7 Fullmaza Alternatives

7 Best Fullmaza Alternatives

 Digital piracy is quite terrible but growing like a bat out of hell. This factor can be found in every aspect of the digital world, irrespective of its adverse outcomes. If we consider the online entertainment niche, digital piracy is common to a level of concern.

People mostly tend to avoid paid content and instead go for the free available sources on the internet. Given this tendency, the web put forward endless choices regarding such platforms presenting pirated content as, for instance, Fullmaza.


Fullmazza is basically a torrenting site that is quite popular for hosting copyrighted content illegally. However, suppose if we neglect the piracy factor for a while. In that case, Fullmazza is an excellent spot to access the dubbed movies, Tv shows, Hollywood, Bollywood & double toned content, web series, and all that you need because you can get the most recently released content for the nonce quickly enough.

The Full maza content library encompasses all genres, i.e., Horror, mystery, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, drama, comedy, sports, Tv series, and many more; you can fetch the content in multiple formats such as 100 Mb, 4k, 4k HDR, MP4, MKV, AVI, Blu-ray, HD-Rips, DVD-Rips, etc.

What happened to Fullmazza?

Although Fullmaza is a considerable choice in many states worldwide for presenting the latest released entertainment content in various languages, that isn’t enough because the security factor has to be a must-have in such free streaming platforms.

But lamentably, Fllmaza being a pirated streaming site, lack this crucial factor; consequently, you are at beck & call to specific security threats. On account of this cause, the Full maza platform has been banned in the state of India, and you may encounter accessibility restrictions in a few other regions too.

Best alternatives of Fullmazza

The pirated content or resultant geo-restrictions might be the reason that urges its users to hunt for a good & free alternative streaming site to fulfill similar streaming needs. Therefore, here we have chosen the 7 best of Fullmaza alternative websites that are pretty popular and totally free to use.

1. LosMovies

Los Movies

There are very few such platforms that can encompass all necessary streaming features; in this context, the Los Movies is a perfect combination of most of the demanding features a good streaming site may have, available in both web & application versions.

You can easily access your desired latest released content in HD format either to watch online or offline download even without going through the hassles of prior registration. Although the entire content of Los Movies is available in multiple languages, you still have the choice to enable subtitles for better interpretation.

The pop-up advertisements in free streaming sites are common, but there is another factor that may annoy you is its low privacy factor. Given this privacy factor, you may find it restricted in a few regions.


  • No sign-up hassles 
  • Available in Mobile application 
  • Latest released content
  • Intuitive UI
  • Supports subtitles
  • HD content
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Encounters geo-restrictions
  • Displays Popup advertisements 
  • Low privacy factor

2. MoviesPapa


MoviesPapa is a free but pirated site that has been offering its streaming services for a long time, and the good thing is that it is free of time-consuming sign-up hassles; you can use the MoviesPapa platform without getting registered.

It is a fact that people are always finding a way to get rid of annoying video ads; therefore, given this concern, MoviesPapa offers an ad-free streaming experience totally. The platform presents a well-organized library encompassing HD content in multiple languages; additionally, the MoviesPapa also supports the subtitles feature to eradicate the language barriers fully.

Moreover, the factor that makes it a good choice is its reviews & rating section because the reviews & ratings given by genuine viewers on a specific content might give you a better selection idea.


  • Content available in multiple languages
  • Dubbed movies & HD content available
  • Well-categorized library 
  • Supports subtitles 
  • No registration required 
  • User-generated ratings & reviews 
  • Ad-free streaming experience


  • Encounter geo-restriction

3. Subsmovies


Subsmovies is one of the most popular streaming platforms that present the entire content in HD 1080P resolution. The website is relatively easy to navigate due to its user-friendly interface and comes with various exciting features.

Subtitles stands higher in the list of demanding streaming features; you may have come across various websites that support the subtitles feature, but Subsmovies offers the subtitles feature in a slightly unique manner, as, unlike other streaming platforms, Subsmovies allows its users to enable the subtitles in more than 20 languages.

The popup ads are obvious when it comes to free streaming platforms; therefore, you would have to bear a few popup ads while streaming on Subsmovies, and even it might be restricted in a few regions for being a pirated site.


  • No sign-up process 
  • HD content
  • Subtitled enabled content available 
  • Easy to navigate 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Displays popups
  • Encounters geo-restrictions in certain regions

4. FMovies


At present, mobile devices are majorly used worldwide; that’s why people always prefer web platforms that can give a more compatible experience on mobile devices. In this regard, FMovies is worth mentioning as it is also a mobile-friendly streaming platform.

FMovies comes with an intuitive & easy to navigate user interface; it is also available in the mobile application version for a more convenient user experience. The wide-ranging library of FMovies encompasses about 5K TV series & 20K movies in HD resolution.

Although the site claims to host all content legally, it is still not safe to use because there might be few legally uploaded videos available. Still, free streaming sites can never host the entire content legally.


  • Mobile friendly
  • intuitive UI
  • HD content
  • Application version available


  • Not safe to use
  • Registration process is required

5. 123Movies


HD & downloadable content is considered as the primary requirements when it comes to online streaming platforms. Therefore, 123Movies, a good alternative site to Full maza, presents all the downloadable content in HD resolution; you don’t need to register yourself with the platform first.

However, certain associated factors might bother you, such as its speed, because 123Movies is quite time-consuming due to its low speed. The website is also unsafe to use; security threats are always inevitable in 123Movies.

You can stream & watch any movie with 123Movies free of cost, but the site won’t be accessible if you are residing in the United States because being a pirated site, it has been banned in the US by higher authorities.


  • Requires no registration 
  • HD & downloadable content


  • Low-security factor 
  • Displays popup ads
  • Time-consuming
  • Restricted in US

6. Moviezwap


Buffering & lagging is so far the most terrible thing that can be encountered in streaming videos; in contrast, the online streaming experience becomes more exciting if the video content loading & playback speed is fast enough. In context, Moviezwap is the top pick streaming platform that offers a super-fast streaming experience to its users. 

Basically, Moviezwap is a pirated streaming site like many others that offer its streaming services free of cost and presents a wide range of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil & Telugu movies and shows in HD resolution; you can either watch your favorite content online or you can avail the choice to download it offline. However, being a pirated site also encounters geo-restrictions in certain regions.


  • Free & super-fast service 
  • Lag-free streaming 
  • HD content


  • Not safe to use 
  • Encounters geo-restriction

7. Einthusan

Suppose if you have ever streamed entertainment content online. In that case, you might be familiar with the Einthusan platform, too, as it is pretty popular in the world of online streaming platforms for presenting wide-ranging content in multiple Indian regional languages with a subtitle option.

It is a great spot to stream & watch entertainment-based content in HD resolution, and it also allows you to download the content on your device. The good thing is that it also provides user-generated ratings like MoviesPapa that greatly assist in choosing the right title to watch.

You can freely access the platform on any device due to its cross-platform compatibility. However, the drawbacks you may encounter on Einthusan are its low loading speed and displayed popup ads; Einthusan can give you a horrible advertisements experience.


  • Cross-platform compatibility 
  • Subtitles option available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced search function
  • User-generated ratings


  • Display many horrible ads
  • Requires sign-up process 
  • Low streaming & loading speed


In the choice list of great torrenting sites, the Fullmaza is the largely picked option due to its regularly updated extensive content library encompassing the numerous Tv shows, web series, dubbed movies, and other Hollywood & Bollywood entertainment content.

Although Full maza enables you to access wide-ranging entertainment content in multiple languages free of charge, we can’t neglect the fact that all of its hosted content is pirated and can put you in real trouble.

Therefore, we researched the best streaming platform that can serve as a good alternative to Fullmazza. In this regard, we have explained the 7 best-fit Fullmaza alternative websites such as Los Movies, Subsmovies, 123Movies, FMovies, MoviesPapa, Einthusan & Moviezwap with all associated pros & cons so that you can choose the most appropriate one.


All of the streaming platforms mentioned here are pirated because such websites host copy-righted content without owners’ consent, so this is an illegal act to access such websites. However, the entire discussion is stated just for an informative purpose.

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