How to raid someone on Twitch

How To Raid Someone On Twitch

Before long, Twitch introduced a new function that allowed streamers to send their whole audience to the broadcast of another person. Because of this compassionate deed, Twitch streamers were able to raise awareness about up-and-coming streamers who may have been trying to break onto the Twitch scene previously. This particular function was dubbed ‘raiding’ by Twitch.

We must tell you that it’s very straightforward to learn how to raid on Twitch. It is as easy as using the rest of Twitch’s capabilities. We’ll walk you through the basics of raiding in the following guide.

So, without further ado, here we go!

What do you understand by Twitch switching?

Raids on Twitch allow streamers to host the content of another channel.

Twitch streamers have two choices when their stream concludes. The first option is to close the stream and say goodbye to his followers. In the second, you may take over another streamer’s channel and host their material, which will help spread the word among other live streamers as well.

As a new Twitch streamer, you depend on the help of more experienced ones to make it. Twitch, like any other social media site, is a callous place to establish a following. Then you may always raid a channel to attempt to increase their subscriber count.

Not only is this a kind gesture, but the channel you robbed will almost always return the favor.

How to raid on Twitch

As with other Twitch features, you may initiate a Twitch raid by easily utilizing the chatbox. This may also be done using the mobile or desktop app – it is not required to be done through the internet.

Step 1: Raid/Type the channel name in the chatbox of Twitch

That being stated, just write /Raid’ channel name’ into your chat window while you are live. Naturally, replace ‘Channel name’ with the channel name you wish to raid.

Step 2: Click on ‘Raid Now’

Once the raid command is entered in chat, a pop-up control box will display in the conversation. Select the ‘Raid Now’ option to initiate the raid immediately. Additionally, you can cancel the raid at this moment if you change your mind.

Without selecting an option, the raid will begin automatically after 80 seconds.

That is all. Once the raid begins, you will be responsible for hosting (displaying) that channel’s content. Any user who attempts to access your channel at this time will be routed to the raided channel.

Configuring Twitch raid settings

Twitch has provided a slew of tuning options for the raid settings of your channel. This enables you to control who is permitted to raid your channel, which is allowed to utilize the chat during a raid, and how dubious raiders are reported after the fact.

To adjust your channel’s raid settings, simply click the settings (gear) button in the chatbox and toggle the channel mode to ‘Followers-only chat’ — this will restrict chat to viewers who have actually subscribed to your stream. This is a really useful function, mainly if a channel invades your stream for malicious purposes.

Additionally, you’ll be able to report or prevent accounts from raiding you using these options. Click the ‘Review Recent Raids’ tab beneath the ‘Tasks’ portion of the options bar. After clicking, you’ll be able to ban or report past raiders.

Additionally, you may restrict Twitch raids to friends only. This needs some digging but is still relatively simple.

  • Select the ‘Creator Dashboard‘ menu item from the settings tab.
  • Navigate to Preferences>Channel settings from within the creator dashboard. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Raids’ and check the ‘Allow raids only from friends’ checkbox.

This will lock your account into a friends-only raid mode, preventing your stream from being accessed by external troll channels.


This concludes our concise introduction on how to raid on Twitch — a neat little tool that enables you to raise exposure for up-and-coming streamers who may be trying to break into the scene.

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