The Best Software for Video Presentation

6 Best Software for Video Presentation

The presentation is one of the key factors in planning any successful business project. With it, you can successfully present your ideas to investors or your bosses. Find out about top software that will be very useful in your daily work with presentation.

Everyone knows that one of the most famous presentation programs is Microsoft Powerpoint. But, unfortunately, as you know, most companies have switched to a remote work format, so it is natural that a standard presentation at a face-to-face conference has ceased to be a reality.

In order for you to be able to represent your project qualitatively, you may need some alternative utilities. Here you will find out the best alternatives to PowerPoint and other free programs that will be useful to you, such as Zoom for your video chats during your presentation.

6 Software For a Quality Presentation: Top List in 2022

Unfortunately, in 2022, PowerPoint alone is not enough to create a quality presentation. To create a high-quality and memorable presentation, you will need additional or alternative software. For example, if you need to add your comments in video format and create a video presentation, you can use a webcam recorder, making it easy for you to do so.

Or, for example, if you need to add an animated video to your presentation, you can easily do it with the help of some free video editor. In any case, let’s finally find out what are the best programs for creating presentations in 2022.

1. Prezi


First on our list as an alternative, there is a Prezi program. When you first see this program, you can get really confused because its interface is radically different from what you saw earlier in PowerPoint.

The interface of this program is a bit similar to Figma, a program for creating website design and architecture. Here you will not see standard templates that everyone is used to using in their presentations. Here you can think over the slide structure from scratch using interactive elements and mindmaps.

What is most interesting, the program has both paid and free versions and is available for both iOS and Windows systems. Therefore, you can surely use this software as a great alternative.

2. Canva


If you are an aesthete at heart and it is very important for you to create harmonious presentations, then this task can be solved without the help of PowerPoint. Canvas is another interesting tool for creating presentations. With its hundred templates, designing a presentation becomes quickly and easy. Concerning the price of Canva’s services, it is very appealing.

There are free and paid tools, but as long as you are content with the charge-free instruments, you can use them at their maximum power. To create a presentation in Canva, you should simply use one of the business templates and edit it on the sidebar. You can share editing a presentation with your partner at the same time.

3. Vyond


This software is an excellent environment for working with video materials. With the help of this convenient and high-quality software, you can easily create animation inserts and can easily comment on the data that you will use in your presentation, of course, for this, you may need some workplace acoustics so that you can record your own comments for your presentation in good quality.

This application is slightly different from the ones you may have previously worked with. However, it will allow you to create your presentations on a completely different level and ensure that your boss will appreciate your creativity and unusual approach to this matter.

4. Slidedog


Presentation is not only about slides. It is also about videos, audio, graphics, and documents. And thanks to Slidedog, you can easily add all your videos and documents into one structured presentation.

In Slidedog, no library can provide the templates or stock images and videos. On this platform, you can combine any kind of media but be aware that sometimes it might cause delays when showing a presentation and switching from one media type to another.

You can download Slidedog for free and share it with your partners. There is a slight challenge when using this platform: it is available only on PC. But the features it offers are quite comprehensive to cover this challenge.

5. Google Slides

Google Slides

This software is part of a package from Google Works. What you might like about Google Slides is its simplicity and ease of use. Yes, this program may be very similar to PowerPoint, but nevertheless, it has some significant differences that make it more convenient.

One of these differences is the fact that all the work done with the presentation is saved in the cloud storage of your Google account, which is very convenient. And of course, this program is absolutely free so that you can use it in your daily work without unnecessary difficulties.

6. Visme


Did you know that there can be a platform that doesn’t have any restrictions in editing your project? If you’ve only used PowerPoint so far, you probably don’t know that there are more flexible platforms like Visme.

This is a user-friendly tool for making presentations with multiple media elements. Visme is full of hundreds of templates that can be enough to do a creative project. There is media content as well: images, icons, and fonts.

Together with creating the slides, you can also add different files in your presentation so that they look organic. You can operate Visme even if you don’t have any specific skills for designing. And the most appealing fact is that this platform is totally free! Isn’t it wonderful to have such a tool on your PC?


As you can see, the number of tools specializing in creating presentations is not limited to one PowerPoint for a long time. Now you can use various software to create memorable presentations, be sure that you will find what will suit you and allow you to create the best presentations of all this variety.

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