlier purchase was canceled or not.

Do you have more than one pending purchase?  

  • Select any one of those pending ones.
  • Press “Cancel this transaction.”

Note: Repeat the same process for all pending purchases; for the safe side, restart Steam and check if you can make another purchase.

Change the Payment Method

Another rare instance when a pending transaction Steam error appears is the payment method, which is either unsupported by the platform or having errors processing the transaction ( the issue originating from the payment vendor). 

Here, it would help if you opted for an alternative payment method, like, try using a Credit/Debit card with Steam instead of third-party payment services.

Using Steam Website

Last but not least, a workaround to fix the pending transaction error message is using the official Steam website to make the purchase; no worries, the payment system on both platforms is the same, as there are sometimes internet issues in the Steam client.

So, log-in to your account using the Steam website and make the same transaction again; I am sure you will be able to process your purchase transaction. 

Check Network Connection

Since the actual reason behind Pending Transaction Steam Error is unknown, it is best to keep trying various methods to fix the error. You might be checking the server or other reasons behind this error, while your internet connection is the primary issue. 

If you are connected to WiFi, check your internet connection and ensure that you are not facing the No Internet Connection issue. If your device shows full WiFi signal strength, that does not necessarily mean that you are connected to an active internet connection.

Always ensure that you have internet access before initiating your payment process. Restart your internet router, check internet connection ports, and reset the network to fix the No Internet Connection issue.

Ensure that the Bank Server is Not Down

Most times, we assume that the issue is at our end. If you face the Pending Transaction Steam Error, ensure that your bank’s server is not down for maintenance reasons. Although bank servers are usually safe and highly stable, the Pending Transaction Steam Error can occur due to bank server issues. 

In case you cannot make the transaction from a particular bank, try again later or switch to another bank for payment. 

Contact Steam Support

If you are unable to fix the Pending Transaction Steam Error after trying all the methods mentioned above, then your last resort is to contact Steam Support. If the error occurs due to a fault in your Steam account, the best way to get it fixed is to contact the Steam Support team. 

You can explain your issue and the methods you have tried to fix the problem; the support team will help you identify and resolve the issue that is causing the Pending Transaction Steam Error.

Video Totorial To Fix Pending Transaction Steam Error

Wrapping up

These are a few potential fixes to solve Steam’s pending transaction error; if these errors fail to perform, you can go for a Steam support account, where you can send a support ticket – to get extended resolutions.

If you have any different tips or suggestions for fixing the error, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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