6 Major Benefits Of Using Trailer Tracking Software

6 Major Benefits Of Using Trailer Tracking Software

It seems like, over the past couple of years, trailers have outnumbered the trucks on the road, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s of huge importance for fleet managers to keep an eye on them.

One of the best ways to do so is by utilizing trailer tracking software. Namely, with this tool, fleet managers are able to add an additional layer of visibility. According to the statistics, for the time being, there are almost six million trailers in the United States only.

With the help of this software, fleet managers can efficiently locate and pay attention to these crucial assets. So what are other benefits of it besides the most obvious one? Below, we will talk about the rest.

What Are The Biggest Advantages Of Trailer Tracking Software?

1. It Can Easily Determine The Location Of The Trailers 

It Can Easily Determine The Location Of The Trailers

A GPS fleet management tool that comes with a GPS tracking gadget for the trailer fleet allows people to see the location of their trailers across the whole fleet in practically real-time. Furthermore, this helps decrease the risk of various potential financial losses, along with numerous thefts.

With the help of tracking trailer location, you can efficiently recover anything that’s been stolen since you are able to employ that data to inform law enforcement authorities accurately and quickly.

2. Prevents Theft And Any Unauthorized Use

Prevents Theft And Any Unauthorized Use

As stated above, this trailer tracking software can provide fleets with real-time location info. However, fleet managers can always select to be alerted through ping at certain intervals.

The amount of visibility can frequently be adequate, especially when it comes to unpowered trailers or assets. Now, when theft or unauthorized use occurs, it’s urgent to identify the trailer’s location as quickly as possible.

Precisely in these situations, geofence alerts can be of huge help. Now, the real question is, how can this software reduce cargo theft or any other for that matter? Namely, it enables fleet managers to create a virtual perimeter around the area they don’t want a vehicle to exit. If the vehicle does cross that boundary, the fleet manager will immediately be alerted and will gain access to a real-time location of that precise trailer.

3. Reduces Fuel Costs

Reduces Fuel Costs

Teletrac Navman Benchmark Report has recently stated that fuel costs are for sure one of the biggest expense lines for transportation corporations, right next to the payroll. Now, with the help of trailer tracking software, fleet owners can easily comprehend how and when the vehicles are being operated.

Speeding and other types of harmful driving behavior can reduce fuel efficiency and, at the same time, increase costs. Unauthorized vehicle use can drastically increase fuel costs as well. By utilizing calendar and time-of-use restrictions, this tool can alert management that unauthorized use has happened.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With this software, drivers can easily and efficiently plan timely deliveries, which most consumers value the most. Hence, it’s for sure one of its biggest advantages. Namely, it offers consumers transparency to easily monitor and check the vehicle. Moreover, it gives them accurate information when it comes to the delivery time or potential delays.

5. Decreases Operational Costs

Decreases Operational Costs

Whenever somebody has access to the data that’s of huge importance to the company in real-time, they are allowed to make much better business decisions, and at the same time, decrease operational costs.

When you have instant access to various data, it enables the business to effectively identify the problem and make sure that numerous decisions can be put in place to alleviate expenses that would’ve been incurred if the issue hadn’t been solved in a while.

Furthermore, this powerful tracker can streamline the collection of important information and back up the digitization of the process. Moreover, it makes sure that the right info is gathered and placed in a central location that every team member can easily reach.

6. Route Planning

Route Planning

With the help of this tracking software, people can easily identify the path that will save them a bunch of money and time. Besides that, it’s also highly beneficial for the drivers because they do not have to spend too much time focusing on trip planning. 

That’s precisely why, with the help of this tool, fleet managers can plan every single route for each location, which can lead to increased consumer demand. Namely, many people consider route planning one of the biggest building blocks in this sector.

It is safe to say that this trailer tracking software is invaluable and that it has made a significant impact on the transportation industry, positively, of course. There are many more benefits of it; we just named a few.

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