How to Unlock Locked iPhone

Preventing unauthorized access easily is one of Apple’s popular features for all its users. But there is an off chance that you might forget your password; in such cases, we have the perfect way to bypass the situation.

The password is an effective mechanism in your iPhone devices, but you cannot just access your device if you do not remember the correct password. What makes it even worse, in hopes of retaining the password, you end up putting in the wrong one, which disables your iPhone immediately. 

Why does iPhone get Disabled After the Wrong Password?

Why does iPhone get Disabled After the Wrong Password

If you have an iPhone, you might be wondering why it is disabled after entering the wrong password. Apple’s iOS will disable your device after being locked for a particular time.

If you wonder why your iPhone is disabled after entering the wrong password, there are a few possible reasons. 

One reason could be that the device was stolen, and the incorrect password was entered to prevent it from being used. Another reason could be that someone changed your iCloud security settings, and now they are trying to access your account without knowing your password. However, it can also get disabled if you are not entering the correct password or attempting to log in using multiple passwords that you remember vividly.

The most common reason for this is that someone tried to unlock an iPhone using another person’s device or account, which means they have also changed their iCloud security settings on their phone or tablet. By default, all of these are designed by Apple to keep your devices safe and away from harm. 

Can you unlock an iPhone without a Passcode?

Can you unlock an iPhone without a Passcode

Can you unlock an iPhone without passcode? Yes, you can! If you can’t remember your passcode, you can use the recovery method we have here. Do not miss out on any of the steps because they will help you unlock your iPhone without a passcode. 

1. You need to have access to a computer:

Having access to a computer is very important because it can quickly help you resolve the issue. Start by downloading and installing iTunes on it. You will also require a cable that easily connects your iPhone to your computer. 

3. Turn your iPhone off:

Before plugging your iPhones into the computer, make sure they are turned off. You can do this by using the side button and then sliding the power button on your screen to the right to shut the phone down. 

3. You need to put your phones in recovery mode:

You need to put your phones in recovery mode:

Be ready to press the button according to your device. For users who have iPhone 7 and 7 plus, you should press the volume button. Users who have iPhone 8 and above need to press the side button and press it while connecting their phone immediately to the computer. Do not let go of the button because this will help your phone go into recovery mode. As soon as you see the screen displaying Recovery Mode, let go of it. 

4. Restore your iPhone Now

Start by locating your iPhone in the Finder or the iTunes application on your computer. Now choose the Restore option that is displayed to you. As soon as you do, your computer starts downloading the software and begins the process of restoring your iPhone. It will take 15-20 minutes for your phone to exit the Recovery Mode. Make sure you let the downloading finish before turning your phone and restarting it again. 

As soon as the process is done, disconnect your phone from the computer, and it is now unlocked for you to use. 



1. How do you unlock a completely locked iPhone?

You will need to connect your phone to a computer and use the iTunes application to recover from unlocking a completed locked iPhone. The process is straightforward and can be done in 15-20 minutes. You can also get in touch with Apple Support, which can help you unlock your iPhones. 

2. Is it possible to unlock an iPhone?

Only the carrier of your iPhone can unlock the phone quickly. To do that, get in touch with your page and request an unlock. Your account may have to maintain a few requirements, and then, after everything is analyzed, you can unlock your phone easily.

3. How do you unlock the iPhone without the passcode or face ID?

To unlock an iPhone without the passcode can be done using the recover method on the iTunes application, using the iCloud Find My iPhone, and even with the help of Siri. 

Bottom Line:

So if you have somehow forgotten your password and can’t seem to recall it, then it is time you follow all the steps we have listed to unlock your iPhone. The process is relatively easy if you have computer access, but if you don’t, then you can ask a friend or even Apple Support to help you get through. 

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