How to Implement Loyalty Reward Points For Ecommerce Customers

How to Implement Loyalty Reward Points For Ecommerce Customers

Despite the pandemic and the economy slowing down, the e-commerce industry has thrived. Since physical stores have also started to move online, gaining customer loyalty has become a top priority for eCommerce businesses.

According to a study, 30% of buyers state that they trust brands they have bought previously from. The coronavirus outbreak has forced e-commerce businesses to realize that nurturing customer loyalty is critical.

In this article, we have covered five strategies through which you can drive woocommerce points and rewards through your website:

Five Actionable Strategies to Implement Loyalty Rewards Points

1- Offer Customized Content and Communication

Offer Customized Content and Communication

Sending personalized communications helps customers to relate the brands. Therefore, brands with successful engagements enjoy the luxury of a cult following. They consistently offer effective and relevant content regarding products that their customers buy.

Research by Oracle shows that customers are willing to spend a premium price to receive offers for customized services.

Over 50 percent of respondents revealed no issue with personal trading data like emails and names in exchange for customized content.

Keeping the above result in mind, you can recommend products to your customers based on their previous purchases and preferences. Also, you can utilize customers’ data to share blog posts, videos, and helpful tips with them. Relevant and personalized communication tends to outshine promotional campaigns and emails.

The major reason behind successful personalized communications is that the brand resonates with your customers, persuading them through “intent to buy.”

These customized messages establish connections with your customers through relevant, clear, and useful communications.

Apart from sending welcome emails, you should also send a follow-up message to customers after every transaction. Express your excitement and joy to customers by reposing trust in your brand. Through emails, Messenger, and SMS, you can boost your user engagement and overall revenue. Your personalized and active communication can turn your first customer into a repeat one.

2- Give Exclusive Rewards to Customers

Having a customer base that frequently visits your website and buys regularly is great news. However, how do you keep their interest and get them to buy from you again and again?

The answer is that giving rewards to those loyal customers from time to time is a subtle yet intelligent way to induce visitors to become fans of your brand.

This strategy is simple to implement right away. Make customers’ post-purchase experiences sweet by offering exclusive discount codes, add-on offers, or free shipping on their next purchase.

Depending on what kind of product you offer, you can provide special discounts every year to entice customers to increase the ratio of repeated purchases.

Some actionable and go-to strategies are:

  • Give a seamless mobile experience with blog posts, interactive videos, quiz contests, tips, and selfie contests. All these tactics can infuse excitement among your customers.
  • Ask customers to suggest colors, designs, or names for your product. Such types of strategies can make your customers feel inclusive.
  • Offer multiple membership statuses that will yield luring rewards for your customers.

Giving away loyalty rewards from time to time can create a buzz for your product and brand overall. Studies suggest that rewarding customers increases visits to a company’s website by 35%.

3- Launch a Customer Loyalty Program

Launch a Customer Loyalty Program

Through reward programs, you can invoke customer loyalty in the long run. If you have an eCommerce store on the WooCommerce website, there may be no better option than to implement a WooCommerce points and rewards system on your site.

Also, incentivize new visitors to revisit your e-commerce site by offering an enticing gift to keep them interested in your product and brand.

Different e-commerce stores roll out a loyalty reward point system. When a customer buys a product from the store, they earn reward points accumulated on their account. Customers can exhaust those points later for their future purchases.

Not every customer loyalty program has a sustained impact. They often lose momentum and become redundant over time. Therefore, continuous efforts are always needed to mobilize these reward programs. Incentives at regular intervals can help your customers keep participating in such programs.

It’s also possible to connect things that don’t have to do with the loyalty programme so that customers can get reward points in these ways:

  • Asking the reviews from customers.
  • Encouraging friends and family members to get memberships and special purchase discounts.
  • Offer loyalty rewards for milestones such as membership anniversaries or birthdays.

Boost engagement rate by offering them a valid reason to stay with your brand.

4- Post-Purchase Tactics to Improve Customer Experience

As per stats, acquiring new clients costs five times more than retaining existing ones. The chances of selling a product to an existing customer are 60–70%, while the chances of selling to a new lead are only 5–20%.

Therefore, you must develop efficient post-purchase tactics to improve customer experience and enhance revenue. Make efforts to avoid abandoning customers at the check-out.

Remove their concern by checking in with them. Also, assure them of updates through on-time order delivery. Illustrate your commitment through the following workable strategies:

Show Your Concern

The initial step in creating a post-purchase experience is to begin with a thank you and welcome an email within 24 hours of the purchase (order confirmation email).

Show customers that their interest in your brand is valuable to you. A few sincere words can go a long way towards a wonderful post-purchase experience and help customers nurture a long-term association.

Order Status Emails

Order status emails keep customers informed about the exact location of their order. Normally, these emails are shared with shipping partners too. Although these emails have a high open rate, their tone is transactional and sales. So, keep these emails friendly to drive repeat purchases

Buyers and customers like to know the various shipment transit points where their order will be delivered. The most critical order statuses that they love to be updated on are: Order dispatched, Order Confirmed, Order in transit, out for delivery, and delivered successfully.

When eCommerce businesses send out order or shipping status emails, they can help customers stay loyal by including things like:

  • Marketing of upcoming products
  • Upsell or cross-sell items with CTA like “frequently bought together.”
  • Subtly asking for reviews and referrals
  • Pitch for earning premium membership

Simplify Refunds and Returns

Make sure you minimize the post-purchase anxiety of your customers by informing them of your company’s refund and return policy. A black & white and transparent policy will help develop trust with your customers. Establish your genuineness with a clear return and refund policy.

5- Offer Flawless Customer Support

Offer Flawless Customer Support

As with traditional retailing, the growth and long-term viability of e-commerce businesses depend a lot on great customer service.

If there is an absence of an actionable plan for client service, it will probably translate into diminished brand loyalty and opportunities.

Here are some stats that amplify the significance of customer service:

  • Globally, 54% of consumers expect better customer service than they did a year ago.
  • Nearly 40% of US citizens believe that businesses have improved their focus on customer service in recent times.
  • Worldwide, 67 percent of consumers opined that overall customer service is enhancing.
  • Around 52% of people across the globe believe that organizations should act on customers’ feedback.

Client service is a continuously evolving process, along with improving consumer expectations. For enhanced customer service, you can try the following strategies:

  • Improve the response rates of inquiries and complaints.
  • Engage with customers via tools such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.
  • Deploy chat agents or bots to engage with real-time customers.
  • Empathetic and high-quality customer service will not only improve credibility but will also enhance brand loyalty.

Wrap Up

The growth of any e-commerce business can be sped up by well-planned post-purchase strategies.

By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can drive customer loyalty from your customers’ first visit to your website. Collecting and acting upon customers’ feedback and improving your product can also help to boost the customer experience.

It is important to understand that e-commerce customers want attention. Also, they want convenience and love to be part of something exciting.

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