How Do I Know If I’m Blocked on Snapchat?

At present, Snapchat being a great social media application, has become a craze in the internet users’ community. People tend to stay in touch with other Snapchat users by sending snaps frequently.

But have you ever encountered a state that restricts you from sending photos to a user, or does a particular user get disappear from your contact list?

Such a scenario is the most commonly found issue associated with the Snapchat app because the users are often unaware of its depths. In many cases, the users presume that they have been blocked on Snapchat by specific users.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

Despite the above-stated conditions or cases, still, no one can be assured about the exact issuing factor. Because for a while, if we only consider the case that a particular user has disappeared from your list, this doesn’t indicate that another user has blocked you since the Snapchat contacts often disappear when the users disable their accounts.

How to find someone on Snapchat?

Generally, you can effortlessly search for someone by using the Snapchat username search function, but the search function may not always give accurate results due to some reasons like there is a possibility that the other user has blocked you already.

If you have noticed a few uncommon things on your Snapchat app like you are unable to send snaps to a user or the user is not listed in your Snapchat contacts, or some extreme cases, the previous chats with that particular users have also get removed; it is not always the case that you have been blocked on Snapchat rather you might be unfriended or deleted by the other user.

In this article, we will reveal a few quite fascinating facts about the Snapchat app to demonstrate what happens when you block someone on Snapchat.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Snapchat?

How do I know if someone blocked me on Snapchat

How to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat? If you are curious about Snapchat blocking functionality, you can have two choices in this regard, either you can experiment on your own, using two different Snapchat accounts on other devices, or instantly get the right way by relying on the information stated here.

How to know if someone unadded you on Snapchat?

It isn’t tough to figure out when someone merely unfriends you on Snapchat because in such a case, you will see an option to add that user again to your Snapchat contact list.

In another case, if you are unable to send a snap to a Snapchat contact even the previous chat with that user has also get removed, then:

In the first place, you need to approach your mutual friends to ask them to send a snap or a general message to that particular user (Probably you might already be familiar with how to see mutual friends on Snapchat). If they are also unable to do so, the respective user has deleted his account.

Contrarily, if their messages or snaps get delivered successfully, that indicates you have been blocked or deleted by that Snapchat user.

If you don’t want to involve your mutual friends in this case, you can also perform this step by creating your own new Snapchat account. After creating a new Snapchat account, you just need to search that Snapchat username using the “search” or “Add friend” function.

You may also encounter a state where snaps or messages get delivered successfully to the other user even if he isn’t added to your friend list but remains unopened. This might hint that the other user is intentionally doing so because, actually, users need to tap to load snaps in the Snapchat app; he might be simply ignoring your sent snaps or messages.


How do you know someone blocked you on Snapchat? This is a pretty common question enquired by many Snapchat users. Therefore, we performed a few experiments to better elaborate on the facts and discover proven methods.

There are various ways to discover what happens in the Snapchat blocking feature and how it works. You need to create a new Snapchat account to do such experiments, or you can take the help of another Snapchat user in this regard.

From the newly created Snapchat account, it would be much easier to determine whether the other person has blocked you or he has just disabled his account.

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