7 Proven Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming

7 Proven Best Waterproof MP3 Players for Swimming

Swimming is entertaining, but sometimes it becomes boring and wearing, especially if you do it for hours. Music has the power to transform this. Music can keep you refreshed and going when your body begins to exhaust.

With a great Waterproof Mp3 Player, you may bring your music for your upcoming swim training, scuba diving, or other water excursions. You won’t need to worry about your mp3 player being wet or a few splashes.

There are countless options for underwater Cheap MP3 players, but not all are created equal; some are only water-resistant, while others are completely waterproof. They differ in features like sound quality, storage, and battery life.

What Factors to Look for While Purchasing an Ideal Waterproof MP3 Player for You?

When choosing the underwater and waterproof MP3 player to purchase, there are several crucial factors to consider. Spending a little extra on a high-quality player with all the capabilities you require that will stay longer in the water is preferable. Given are a few factors to consider while looking for a waterproof MP3 player.

Durability and Waterproofing Capability

Durability and Waterproofing Capability

Each type of waterproof MP3 player has a separate IPXX waterproof rating. The first “X” number in IP (Ingress Protection) represents liquid resistance (water), while the second “X” value represents stable resistance (dust/particles).

Always go for a waterproof player with an IPX8 or IPX7 grade if you’re looking for one for swimming. It is because those gadgets can be utilized in greater depths. For instance, an IPX7 waterproof certification widget can be immersed for 30 minutes in water up to three feet deep without leaking or damaging. Devices with an IPX8 waterproof rating are more resistant to submersion in water deeper than three feet.

Be mindful that waterproof and water-resistant do not mean the same thing. Water-resistant gadgets can only become wet and should not be immersed, whereas Waterproof MP3 Players can operate submerged without harm. Always get a waterproof device if you’re looking for one for training or swimming.

Sound Performance

Choosing a waterproof MP3 player requires consideration of several factors, including the device’s audio quality. When listening, you want to hear clearly in and out of the water without being distracted by the sound. The device’s and the earbuds’ acoustic technologies influence the sound quality.

Decent Fit

If you want your waterproof Best MP3 player to stay put while you swim, it must be fitted tightly. It might be simple to recover in a crystal-clear swimming pool, but if it falls off, it might be lost forever in a muddy lake or the ocean.

There are two types of gadgets: two-piece devices with separate headphones that hook or clip onto the straps of your swim cap or goggles and combined players with built-in headphones. It’s also crucial to pay attention to the headphone wire; for swimming, a short, untangled cord is preferable to prevent obstructions.


A waterproof MP3 player’s characteristics are also crucial when picking a suitable model. Consider factors including the player’s depth range, MP3 Player Bluetooth range, battery life, recharge time, supported audio formats, available storage capacity, and shuffle functionality. Spend a little more on a player of higher quality who will hold up better in the water.

Many types of waterproof and Underwater Audio MP3 players are available on the market. Some have headphones and separate players, while others are built into one unit. 

Why Should Not You Use Cell Phone While Swimming?

Why Should Not You Use Cell Phone While Swimming

This question is frequently asked these days, and it is undoubtedly because more and more phones are emerging with waterproof ratings like IPX68 and others. While this is excellent news for users, it does not imply that phones are water-resistant. Instead of considering how well the gadget will work when immersed underwater, this review contains the equipment’s protection in mind.

It will help if you consider protection more than a brief submersion. It is because most of the people broke their phones while they were swimming with them.

What Are the Ways to Care for My MP3 Player?

Although all types of MP3 players are durable and will function properly, you must keep one thing in mind; when you’ve completed swimming, grab your MP3 player and thoroughly rinse it in clean, fresh water before drying it off.

If you frequently swim in the ocean or even in chlorinated pools, this is exceptionally crucial. Electronics may develop a variety of issues over time as a result of pool chlorine or sea salt. After each swim, give your device a brief washing to extend its lifespan.

What Are The Best Waterproof Headphones You Can Use With Your Mp3 Player?

Discussing waterproof headphones on a separate topic is preferable. Due to the continual release of new headphones and earbuds, new waterproof and salt-safe headsets are available in the market. All the headphones and players on this list are compatible and durable to use in a pool or ocean.

List of Best MP3 Players 2021 for Swimming Underwater

1. Swimbuds SYRYN by Underwater Audio

1. Swimbuds SYRYN by Underwater Audio

Quick Overview

Type: MP3 Player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: n/a
Battery Life: 10h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV
Storage Space: 8GB
Features: Shuffling feature, clip-on design

With the SYRYN underwater mp3 player, you can get the perfect swim training. Thus, swim farther and improve your calmness in the water. It was designed to be productive and effective and is straightforward and appealing.

A great waterproof music player for swimming, the Swimbuds SYRYN has many features and great functionality. It includes a 0.5 Ounce tube of FitGoo so that you can have a watertight earpiece fit, Swimbuds waterproof short-cord headphones, and pre-swim hair defense.

The MP3 player can endure submersion up to 10 feet deep thanks to IPX8 waterproof construction. It implies that you can stay down for as long as you like before getting up to breathe.

With this player, you can work out past your physical limitations no matter how worn out you are because you will be able to listen to your favorite songs without interruption for more than 15 hours.

The player’s 8GB memory also allows you to store many of your music files. You can play around 2000 songs in the WMA or mp3 audio formats. You can also use Mac or Windows PCs with USB plug-and-play technology.

The three buttons that make it simple to control your audio are another fantastic feature that will make your water exercises more enjoyable and uninterrupted. It would be best if you got used to the color coding of the buttons.

Last but not least, the Swimbuds SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player has a remix feature and crisp, clear sound.  Additionally, you can use it on land.

2. Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet MP3 Player

2. Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet MP3 Player

Quick Overview

Type: MP3 player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: 3.5mm port
Battery Life: 7h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMA
Storage Space: 8GB or 16GB
Features: Streaming, 11 pairs of tips, Strava Support, Wired & Wireless Connection

The Delphin Waterproof MP3 player is the Best MP3 Player with Bluetooth to please most people. It is a multifunctional waterproof music player compatible with high-quality music tracks like FLAC, MP3, AAC, and WAV.

The Delphin device can be controlled via a touchscreen interface or five physical control buttons for use underwater. The only other thing worth mentioning is how confusing the controls are.

In addition to counting swim laps for you during practice sessions, the music player can also send data to the well-known sports software Strava.

Using Wi-Fi, you can connect the waterproof music player to Spotify or Pandora and save your playlist for listening while you’re not connected to the internet. The player also sends audio to your top Bluetooth headphones for listening while swimming.

Delphin Waterproof MP3 Player is available in 8GB or 16GB capacities and has fast charging along with a battery life of 6 hours.

3. FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction Mp3 Player

3. FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction Mp3 Player

Quick Overview

Type: Bone Conduction MP3 Player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: Proprietary USB Cable
Battery Life: 8h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, WMA
Storage Space: 4 GB
Features: Clip-on Design, physical control, Built-in MP3 Player

Your ears sound appreciably greater when wearing these headphones underwater. Thus, the sound quality is rather good for this sort of earbuds. Even submerged, you will receive a decently crisp and excellent listening experience. It is primarily due to bone conduction technology, which transmits sound waves through your bones instead of earbuds.

The casing is plastic and has an IPX8 waterproof rating, the highest rating. This MP3 Player has got you covered if the highest sound quality is what you’re looking for. It uses bone conduction technology, which transmits sound underwater with incredible clarity.

The player is a sleek two-piece integrated clip that you can clip onto the goggles straps to rest on your cheeks for a tight and comfortable fit.

You may dive with it up to 10 feet underwater, take a bathroom shower with them, or run in the rain because it is IPX8 waterproof. It can’t be utilized on the ground, though.

One thousand five hundred songs can be stored in the 4GB memory space. Thanks to the built-in control buttons, you will enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more simply and uninterruptedly.

It works with iTunes, and thanks to its 10-hour battery life, you may listen to MP3 and WMA audio files for extended periods.

The player has a USB magnetic dock that you may use to charge and transmit data. You avoid the hassle of problems with device recognition thanks to the strong magnetic connection. It can be connected to Windows and Mac computers.

4. Sony NWWS413BM Sports Wearable Mp3 Player

4. Sony NWWS413BM Sports Wearable Mp3 Player

Quick Overview

Type: Wireless in-ear headsets with MP3
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: Proprietary cable (quick charging)
Battery Life: 12h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA, Linear PCM
Storage Space: 4GB or 16GB
Features: Ambient Mode, NFC, Streaming

The Sony NWWS413BM Sports Wearable Mp3 Player’s earbuds are the coziest and most stable. This waterproof MP3 player was made for running, but it can also be used for swimming, and its ergonomic design ensures all-day comfort.

It’s nice that this MP3 player is wireless and hands-free. Thousands of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and other files can be stored on its inbuilt 4GB capacity. It just takes three minutes to charge the battery for an hour of playtime and has 15-hour battery life. The sweat- and dust-proof player also has an anti-motion control and is waterproof.

The Sony NWWS413BM Sports Wearable Mp3 Player has a USB charging docking station, an adjustable band for different head sizes, and both swimming and running headphones. It is a great all-around waterproof underwater MP3 player for an active outdoor lifestyle. The sound clarity and frequency response are suitable for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while swimming. However, listening through the built-in storage provides clearer audio.

Due to its IPX8 classification, this headset can be immersed up to 6 feet underwater. Therefore, it is suited for usage in that environment. Even in salt water, it functions. This MP3 player should serve you for a long time if you take excellent care.

They are kept in place by the headband’s attachment of earbuds. While swimming laps, the band hooks around the ears for comfort and support.

A Bluetooth receiver can also listen to music but won’t function underwater. There are two choices, each with 4GB or 16GB of memory storage and support for several audio formats.

5. AGPTEK Waterproof Music Player

5. AGPTEK Waterproof Music Player

Quick Overview

Type: MP3 Player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: Micro USB
Battery Life: 18h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, APE, OGG
Storage Space: 8GB
Features: Clip-on design feature, extension cable

Are you a swimmer, or are you constantly on the move? Alright? The finest waterproof MP3 player for swimming is one that will serve you well before you recharge because you won’t have time to charge your devices every other time fully.

Along with goggles, the MP3 player includes a pair of waterproof headphones with numerous earbud selections for a secure and snug fit. You wouldn’t notice it hooked on you while swimming because it is so tiny and light. You won’t have to worry about losing it while swimming once you secure its back clip to your goggles or headpiece.

If your battery is ultimately charged, the AGPTEK Waterproof MP3 Player gives you an incredible 18 to 22 hours of music time. On the same day, you can swim laps, run, and ride a bike while listening to your favorite music without needing to rest. Additionally, it just takes 1.5 hours to recharge after the battery runs out, allowing you to resume your activities.

The lengthy battery life benefits the ability to store multiple music files in the 8GB internal storage. Up to 2000 songs are available for you to listen to while driving, and the shuffling feature makes it simple. Some standard audio formats, including MP3, WAV, and WMA, are available for your music files.

The IPX8 waterproof technology the AGPTEK MP3 player uses allows you to swim up to 10 feet submerged. To confirm that you hear a beautiful, unaltered sound while swimming, you must wear a swim cap to keep water from entering the earbuds.

6. H2O Audio

6. H2O Audio

Quick Overview

Type: MP3 Player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: Cable
Battery Life: 10h
Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, and APE
Storage Space: 8GB
Features: Clipping Design, Streaming, Playlist Creation

The heartwarming music on the healthy H2O Audio mp3 player will keep you going. Thus, what precisely distinguishes it as one of the top waterproof players for lap swimming?

The player has a comfortable fit that makes it ideal for water use and comes with various earbud choices for the absolute best fit and maximum comfort. The player has a rotating built-in snap clip that you can attach to your jeans, swimsuit, or protective eyewear for a firm grip.

Additionally, it has a Bluetooth receiver with a 30-foot connection range that you can use to stream music from your phone. When swimming, you must only listen to the music stored in your internal memory because Bluetooth does not function underwater.

This player has an IPX8 waterproof rating, making it submersible up to 10 feet submerged so that you can purchase it confidently. So there is no need to be concerned about a small poolside splash or any other wet environment harming it.

With 8GB of storage capacity and 10 hours of playback time, lap swimming can be made to be enjoyed every other time. You can create a playlist with more than 2000 songs using the memory space. You will find some calming music already pre-loaded on the player when you purchase it.

The finest quality internal sound aspects that produce an excellent sound with a superior and enhanced bass are what give the H2O Audio mp3 player its premium sound quality. Since everyone enjoys the soothing sound of their favorite tunes, it has become one of the best waterproof players for lap swimming.

The player allows you to shuffle through all the music in your memory and supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, and APE audio formats.

7. Tayogo 8GB Underwater MP3 Player

7. Tayogo 8GB Underwater MP3 Player

Quick Overview

Type: MP3 Player
Water Resistance: IPX8
Charging: USB Cable
Battery Life: 8h
Supported Audio Formats:
Storage Space: 8GB
Features: Control Buttons, Clip-on feature

Anyone who enjoys listening to their favorite music while relaxing in a hot tub, shower, sauna, or swimming in hot springs will find this ideal companion. You can use this enjoyable MP3 player for many more things besides these.

The Tayogo 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player has a small, head-wearing design that provides you with a snug fit. There is no set head size, so you may customize the frame’s strength and flexibility to fit your head correctly.

A USB cord, a pair of strategically formed earplugs, and waterproof swimming headphones with various earbud options are included.

You may swim up to 10 feet deep in cold or hot water indoors or outdoors because it is IPX8 waterproof and heat resistant up to 600C. A 0.2-inch sound unit incorporated into the MP3 player creates the perfect bass tone while submerged in water.

You may download up to 2000 songs to a portable 8GB USB flash drive, which you can play for up to 6–8 hours underwater. Fortunately, the music is available for playback in several well-liked audio formats, including WMA, MP3, DRM, OGG, WAV, and AAC-LC.

According to the loudness, you can only recharge the battery for two hours after 6–8 hours of listening.

You won’t have trouble drifting around or engaging in any exercise because the mp3 player is so light. You’ll even forget you have them on. Additionally, it has control buttons that add to the thrilling experience of listening to music while swimming.


Swimming is an adventurous activity that can be further enhanced by playing soulful music. This purpose can only be achieved through a reliable pair of MP3 players. If you are worried about ‘Where to Get Best MP3 Player Near Me?’, this article is an excellent pick. While purchasing Waterproof players, you must keep their price, water resistance capability, and sound performance in mind.

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