Beats PowerBeats Pro vs. Apple AirPods Pro

Beats PowerBeats Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro

It’s simple to comprehend why wireless earphones are valuable because they offer absolute mobility and are entirely cable-free. Wireless earbuds are the easiest and most practical way to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while on the move, whether you’re navigating a crowded commuter train or working up a sweat in the gym.

Since founded over 16 years ago, Beats Electronics, the Beats headphones maker, has been a significant player in the global audio market. The company grew steadily in 2014 when Apple paid $3 billion to take over the business.

The Beats’ Powerbeats Pro truly wireless earphones were introduced by Beats and Apple last year and designed for workouts and sports. You can expect anything relating to comfort from these sets of headphones designed for exercise.

Because of this, we’ve evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each set of earphones according to their most crucial characteristics, such as comfort, usability, price, and sound quality. Find out which true wireless earbuds are best for you by reading the entire article.

Beats Vs. Airpods Pro – Which One Has a Compelling Design?

Beats Vs. Airpods Pro – Which One Has a Compelling Design

The Powerbeats Pro is still among the most attractive and durable earphones you can buy. Each bud is protected by rigid plastic that can withstand unintentional drops to the ground. Although Beats hasn’t publicly stated the IPX rating, these Beat Pods are water-resistant, and despite several months of strenuous cardio, they haven’t yet shorted out. They have an iconic style to stand out from the wireless crowd with the embossed B logo and vibrant colors comprising Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy.

While some individuals find the AirPods’ design beautiful, others think it is not very good. There are countless things to enjoy about the AirPods Pro, even if you lean more toward the latter design. Apple has now upgraded the earbuds to sweat and water-resistant so that you can wear them confidently in wet environments. Each stem is now more recognizable by adding a black microphone vent at the top. You should be able to recognize them in the Apple Store thanks to the angled sound port with silicone ear tips and a more significant charging case.

The smaller stems on the AirPods Pro are another distinction you’ll notice. The difference is more apparent when the new AirPods are placed next to the old ones. Another recent finding is that Apple used reusable materials to create the AirPods Pro. The distinctive chrome border at the bottom of the buds is still present.

Despite the significant updates, the AirPods Pro is not very robust. All kinds of defects, such as nicks, scrapes, and dings, will be left on the earbuds and charging case after a fall on the ground. Although the Powerbeats Pro case isn’t much better, it is sturdy enough to keep the earbuds in place.

Beats Vs. Airpods – Which One is More Comfortable?

Beats Vs. Airpods – Which One is More Comfortable

Every buyer probably plans to wear these earbuds for a long time; comfort over the long run depends on how well they fit.

Instead of being a “one-size-fits-all” formula, the AirPods Pro offers a customizable fit, thanks to replaceable silicone tips. They come in three sizes, and once the headphones are on, you can utilize Apple’s built-in “Ear Tip Fit Test” to know which size is suitable for you.

The Powerbeats Wireless is perfect for exercising because they were designed with that objective. They are lightweight, have a discreetly thin profile, and remain fastened to your ears. No of the activity, integrated hooks maintain the buds’ optimum positioning. You can use them during basketball games and 5K runs without worrying about them coming out. After an hour of use, those with sensitive ears may become fatigued; the front cavity falls into the concha and causes considerable discomfort.

How to Control the Earbuds? Airpods Pro Vs. Beat Powerbeat Pro

How to Control the Earbuds Airpods Pro Vs. Beat Powerbeat Pro

A full range of controls, including physical buttons, are available with the Powerbeats Pro. The Beats logo is a button, and there is a volume control switch. With a touch, you may utilize it to answer calls and play/pause music. A triple tap reverses a track; a double tap advances it. You can even go forward and backward by hanging on to the final of these taps. The controls are duplicated on each earpiece, which is the best feature because it eliminates the need to remember which earbud performs what.

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is the main voice-control feature of the AirPods Pro. Force sensors have been added to both stems by Apple if you don’t like talking to yourself. To change between noise-canceling settings, skip tracks, pause music, and answer calls, squeeze the device. When jogging or cycling, though, it is found to be a little fussy. Additionally, there isn’t any physical volume button; instead, you must ask Siri for help or take your phone out of your pocket.

Airpods Pro Vs. Beat Powerbeat Pro – Connectivity

Airpods Pro Vs. Beat Powerbeat Pro - Connectivity

Unlike its rivals, Powerbeats Pro support version 5.0 and contain an H1 chip for easy connection with Apple products. They have a straightforward and rapid connection process even with Android devices, even if they don’t support NFC and can’t be associated with several devices at once.

The latency of the Powerbeats Pro is comparable to that of other Bluetooth headphones. Powerbeats might not be the best option for streaming video content because of their 183ms latency. Thus, you may face the issue of Powerbeats Pro Not Connecting. Your experience might be enhanced with an iOS device, though. So if you’re an Android lover looking for a pair of sports-oriented, genuinely wireless headphones, don’t consider these.

The Bluetooth connectivity on Apple’s Airpods Pro is excellent. You can easily pair Airpods Pro with other devices in your Apple ecosystem because of its H1 chip. They also have reasonably low latency on Android devices, though iOS has significantly lower latency, which is advantageous if you stream videos from your phone. However, because of significant PC latency, there might be lags between your audio and visual input. Nevertheless, different programs and gadgets handle latency differently, so your experience can differ.

Is Powerbeats Pro Noise Cancelling? Noise Cancellation and Other Features

Is Powerbeats Pro Noise Cancelling Noise Cancellation and Other Features

You might question, “Does Powerbeats Pro offer noise cancellation?” Active noise cancellation is the only standout feature that distinguishes the AirPods Pro from the Powerbeats Pro. How effective is it? It’s still debatable if it cancels noise better than the Beats Pro.

Apple created a noise-canceling system with two microphones: one for the outside to cope with ambient noise and the other for the interior to block any stray noise. The earplugs are remarkably effective at blocking adjacent conversations, boisterous TVs, and whirring taxis. Even though they are far away, they will minimize street drilling. Please don’t count on them to keep you calm as you pass through a building site.

In addition, the AirPods Pro offers a Transparency mode, which is new to the series. Enabling it expands the soundstage to let in background noise, which is essential for outdoor runners and cyclists who want to keep aware of their surroundings. It allows speakers to converse with the waiter at the coffee shop and hear train announcements without taking out the earbuds.

You can find more AirPods Pro tips if you delve deeper into the iOS settings. They can each be used separately for calls, audio playback, and active ANC mode on a single bud. You may use the Apple Watch to switch between listening modes directly. You can alter even the press speed and duration on the force sensor.

The Powerbeats Pro uses the same H1 chip as the AirPods Pro, making it possible to use features like 50% greater talk time, instantaneous connecting to iDevices, and hands-free “Hey Siri.” The two devices also support more recent iOS features, including Announce Messages, Audio Sharing, and Live listening. They all function as they should, but pairing the most refined Android phones with Apple earbuds is still challenging.

Noise isolation is one of the Powerbeats Pro’s lesser-known features. The buds seal the ear canal to prevent outside noise from entering the soundstage. Although it isn’t as good as noise cancellation, it is good enough so that you won’t be bothered in crowded places, notably the gym.

Beats Studio Buds Vs. Powerbeats Pro – Sound Quality

Beats Studio Buds Vs. Powerbeats Pro - Sound Quality

The audio quality of Apple’s AirPods Pro is noticeably superior to that of the regular AirPods. There is a lot of clearness and sparkle in the midrange, making the audio full and rich. However, you should turn off your noise-canceling headphones so you can hear them at their most rhythmic best. Regardless, the AirPods deliver excellent performance.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of the Powerbeats Pro. They provide a reasonable degree of information at an average level, but flaws become apparent when the volume increases. Even the bass, which has historically been Beats’ signature sound, lacks impact. Although the tonal profile is appropriate for streaming services with lesser video quality, we cannot disregard the general lack of dynamic range. Without a doubt, Apple’s AirPods Pro is the triumphant choice.

Call Quality And Digital Assistant

Call Quality And Digital Assistant

The area where Apple typically excels is in call quality. The AirPods Pro easily circles the bases while adding a layer of clarity with its noise-canceling microphones. Outdoor calls are audibly more explicit, and background noise is often kept to a minimum.

According to experts, Beats Airpods Pro is among the best calling headsets. The noise-canceling abilities of the beamforming microphones are excellent. It wasn’t a good idea to screen calls in crowded places like Rockefeller Center because I could hardly hear what people on Facebook video chat were saying. Communication was more difficult in the drafty environment.

The flawless operation of Siri has never changed, and it gets better with each new Apple product. The AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro still hold faithful to that. Using “Hey Siri” for hands-free voice activation on both devices is a delight. Apple’s virtual assistant responds quickly to all requests, whether reading your messages or bringing up a playlist on Apple Music. On the AirPods Pro, speech recognition is fantastic.

Battery Life – Which One Survives Longer?

Battery Life – Which One Survives Longer

The AirPods Pros boast a 5-6 hour battery life and an additional 19 hours of wireless charging. You may extend listening to five hours if you’re willing to turn off the noise-canceling technology. They fall far short of the Beat Airpods Pros, which advertise a nine-hour playback time. That amount increases to 24 hours of playback when the charging case is included.

Both earbuds have rapid charging, but Powerbeats Pros require a Lightning cable for charging because they don’t support Qi-based wireless charging. It’s depressing, but not enough to prevent Beats from winning the round. These devices support fast charging as well. With the help of Beats’ unique Fast Fuel technology, you may use the Powerbeats Pro for 4.5 hours after only 15 minutes of charging. The AirPods Pro can power the buds for an hour on a 5-minute charge, but it’s unclear whether they use the same technology.

Charging Case

Charging Case

The Powerbeats Pro charging case is a big, heavy sucker that will make your pockets feel constricted. This time, Apple made the AirPods Pro charging case broader and a bit more serious, but it is also the alternative that supports wireless charging and is more portable. The real shocker is that both of these charging cases provide 24 hours of power.

Beats VS Airpods Pro – Price

Both of these products are being offered for a pricey $250. That is equivalent to a set of high-end over-ear ANC headphones. Even though they are expensive, they are the top wireless earbuds for Apple fans. Your choice may be affected by petty details, but the essential question is whether you should listen actively or passively. Because of the adjustable fit and optional ANC, the AirPods Pro balances the two better.

Final Words

Should You Buy Apple’s Airpods Pro or Beats Powerbeat Pro?

Your needs will determine whether you choose the AirPods Pro or the Beats Powerbeats Pro. In certain regions, they do cost the same. It would likely be ideal to choose the Powerbeats Pro if you’re active and want a set of headphones that will work for the gym and your commute. The around-ear hook and tight nozzles help them fit better.

Furthermore, if you’re active and won’t have time to stop and charge unless you want to carry that bulky case around, the nine hours of battery life is also very enticing. Nevertheless, the AirPods Pro is required if you want the highest audio quality, the most advanced noise-canceling technology, and the Transparency mode.

What Pair of Headsets Do WE Recommend?

We admire Apple’s Airpods Pro because of its sound quality, extended battery life, and noise cancellation property. Spend money on the AirPods Pro if you want more value and overall performance. They occupy the truly wireless throne thanks to their enhanced ergonomic design, added functionality, and startlingly effective ANC.

Owners of the Airpods Pro will gain more advantages than casual workout enthusiasts. You’ll have access to many of the performance benefits of the Powerbeats Pro because they run on the same H1 chip.

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