21 Best Moviego Alternatives

Millions of people worldwide depend solely on the internet for entertainment. From listening to music to reading books, articles, or blogs and watching movies, tv shows, or vlogs, they go online on a daily basis. For those looking for free-content, free online streaming sites are a great help. However, it is needless to say that only a handful of websites offer the perfect combination of user-friendly experience and a large selection of videos, including popular TV series and films.

For a long time, one of the best streaming sites was Moviego – a well-designed website that offered thousands of newly released movie titles in HD and full length. After launching somewhere in the 2000s, Moviego has consistently provided reliable free online streaming services with one of the largest content databases from Hollywood and around the world.

The platform quickly grew and came into the spotlight as more and more users worldwide visited the site daily. Unfortunately, law enforcement authorities learned about Moviego’s services, which don’t abide by copyright laws. Even though the website hasn’t suffered any performance issues that affected its accessibility, the main reason why it is inaccessible in many parts of the world is due to copyright issues, which results in Governments ordering takedowns and bans.

Is Moviego Safe To Use And Legal?

One of the main reasons Moviego has reached the top of the free streaming platform market is because it offers a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use interface and services. It was also one of the rare few streaming platforms that did not burden users with too many ads; the service was mainly focused on delivering HD content that can be enjoyed without registration, sign-up, or expensive subscriptions.

As the years passed, Moviego was able to stay with the times and the evolving needs of its users. The platform was constantly developing and improving its user interface and, most notably, its content database. The site’s design was intuitive with easy navigation, thanks to its modern and well-organized layout; for the people behind Moviego, providing the best possible excellent service was the main objective, which they achieved for many years.

Despite its popularity and great features, Moviego saw the same fate as many other free streaming sites. Its reach was restricted due to legal issues and copyright problems, which led to bans and blocking by internet service providers (ISPs) after Government orders. It is important to remember that free streaming websites like Moviego make their money by running ads on their website, which provides source links to pirated content which might not be entirely illegal but is often seen as ethically wrong.

To counter this unfortunate situation and continue providing free entertainment to its users, Moviego developers keep switching to different domain names, also known as Mirror Sites, which offer the same experience on a different web address.

However, chasing Mirror Sites can be confusing, and a hassle for many people because it’s challenging to keep track of the different names as one site goes down and another pops up!

A more accessible alternative to constantly chasing various mirror sites of your favorite platform is to switch over to a substitute site. There are a handful of free movie streaming platforms that are equally as good as Moviego, if not better.

Today we have listed the most reliable websites that you can visit if Moviego is inaccessible. Just remember to use a VPN to stream anonymously and safely. It is also essential that you use an ad blocker when using streaming sites, and we strictly advise you not to click on any ads because they can expose you to a number of different online threats, including malware attacks.

Only the best streaming platforms that offer tons of free movies and tv series have made it to our list of the 21 best Moviego alternatives.

Top 21 Moviego Alternative Sites

  1. Putlocker 
  2. Los Movies
  3. Vmovee
  4. 123Movies
  5. Yesmovies
  6. SolarMovie
  7. Newmovies
  8. Primewire
  9. LetMeWatchThis
  10. Xmovies8
  11. AZMovies
  12. Openload Free TV
  13. Housemovies
  14. Panda-Streaming 
  15. Sling TV
  16. Popcornflix
  17. GoMovies
  18. Snaga Films
  19. CoolMovieZone
  20. RainierLand
  21. Ganool

1. Putlocker


If you are a serious streamer looking for the most impressive content database online, then look no further than Putlocker, which is hands down the largest and most trusted streaming site in the market. Putlocker has the most extensive library shows and movies which are all available for free.

Whether it’s a classic movie you are in search of or the latest episode of a popular TV series, chances are Putlocker already has it.
What’s truly impressive is that no other free streaming platform has been able to surpass Putlocker as the leader.

Unfortunately, there are times when MovieGo users will have difficulty accessing the site in your location without a VPN. Although you can simply move over to a Putlocker mirror site, believe us that there are tons of them, but we don’t recommend them.

Overall, Putlocker is a fantastic streaming platform with one of the best user interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. The content library is well-organized and categorized, which makes it easy to find titles.

2. Los Movies

If you loved the feel of Moviego, then we suggest that you give Los Movies a try because they are pretty similar in some aspects. First of all, Los Movies is exceptionally reliable. The chances are that the latest episode of your favorite tv series is already available on the site just after a few hours of its airing on television.

You will also find movies in HD quality that are still playing in the theaters. Of course, there are hundreds and thousands of much-loved classics available on the platform ready to be streamed for free.

Millions of people visit Los Movies each year to enjoy free content. Most of them are frequent users from different parts of the world. The easy search bar found on the homepage of the site is quick and powerful.

You can look up tv shows and movies by name or using the names of the actors in the cast. There is also a list of featured movie titles, typically the most popular and newly released films and shows.
Just go prepared with a quality ad blocker and reliable VPN service to enjoy safe streaming for free.

3. Vmovee


Vmovee is another free movie streaming site that offers the right combination of reliable services, easy to use interface, and lots of movies or TV shows. Users of this site enjoy unlimited video streaming free of cost. They can select from Vmovee’s extensive list of films, including new launches and favorites from the past from various genres. Each movie typically has multiple 3rd party links, which, unfortunately, can include some dead ones.

Nonetheless, the chances are good that you will find what you want on this site in HD video quality and fast speeds. One of the most apparent weaknesses of Vmovee is the abundance of annoying popup ads, so we suggest that you go prepared with a good ad blocker and VPN service. The layout of the website is pleasant and straightforward.

4. 123Movies


If you only want to use the top streaming sites, then 123Movies is an excellent choice since it is extremely popular and is recognized as one of the leading platforms for free-content streaming. Moviego and 123Movies are similar in many ways. 

The site is regularly updated with fresh episodes of Tv shows and new movies. However, if you are looking for a much-loved classic, then 123Movies’s database won’t disappoint either because of its vast collection of international films, both new and old.

Fans of Asian movies and tv shows also love 123Movies because it has a lot to offer in that specific genre. The site interface is clean and straightforward, with everything appropriately organized, which gives the website an uncluttered look. The content has been categorized intelligently to make it easy to explore, and the search bar is reliable and quick.

There is no need to hand over your information to the site for registration because all videos are free to watch with no subscription or sign-up required.

5. Yesmovies


If watching movies is your favorite way to relax and entertain yourself and your friends and family, then you will be spoiled for choice on Yesmovie due to its enormous content library with old and fresh films. You can stream videos for free on the site or download them to watch and enjoy later without needing the internet.

Each movie and Tv show episode has four or more server links for streaming, which is great because you can select another if one link doesn’t work. And if you can’t find the movie you want on YesMovies, you can request it. You can also select the quality of video and format before downloading, which allows you to use less data.

Finally, while using the site and streaming, you won’t be bombarded with limited popup ads and other styles of advertisements.

6. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is yet another decent substitute for MovieGo. This site has an abundance of TV shows and movies to watch for free, including different genres. You will also have easy access to a broad selection of movies on the site. The database is updated with the new and latest content on an almost daily basis. What is impressive is the number of movies and shows from different countries around the world, which explains why this website is so popular globally.

The site developers have cleverly used a tagging system to make finding movies and tv show episodes easy and quick. We suggest simply using the search bar, which is the fastest and easiest way of locating content. Nearly all of the content on the website in HD quality.

7. Newmovies


This might be the first time you read about NewMovies, but don’t let that stop you from checking out this website as an alternative for MovieGo. It has a tidy, modern user interface that is a breeze to navigate. There aren’t too many ads that will spoil the user experience, and you don’t have to sign-up for an account to watch the content for free.

There are a lot of newly released movies on the site which can be watched in HD quality. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t give you the option to download the videos, which is a service many other platforms provide for no cost. Another feature that we wish to be added to the website is a request for a movie service.

8. Primewire


Primewire is an oldie but a goodie for sure, so if you want to try something well-established and much loved then, Primewire is suitable for you. Being one of the oldest websites also has its perks, including having one of the most significant movies and TV series databases out there.

But don’t think that Primewire is a dating site because it still has a user-friendly, conventional user interface and other unique features such as custom subtitles in different languages. You can also track shows and get updates regarding new episodes of your favorite series.

9. LetMeWatchThis


The purpose of this site is evident from its name – LetMeWatchThis is a widely known free movie and tv series streaming website that is frequented by thousands of users daily from around the world. The standout feature of the site is the significant number of films and TV shows that it has to offer for no cost whatsoever. You can watch an unlimited number of videos on the platform without having to worry about subscriptions, registration, or sign-ups. The interface of LetMeWatchThis is simple yet impactful.

You don’t have to dedicate a lot of effort and time wandering around the site looking for your desired content because it is conveniently categorized into different genres. There is always the content search bar on top of the page to help you look up what you want.

However, if you are on the site just to explore new content, then take a look at the featured movies, trending videos, top IMDB suggestions, as well as best-rated movies, and you will undoubtedly find something according to your taste.

10. Xmovies8


Xmovies8 is one of the best Moviego alternatives, especially if you are looking for a streaming site with a massive collection of movies. From a vast array of short films to an ever-expanding library of long-length movies.

Xmovies8’s team regularly updates movies in all genres, including romance, comedy, adventure, animation, mystery, fiction, and more. You can also pick the video resolution according to your wish and internet speed. We love that Xmovies8 videos play without lags, and most of the movies are available in HD and FHD video quality.

The website interface is smartly designed with neatly organized features that make it easier to locate your desired content. You can use the website in light and dark mode according to your preference.

Overall, Xmovies8 is an excellent alternative to Moviego; however, be prepared to deal with many ads, including on-screen ads, pop-up ads, and click-on advertisements. Using Xmovies8 on a smartphone becomes a challenge sometimes due to the abundance of ads.

11. AZMovies


AZMovies is one of the most recommended streaming sites because of its rich content. AZMovies team is dedicated to consistently adding both the latest and classic movies to their already extensive movie library. You can easily find movies from nearly all popular genres, including action, romance, comedy, horror, fantasy, thriller, documentaries, sci-fi, animation, and more.

Nearly all of the movies are available in High Definition resolution with information about the cast and crew. The video streaming quality is usually lag-free; however, you require a stable and fast internet connection to enjoy a smooth streaming experience in HD or FHD.

The best thing about AZMovies is that all the content is available for free; hence you can enjoy unlimited hours of movie streaming without paying a single penny or sharing your data for membership. The website interface is easy to use with several features that make it highly user-friendly. All-in-all, AZMovies is a must-try alternative to Moviego.

12. Openload Free TV

Openload Free TV is one the most popular and trusted websites for free online streaming. Openload Free TV is amongst the leading websites because of its massive collection of movies and tv shows. 

From the year 1975 till 2021, Openload Free TV has nearly 50 thousand movies and TV series. Openload Free TV spoils you with choices! You never run out of movie options to watch online for free. The best thing about Openload Free TV is that it not only has a fantastic range of all-time popular movies, but you can also find nearly all newly released movies as soon as they are available. 

Openload Free TV has an excellent website interface with cleanly organized categories that makes it easier to find your favorite movies. Similar to other free online streaming websites, Openload also has a considerable amount of ads. So keep in mind that you would’ve to close multiple ads before you can enjoy your movie or TV show.

13. Housemovies


Housemovies has made a significant place amongst online streaming websites because of its excellent collection of the latest movies. Housemovies’ team actively updates new films and episodes of TV series as soon as they are released. Most films and series are available on HD and FHD.

To top that, Housemovies allows you to switch your video resolution that will best suit your internet speed. Another reason behind Housemovies’ widespread popularity is the vast selection of anime. Although the website interface is simple, it is still one of the most easy-to-use websites. The intelligent interface allows visitors to locate their desired content within a few seconds only.

Unlike other free online streaming websites, Housemovies has a fewer pop-up and click-on ads. The only con of Housemovies, in our opinion, is the lack of ‘request a movie’ option.

14. Panda-Streaming


Panda-Streaming has developed a loyal fan base within the past few years because of its excellent streaming experience and impressive content library.

You’ll never run out of streaming options on Panda Streaming because it is jam-packed with the latest, trending, all-time popular, and classic movies. The website interface is smartly designed to help you locate films and TV shows without any hassle. The accurate search bar leads you to your desired content within a few seconds only.

Panda-Streaming has a comments section under every video for feedback from previous viewers and fans to make your movie and TV series selection easier. To make the selection even more convenient, Panda-Streaming also has a movie rating feature.

With Panda Streaming’s review and rating features, you always have an idea about the movies that are a must-watch and the ones that are a solid pass on. Overall, Panda Streaming is an excellent alternative to Moviego.

15. Sling TV

Sling TV

If you are looking for a Moviego alternative with a better online streaming experience, then Sling TV is a must-try online streaming platform for you. Whether you stream your favorite content on your smartphone, tab, or your PC, Sling TV provides an excellent streaming service on all platforms.

Although Sling TV might not have a massive library of free movies, it offers access to over 100 live TV channels and over 10,000 hours of video-on-demand content.

Sling TV’s basic subscription comes at a cost, so be prepared to shell out some money to enjoy a fantastic movie streaming experience without worrying about any downtime or an abundance of annoying ads. The only con of Sling TV is that it is only available in the US; if you are not in the US, you can use a reliable VPN service to unblock Sling TV in your country.

16. Popcornflix


If you do not want to pay a monthly subscription, then try Popcornflix. This streaming website is a fantastic alternative to Moviego because it does not go there unannounced periods of downtime. All the content available on Popcornflix is 100% legal and for free without any subscription.

Popcornflix has a rich library of thousands of movies and TV series. Since Popcornflix only uploads legal content, therefore, its content library is not as extensive as Moviego. Popcornflix is a secure and reliable streaming platform; thus, you can enjoy streaming your favorite content without worrying about any malware attacks.

17. GoMovies


GoMovies is very popular amongst Netflix fans because its website somewhat has a similar interface as Netflix. GoMovies’ extensive content library is another reason why this streaming website is widely popular and recommended.

GoMovies is the best website for streaming both the latest and all-time popular movies, whether you want to find classic films or new and popular ones. GoMovies has HD and FHD movies from all popular genres, including action, romance, animation, adventure, fiction, horror, and more.

Apart from the ever-expanding library, you can also enjoy live TV streaming on GoMovies. You can stream more than 50 popular TV channels for free. The only con of GoMovies is the ad disturbance. You would have to close plenty of click-on and pop-up ads while you browse the website and stream any video.

18. Snaga Films

Snaga Films

Snaga Films is widely popular for its extensive content movie database. It has thousands of movies from all genres neatly organized in categories to help you locate your favorite ones without any hassle. All the movies come with video resolutions ranging from 144p to 1080p, so adjust the video resolution that works best with your internet speed. 

The free version of Snaga Films has an abundance of ads; however, you can altogether avoid the ads by purchasing the premium version. In addition to zero ads, range of other features that improve your streaming experience on Snaga Films.

The website interface of Snaga Films is modern and clean, with several options to personalize your experience slightly. The accurate search bar allows you to search and find movies with convenience. Overall, Snaga Films is a reliable alternative to Moviego.

19. CoolMovieZone


Within the past two years, CoolMovieZone has gained worldwide popularity because of its extensive movie database, including movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

The website interface is simple and easy to use; therefore, it is an excellent online streaming platform for beginners. The thing about CoolMovieZone is that, unlike other free online streaming platforms, CoolMovieZone’s website has minimal to zero ads, including on-screen ads, click-on ads, and pop-up ads. So, you don’t have to deal with tons of advertisements while browsing the website or streaming any movie.

All of the online streaming content on CoolMovieZone is available for free without any registration or subscription charges. So, remember not to fall into any scams and share any of your personal information when streaming on CoolMovieZone.

20. RainierLand


RainierLand is another popular alternative to Moviego. If you want access to the best collection of the latest and all-time favorite movies, RainierLand is your best bet.

RainierLand is highly recommended for its massive collection of movies from all genres. The website also has an excellent range of TV series with complete episodes. The team regularly updates the website with new streaming content, so you don’t have to wait for too long to watch the newly released movies or the latest episodes of your favorite TV series.

RainierLand is perfect for online streamers who wish to enjoy free online streaming without any ad disturbance. The website is easy to navigate with simple content categorization and an intelligent search bar that allows you to find your favorite movies and TV shows without any trouble.

The only con of Rainierland is that it does not have a download feature, so you do not have the option to download and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows offline.



Ganool is another reliable alternative to Moviego. It is famous for its smooth, uninterrupted online streaming experience. Ganool offers an impressive range of movies in HD and FHD video quality. With a database of thousands of movies and TV series, you can be sure that you will never run out of options for online streaming.

Ganool ensures a video streaming experience with zero lags; you can also adjust the video resolution according to your internet speed to improve the streaming experience. To add to the streaming experience, most of the movies on Ganool are available with subs and dubs.

Similar to other free online streaming platforms, Ganool has ad interruption. You will have to close a couple of ads before you can start streaming. However, the ads are significantly lesser in quantity as compared to other popular streaming sites, including Moviego.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moviego offer free online streaming?

Yes, Moviego offers free and unlimited hours of online streaming. You can stream and download many movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more from Moviego without registration or charges.

Is Moviego compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, Moviego is compatible with multiple devices and all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. All you need is a stable internet, and you can enjoy endless hours of free online streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.

When will Moviego be back online?

Moviego is under an unannounced downtime due to legal issues. The downtime can take a few months, or it can also result in a permanent ban. We can only hope that Moviego comes back online soon.

Are Moviego alternatives free and safe?

Almost all of our Moviego alternatives offer free online streaming. Although all of the alternatives are safe; however, we cannot rule out the fact that streaming sites carry malware. Therefore, you should install reliable antivirus software and use a trustable VPN service while streaming on any free online streaming website.

Final Words

Without a doubt, it is a challenge for Moviego fans to find an alternative that matches with Moviego both in online streaming experience and content range.

We hope that you’ll be able to find several alternatives to Moviego with a somewhat similar or better online streaming experience with our guidance. It is never a smart idea to stick to one streaming platform, so we would highly recommend you select a few of them.

Many other free online streaming websites didn’t make it to our list. Have we missed your favorite online streaming site? Please share your favorites with Techlectual in the comments section below. We would love to know your top-rated Moviego alternatives.

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