5 Best Losmovies Alternatives

Los movies has been one of the popular picks by movie lovers to watch high-quality movies online free and in good quality. Created in 2017, the website hosts a range of movie genres, both new and old.

While this sounds like the perfect website to binge-watch, there are some reservations in place. Just like many other free movie streaming websites, the platform faces a lot of backlash from the authorities.

Copyright legalities have been a constant nightmare for such platforms, and Losmovies has been the victim too. Since 2018, one year after its creation, Losmovie was banned entirely in some regions or has been inaccessible to many since then. Even all its mirror sites are no longer functional.

This sounds worrisome but let’s say there is always a backup! There are multiple other alternatives to the popular Los Movies that are equally good to use. Here is a list.

Currently Working Losmovies website: http://losmovies.to/

5 Los movies Alternatives

  • Putlocker
  • 123 Movies
  • Afdah
  • Subsmovies
  • Einthusan

1. Putlocker


Putlocker comes across as the most heard one when it is about online streaming movies. With a smooth interface and design, the website has paved its way to be one of the top picks. 

Originated in the UK, the site became a favorite by the beginning of 2012 with almost one visitor daily after the very popular Megaupload was shut down due to copyright violation. 

The reasons for the popularity of the site are pretty simple. The website acts as a bridge between host providers and the viewers, which allows it to offer a range of options to choose from. A much safer alternative to many, putlocker wins the race amongst many.

The website also hosts a very large index of Tv shows and movies, which range in all genres providing for unlimited entertainment on the go. 

2. 123 Movies


My personal favorite pick of the lock, 123movies, is one of the finest when it comes to online movie streaming. Fewer ads and the options of multiple servers allow you to just binge watch seamlessly.

Just like many other online streaming websites, 123 movies does not put you in the hassle of registering. The website uniquely offers you to filter your options to get to the genre of the movie you want.

You visit and pick a movie from the thousands of movies available in a variety of genres. TV shows or movies, it has it all. And one of the best things is that you can also easily download from 123movies if you wish to watch a movie later on. 

3. Afdah 


Becoming one of the most sought, Afdah has made its way to top alternatives to Losmovies. The site is a hub to a large database of movies and series which you can simply and easily watch at zero cost. 

It only gets better with Afdah. The site is well designed and user friendly. Surprisingly, it also offers various resolutions from HD to 4k and 2k that can be apt for multiple devices -phone, desktop, or tablets. 

The platform has become easily favorite due to its provision of different movies by country, language, and year. So the site hosts content from Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, etc. Further, there are always reviews, miscellaneous comments, and well-elaborated descriptions.

The next on the list is Subsmovies.

4. Subsmovies


Anything and everything is worth a good, free streaming website and that too with subtitles. Yes! You heard that right, Subsmivies has received fame and attention largely due to its feature to provide subtitles in many languages. 

While this remains the unique selling point for subsmovies, the site also has a lot of supporting benefits. This includes a vast variety of classic films with an exceptionally high quality. 

Though we all love these free streaming websites, they are still legally barred and face a lot of backlash from time to time. With Subsmovies, that’s the case too. The site may not be functional in some regions. However, there is always a way to get through that too, which is later explained in the blog. 

For now, let’s look at the last one from our list of five functional alternatives to Losmovies.

5. Einthusan


Out of the loop of all the copyright infringements, Einthusan offers 4000 legally licensed content, making it morally better than the lot. The South Asian online movie streaming site gains its popularity for the wide variety of South Asian and Indian movies. 

The site offers these movies in 9 regional languages of India with a seamless interface and accurate search engine. While the site may not have your top of the ist favorite movies, it does have some good work of art. 

Losmovies Genre

  • Mystery
  • News
  • Reality-TV
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Short
  • Sport
  • Talk-Show
  • Thriller
  • War
  • Wester
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Film-Noir
  • Game-Show
  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Music
  • Musical
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama

Losmovies new releases

  • The Devil All the Time
  • The Secrets We Keep
  • The Paramedic
  • Robin’s Wish
  • I’m Thinking of Ending Things
  • The Garden Left Behind
  • The Broken Hearts Gallery
  • After We Collided
  • Train to Busan 2: Peninsula
  • Critical Thinking
  • Mulan
  • Switched
  • The Owners
  • Cut Throat City
  • The 2nd
  • Tenet
  • Bill & Ted Face the Music
  • Still Here

Final Thoughts

While all the above-mentioned sites remain the most popular alternative to Los movies, they can also be unaccessible or functional at times. If that is the case, you shall look for a good VPN, which will help you surf safe while also allow accessibility to most of these platforms. 

Happy Streaming.

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