5 Best Uwatchfree Alternatives

Who says no to streaming movies and tv series, especially during this age of quarantine, coupled with the fact that the increasing numbers of households are connected to the web, seeking ways to stream content freely. 

And, to be honest, this is the reason why popular sites like Uwatchfree are becoming popular; I think we should be thankful to all these rising streamers for making our leisure time interesting and entertaining, every time, anytime.  

So, stop adding up to your monthly budget with a TV subscription, and go for a rescue – a free movie streaming website – they are loaded with unrestricted free access to films, TV series, and shows. 

But the question is, are these websites legal? Well, you will soon get the answer in this blog. We are discussing Uwatchfree in this blog. 

So, no more further ado!

There are several sites available, permitting you to watch all your favorite content without paying for anything; some of the free websites, including Uwatchfree, offer new titles, too, even on a weekly basis.

Short of Uwatchfree… It is a free movie download website, leaking titles from Hindi, Bаngla, Tamil, English Cinema, etc., for the past eight years; interestingly, all the titles here at Uwatchfree are in high-resolution. 

Can’t access such websites due to copyright issues? Simply use a VPN and change the location or else, replace the domain extension.

Having the best and largest database, UWatchfree lets you download the HD movie web series and TV shows in various languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, English, and many more languages. 

And yes, they have the best user interface among its competitors.

If still, Uwatchfree is giving you hard times, it means you need to look for any of the Uwatchfree alternatives. 

Before jumping to Uwatchfree alternatives, let’s explore more about it. 

Is UWatchfree Legal?

We all know that streaming or downloading movies from questionable sources can be dangerous and expose you to so many cyber risks and threats. 

To secure streamers and their online privacy, governments, including India, banned such illegal websites, making the accessibility of pirated content for free a criminal offense. So, be careful before streaming such websites.

Website Links

Being a Torrent site, Uwatchfree have so many other websites with different extensions, so, if one is banned, shift to any of these extensions;

  • Uwatchfree.in
  • Uwatchfree.od
  • Uwatchfree.asia
  • Uwatchfree.mobi
  • Uwatchfree.watch
  • Uwatchfree.pro
  • Uwatchfree.bid
  • Uwatchfree.me
  • Uwatchfree.ac
  • Uwatchfree.com
  • Uwatchfree.org
  • Uwatchfree.pw
  • Uwatchfree.win
  • Uwatchfree.ws

Is Uwatchfree safe?

Let me tell you something straightforwardly… UWatchFree is an illegal Torrent website; so, you decide how far to go with it unprotected. 

My genuine advice is to choose the only legal ways to stream movies, TV shows, and series, even freely.

How to download Uwatchfree App/APK?

To access all the old and latest tiles, download the UwatchFree app on your PDAs, no, no, not via the app store, but from a third-party app; for that, you need to download its APK file. 

The app is user-friendly, fast, and far better than its website; you can try this UWatchFree APk link https://apkpure.com/uwatchfree/com.col.uwf 

Uwatchfree Movie Genres 

  • Action 
  • Adult
  • Adventure 
  • Animation
  • Biography 
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentaries 
  • Drama
  • Dubbed 
  • Family movies
  • Fantasy
  • Featured
  • HD
  • History 
  • Horror 
  • Musical
  • Science and fiction
  • Short films
  • Sports 
  • Thriller 
  • War-like

How does UWatchFree earn?

Hmm… Well, being an ad-supported platform, Uwatchfree has free access to a plethora of video content and earns money via advertisements; all the website pop-ads you will see on their website is not for us but actually helping the free streamer to earn money.

Can I upload movies on the UWatchFree website?

No, only the owner of this platform can content on UWatchFree.

Uwatchfree Alternatives

As Uwatchfree is banned by the government, there are certain other websites that offer similar streaming and downloading luxuries; some of the best Uwatchfree alternative websites are; 

1. Hotstar


Hotstar, one of the legit streamers that can be accessed either online or through the mobile application (both iOS and Android). Hotstar viewers in Asia can access two kinds of Hotstar services. One, a paid subscription-based and a free service that is supported by ads. Now, the subscriptions are also of two types – VIP and premium. 

VIP subscribers can stream national and international shows, web series, tv serials, movies, award-shows, documentaries, and whatnot, only on Hotstar.

2. Moviezwap


Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, or else; you can stream and download all the latest titles, even there are dubbed ones too, everything… just for free. 

The best thing is that all the content at Moviezwap is available in various formats – all of them are downloadable. Supporting the cause of educating the masses, the site also uploads non-commercial contents, highlighting social issues, besides the commercial movies. 

Since its launch, the site is entertaining millions of users for free; the nuisance of irrelevant ads is also not there. 

3. Zmovies


Zmovie is also one of the finest yet the most -legal movie streamers, letting people watch and download movies; on Zmovies, you will find the latest movies, web series, serials, documentaries, and whatnot.

The site streams the content of various genres, including romance, erotic, horror, thriller, science fiction, comedy, etc.; to begin streaming at Zmovies, you need to create an account. 

Once you create the account, you can easily stream and download movies for free and in HD resolution; don’t know what your favorite title holds, read its information given by the site. 

Just like any other site, movies at Zmovies have been categorized so that you can find your favorite movies easily. 

4. Moviewatcher


Moviewatcher is another popular online website that’s becoming quite popular among streamers, thanks to its amazing content. Besides providing some enjoyable and fun content, the website follows great visuals. 

At Moviewatcher, you will have around 1000+ movies, web series, and other videos belonging to all the genres, enabling viewers to navigate through the site easily. All the films and other videos have been categorized right on their homepage. 

5. LookMovie


Lookmovie is also a good video streaming site that allows viewers to stream their favorite shows and movies on the go; it’s the simplicity of the streamer that is winning the hearts of millions of binge-watchers. 

Once you land on the website, you will see all the categories of your favorite genres right on the front; the range of categories is way diverse than many of its competitors. 

Thank God there are no ads annoyances on the entire website, following a user-friendly and engaging interface, and its functioning is also excellent. Even the account creation is also a choice. 

Bonus Tip: how to identify a Good Movie Site?

A good movie site should be free, legal, and consist of the latest titles (both movies and TV series). Just take note that not all free sites are safe and secure, as they contain cookies that might expose your system to any cyber attack or lead to a virus and harm your computer.

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