How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock not Working

Hello my Nintendors, we all have one or other switch dock/s in our houses, which is more of a docking station with electrical connectors, enabling us to charge our precious Nintendo Switch, and also connecting it with a television using an HDMI cable.

But what if… one day you wake up and get to know that the Switch Dock, which takes your Nintendo Switch to a whole new level, has not performed as expected, stopped working entirely, or causing bizarre problems like refusing to connect properly.  

Don’t forget, with Nintendo Switch; you can enjoy a framerate of up to 60 fps and a resolution up to 1080p.

So, if your Nintendo Switch dock is not working or stops reacting when connected to the TV, this 2-minute solution guide will help you; this walkthrough has how-tos to fix the issue/s.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing hybrid gaming console attached to a dock, which is seemingly a solid performing device but causes problems in certain instances.

Note: Rest assured that you read the problems carefully before jumping to any of the given fixes, and yes, most importantly, do keep a backup of all your files and user settings on the cloud to avoid data-loss stress.

To make this troubleshooting article useful, I am listing down the possible cusses first.  

Switch Dock not Working

What causes Switch Dock, not to Work?

I have researched and analyzed many user cases and their scenarios in detail. And, after a detailed inspection of individual cases, I came up with a list of causes as to why Switch Dock stops working. Below are some of the causes as to why Switch Dock might not work with your Nintendo Switch properly:

1. Cables must be in the wrong order: Needless to say, that the order of cables plugged in control how the Dock is behaving; interestingly, though unintentional, but if you see the coding order of the cables, you will find it slightly wrong –looked like a coding bug/mistake done by Nintendo Engineers. So, plug in the cables rightly and check whether the issue persists or not.

2. Switch Dock in the Error state: Like any other peripherals, Switch Dock might also get into an error state, failing to recognize and connect with your TV or Nintendo Switch. Here, keep trying power-cycling; this usually does the trick.

3. Fault in the Dock: Your Dock might be faulty; this is the issue with the gaming consoles, even if they are new. Here, the only workaround is to take your peripheral to Nintendo service center and get it checked (but first, make sure that there’s a fault in your Dock!).

4. Cable providing limited power: If there’s a problem in the power cable attached to the Dock, then hold on! Not precisely, I mean just scroll down this blog, and you will get the more precise workaround to this problem.

5. Power outlet: Another interesting finding is probably due to the limited supply of the power provided by the outlet; so, make sure the power outlet you’re using must offer a decent amount of power to operate the Nintendo Switch dock as expected.

6. HDMI issues: Unable to connect your Switch Dock to your TV? Double-check whether the HDMI is plugged in correctly or not; rest assured that there are no issues with HDMI, or else it cannot be connected.

7. Problems with configurations: If the configurations stored on your computer are not as expected, the Switch Dock will not work or start showing unusual signs. Here you either go for a hard reset or opt to reset the temporary ones.

8. Physical Damage: At times, physical damage to the unit also becomes the bone of contention. The Dock can accidentally drop, get wet, or hit by something hard – either the case, the Dock starts acting abnormally or ceases its operation immediately.

9. Dock is not powering up: Simply press and hold the power button for a max of 30 seconds, having the main power plugged in.

Worry not! All these subtly-mentioned fixes are detailed below!

What if the Nintendo switch dock is not working?

Beginners Note: Before performing any of this technical troubleshooting, it’s best to refresh the operating system and remove any corrupt data by restarting the Switch.

Don’t know how to power cycle your entire setup? Let’s begin with this, then!

#1 How to restart the Switch/ Power Cycle Entire Nintendo setup?

  • Unplug the HDMI cable and the power cable from the Dock.
  • Then, hold and press the Power button for 10-15 seconds.
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds.
  • While this, power cycle your television and Nintendo Switch both.
  • Now, plug everything back in and ignite the devices.

Note: Before you power cycle, make sure that any unsaved data is saved. In some cases, some temporary settings might get set to default, so keep this in mind.

If you fail to fix the issue through power cycling, move on to the next solution. This means that there is no issue with temporary configurations, and the problem may lie with the hardware modules.

#2 How to insert the cables in the correct order in the Switch?

If power-cycling your Nintendo Switch fails to fix the issue that you’re facing, try the next good thing – cable inspection; are all the cables in good working order?

Let’s see the correct order!

Due to wrongly-ordered cable placement might cause the Switch to have a software bug that prevents it from working with the Dock; so, make sure all the cables are connected in a specific order. 

Here’s how;

  • Unplug all the cables, including the HDMI, Power, and the Switch from Switch Dock.
  • Now, plug in the power cable into the Switch Dock.
  • Then, plug in the HDMI cable (ensuring that the HDMI cable is connected to the television, while selecting the HDMI input).
  • Finally, now insert the Nintendo Switch into the Dock.

If all the fuss is about the order, then I would recommend to follow these steps below in the exact order; don’t forget that the firmware of Switch Dock may crash if the HDMI is connected to the TV before it is given the power supply.

Check if the Nintendo Switch dock started working or the issue still persists; if yes, try the next.

#3 How to check the Power Cable of the Switch Dock?

Your Switch Dock is what connects Nintendo Switch to your TV and also for charging purposes as well – both of these functions require a decent amount of power. If enough power is not delivered, the Switch Dock will not work properly and start showing various issues like not charging, not connecting to the TV, or else.

#4 How to check the status of your HDMI Cable of the Switch Dock?

Another situation which many Nintendo users experience is the Switch Dock, which fails to connect to the TV successfully – what comes to mind? The HDMI cable; so, if it’s faulty or has bugs, it will not transmit the content properly.

The best fix is to check your HDMI cable with any other device such as a laptop or computer; if sure that there’s no issue with your HDMI cable? Move on to the next solution.

Note: Here, I am assuming that you have selected the correct input of your TV settings.

#5 What to do if your Switch Dock is Faulty?

This is the last resort, and only applicable if all the other methods don’t work; if your Dock is faulty or has issues with its hardware modules inside, there is no way you can fix it.

To check the status of your Switch Dock, try to borrow a Dock from your friend and try it with your console; if that is not working, tweak your settings, and if it works, then, of course, your Dock is faulty.

Here, you have two options – visit Nintendo’s customer service centre if you have a warranty, or else contact the provider via their support website and talk with the officials there.

See you… with some more techy-shaky updates!


We know from experience that having a gadget that has abruptly stopped working is hugely stressful. Thankfully, there are multiple ways of fixing a Nintendo Switch Dock to start working again, and you can go back to playing games on your Switch while connected to a TV.

Which solution will work for you depends entirely on the problem you face with your Nintendo Switch Dock. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your unit, we suggest that you go through the fixes one by one, and hopefully, one of the methods provided above will get your dock working again.

The issue can often be caused by an overlooked step that requires a simple adjustment. In contrast, the error can be more problematic and needs a complicated solution or professional assistance. We have tried to provide a comprehensive list of fixes addressing different troubles.

Such as, a typical complication is not checking the HDMI. Although they are very reliable and rarely stop working, issues can happen. Therefore, it is wise to go through a list of fixes to identify the real problem.

Has your Nintendo Switch Dock stopped working, and have you successfully fixed the issue that caused it to stop working or fail? Chime in with your experiences below in the comments section.

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