We all use Google Chrome, no matter how good it is, the giant browser shows different errors, some of them are self-explanatory, while others require fixes, especially the ones that appear when connecting to the requested site. 

In this walkthrough, we will discuss how to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Google Chrome.

Not sure what exactly ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is? 

Browsers, including Chrome, act as a bridge between a system and the web server, fetching the requested webpage. During this process, errors occur like ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. This error indicates that something interrupted the connection. 

It’s an error which usually occurs when a site you are trying to browse fails to establish a lasting connection with the destination site, keeping the fact that all other sites are working but some. Now there are several reasons which could cause this error to occur; therefore, there’s no one solution to this error.

Talking about my experience, I always found this error whenever I make changes in registry or any other network settings. Sometimes, it also happens without my knowledge, upon realizing I got to know that it usually occurred when third party programs, especially the firewalls, antivirus, and pc optimization ones, make changes to the system.

Generally, these are the basic first-hand aids, that sometimes, work; 

  • Check the internet, try restarting if possible by checking the cables and/or rebooting any routers, modems, or other network devices you are using. 
  • Refresh the webpage a couple of times.
  • Restart the Chrome 
  • Restarting the computer also sometimes
  • Check the proxy and the firewall
  • Run Windows Network Diagnostics

If neither works then continue read the; follow the given fixes, and yes, don’t forget to comment the one that worked for you.

WAIT!!! I don’t use Chrome… is THE CONNECTION WAS RESET is the same as ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error? 

Yes, in Chrome, this error usually comes with the 101 code, while on Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. the display message of this error is “The connection was reset,” indicating the same connection problem. 

The worst with this error is that, unlike HTTP error, you will never get to know whether the problem is caused by the server, the client, or the network.

Make Sure That The Website Is Working

Before we look at the more technical solutions, let’s get one of the easiest yet not so common reasons for the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET out of the way. This error most often results from a client-side error, but there is a slim chance that the reason behind the issue is the website you are trying to open. Therefore we suggest that you start by checking if the site is functioning for other people as well. This will help us identify whether the problem is with our system or at our end.

Checking the status of a website worldwide is very simple. You can use a website server checker tool online. Website Planet’s “Is It Down Right Now?” site offers the website server checking service for free. Plus, it is easy to use!

Just type the URL of the website you are trying to access into the search bar and press enter. That’s all you have to do to get immediate results about the status of the site’s server. If the website is down, you will have to wait for it to come back up. However, if the website you can’t open is yours, contact your web hosting provider and ask why it is down.

If the website is working fine, and only you can’t access it, try one of our solutions to the error until it is fixed.

How to fix the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error?

There are a number of solutions to try if refreshing the page or keep pressing the [F5] key doesn’t work, such as: 

Starting from the basic one…

Method 1 – Clear the browser cache

Our browser caches store passwords, cookies, downloads, and yes, the data from websites you’ve visited. So what happens is you visit a page and cache has saved the information, and then you re-browse the same site but showing the error, this means that the cache has lost some information and now, the contained information is not matching the current version of the website and so blocks the connection setup. 

To fix the error, simply clear the cache in a few steps; 

  • Go into the three dots at the top-right corner of the browser
  • Select more settings > Clear browsing data.

Or, simply copy/paste this link in the browser’s address bar – chrome://settings/.

Note: To clear the cache completely, make sure all the available categories are check-marked “All time” option is also selected, which you will see next to “Time range” before clicking on “CLEAR DATA”.

Method 2 – Disable the firewall, VPN, and antivirus programs temporarily

Real-time checks and filtering rules of system-protecting programs ensure that your system is protected from all sorts of unauthorized access and malicious hijacks at all times. 

However, to avoid ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error, you should block web applications, webpages or their IP addresses that don’t pose any danger to your system, since they can also be the cause of the error. Make sure you’re switching all the programs ON back, once your desired website started working properly. 

Also, you can uninstall all the programs and re-install; alternatively, if you know the necessary know-how, you can further get to know whether the IP address (of the website you’re trying to connect) can be sent to the blacklist of the responsible program, causing the webpage to delete the corresponding entry.

Method 3 – Tweak the proxy settings

One of the most common viewpoints is that the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error as since the proxy server has been defined in the internet settings, so this causes blocking of the connection setup. Thanks to plugins or add-ons that you have added to your browser. 

The simple solution is to inspect the proxy settings and deactivate it’a access if necessary. To do this…

  • Open the control panel  > Internet Options 

Can’t find the internet settings? 

Your category view is activated, switch it to the icon view and you will see. 

  • Anyway, now switch to the Connections tab and go to the LAN settings button.
  • Then, reach the menu and find current proxy settings under the category Proxy server. 
  • Uncheck the box Use a proxy server for your LAN and deactivate the server. 

Can’t uncheck, perform a malware check or contact your system administrator.

  • Once done, save the changes and click OK and access the desired website again.

Note: If your browser is using their own proxy settings, simply delete the corresponding extensions or switch off the proxy usage in the browser to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Method 4 – Check LAN Settings

The LAN settings offer some options to let the system use configuration script or set proxy server and automatic detection of network. Checking the LAN settings means…

  • Go to Settings or type the URL chrome://settings/ in Chrome address bar 
  • Now, click on the Advanced > System >Open proxy settings > Internet Properties (Windows 10)
  • Go to Connections >LAN settings and uncheck all the three options for 
    • Automatically detect settings, 
    • Automatic configuration script 
    • Proxy server.

If using macOS; 

  • Click Apple icon >System Preferences… > Network.
  • Choose the active connected Wi-Fi.
  • Then select click the lock to make changes.
  • Enter the administrator password and unlock network preferences.
  • Go to Advanced >Proxies tab.
  • Disable all proxy protocols and click the OK button to proceed.

After disabling proxy and other LAN settings, go to the Chrome browser and check if the webpage is ready to load or not.

Method 5 – Increase Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Size

Short of Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) – it’s the maximum size of the data transmission that your internet connection permits; at times, low MTU size also interrupt connection and show errors including net_connection_reset. 

So, to deal with it…

  • Press Win + X keys >Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type the command netsh interface ipv4 show subinterface >enter.
  • A list of networks will appear; find and note down the network (your active connection) for which you want to increase the MTU size. 
  • Type netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “LAN” mtu=1450 store=persistent and enter. Don’t forget to replace the LAN with the network from the given list.

To make the changes effective, restart your PC and then try opening the webpage again in Chrome.

Method 6. Reset TCP/IP Settings

Change in the IP address may also cause ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error. 

So, on Mac, 

  • Disable the proxies (method is given). 
  • Under TCP/IP tab >Renew DCHP Lease – this will release and renew your IP address.

On Windows 10, follow these steps and reset your network adapter, renew the IP address, and flush DNS:

  • Press Win + X > power user menu >Command Prompt (Admin). If not available go to Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Enter the following commands in the prompt
    • netsh winsock reset
    • netsh int ip reset
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • ipconfig /flushdns

Now, restart the PC and then check if the webpage can be loaded in Chrome.

I am sure any of these will work… till then happy browsing

Awaiting queries, questions, suggestions, and anything that will make all of us more chrome-friendly. 

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