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19 Best Torrent Sites For Safe Torrenting

If you are unable to afford premium services, then you can use Torrents as an alternative. The world of torrenting has a lot to offer, usually for no charge. Downloading torrents is free, easy, and accessible for everyone. Whether you are looking for premium software, a movie, new episodes of your favorite tv show, or an ebook, there is a good chance that you can find it as a free torrent.

The challenge, however, is finding the right place that has the files that you need, and unfortunately, Google isn’t much help in this department. But the good news is that there are many torrenting sites out there, some are good, and others are bad. So how do you know which torrent sites to trust and which to avoid?

This article has been written to help you identify the best Torrenting sites that are tried and tested to be safe and reliable.

Like most things online, torrenting has its advantages and disadvantages that you should know about before starting. While torrent downloads are a great way to get products and content without paying, the service is under a lot of scrutiny from authorities worldwide.

Why? Because torrenting violates copyright laws and can be a threat to users. Initially, Torrenting got a bad rep because cybercriminals used it to attract unsuspecting users with the promise of free files and then attacking them with hidden malware and viruses instead.

Furthermore, as we mentioned, free torrent files are mostly pirated content that infringes on copyright laws.

Governments and authorities take measures to ban torrenting and takedown torrent sites from preventing pirated unlawful content from being distributed. These legal actions also affect reputable P2P sites that offer safe downloads without charging their users. There is, of course, the issue of torrenting platform services also being unethical as they take away income from owners and the creators of the content.

Due to sudden shutdowns, people who depend on torrents for entertainment and other purposes end up looking for alternatives and constantly searching for safe, reliable, and functional torrent sites.

Hence, today’s article lists the best torrenting websites of 2021 that anyone in the world can use without paying a dime. We have also shared our easy guide for identifying good torrent sites.

What Features Are In A Good Torrent Site?

This is the topic that most guides overlook when making a list of the best torrent sites. A good torrent platform needs to do more than the fundamental function of working.

Some key elements make a torrenting website great. Here are some that we believe are the most important: 

  • Age (Resilience) Due to the nature of their practices and copyright laws, torrenting sites are targeted by the governments. If a torrent site has been around for a long time, it shows it has better resilience against legal takedowns.
  • Age (Reliability) – The length of a site’s existence also hints at its reliability. If a site has issues like malware and virus infestations, it is more likely to be abandoned. Nonetheless, it is essential to be vigilant and protect yourself from malpractice since it is common in the world of torrenting.
  •  Proxy/Mirror Links – A reliable and robust site will have some proxy or mirror links that are useful for users who live in countries where torrenting sites are geo-blocked. They also serve as an alternative if the government suddenly takes down the main site.
  • Size Of Library Size And Content Variety – a well-established torrent website will have an extensive library with a range of different types of files, including video content, software, text, and more. However, if you are looking for niche content, then a site specializing in that segment will be right for you.
  • Monthly Traffic – the amount of consistent traffic a torrent site receives is a crucial part of its success since more people over an extended period equals a more extensive library of content and higher quality.
  •  Number of Seeders – successful torrenting seeders play an essential part because they assist in sharing the content. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, for torrenting, a higher number of seeders is always better. Just remember that the number of seeders will vary from one torrent to another.
  •  Downloading Speed – Although the download speed varies from one torrent to another on the same site, it relies on the number of peers seeding the files. Nonetheless, some websites are slower than others, so speed does matter because you don’t want to be stuck with a downloading torrent for ages.
  • Security – crucial criteria for a quality torrenting site is security. A reliable site is vigilant about cleaning the platform from malicious files that threaten its user’s privacy and online security.
  •  Ads – the perfect torrent site wouldn’t have any pop-up ads or other advertisements, but unfortunately, that is not the case, as that is a way for platforms to make money. So, while it’s understandable that torrenting websites have ads, they shouldn’t drown users in intrusive ads. Moreover, ads can bog down the site and be a security threat if they contain malware or malicious script.
  • Instant Downloading – downloading a torrent on a good website doesn’t involve too many steps or complications. The process is quick, easy, and straightforward, so you can go back to enjoying the content.

19 Best Torrent Sites

  1. Piratebay
  2. Gnula
  3. ExtraTorrent
  4. RARBG
  5. Limetorrents
  6. Zooqle
  7. 1337X
  8. YTS.AM
  9. SeedPeer
  10. Torrentz2
  11. TorLock
  13. Mininova
  14. SkyTorrent
  15. EZTV
  16. BitSnoop
  17. TorrentReactor
  18. SumoTorrent
  19. H33t

1. Pirate Bay


If you know anything about torrents, then the chances are that you have already heard about Pirate Bay, the most popular torrent platform globally frequented by thousands every day. Pirate Bay offers one of the largest pools of torrents online with 75,000 plus new torrent file additions monthly, which is a fantastic feature that other sites cannot match.

There are many reasons why so many torrent seekers frequent Pirate Bay. Its simple and straightforward user interface enables people who are new to torrenting to start their journey without any trouble.

All the torrent files available on the site are organized into different categories that are further divided into subcategories. For a quick search, use the search bar tool that comes with useful filters to help you narrow down your results.

Unfortunately, many countries have blocked Pirate Bay; the easiest way around this issue is to use a VPN for safety and anonymity.

2. Gnula


If you seek Spanish torrents, Gnula is your best bet since it is one of the big players within the niche. You will be able to find what you need from its huge torrent library with over 80,000 Spanish and dubbed titles. This is a haven for Spanish movies and tv show lovers.

Although the user interface is decent, it can do with some improvements, including major decluttering and organizing, which will have a massive impact on the site’s navigation. It has all the features you may need to find what you desire, such as a search bar and categories, but specific changes are necessary to bring the site’s look and feel at par with the other leading platforms.

If you want to download torrents of the most recent and popular content, then the monthly, quarterly, and yearly categories are a big help. A word of advice: have an ad blocker ready to minimize the annoyance of the abundance of ads.

3. ExtraTorrent


Most Avid torrenters will give Extra Torrent a space within their top 5 torrenting sites, and it has made it on the third spot on our list as well, for good reasons. First of all, ExtraTorrent has an abundance of the content of all types, including Spanish tv-series and movies. The site also has a loyal user base that visits the site regularly.

Unfortunately, the website hit a major hurdle when it was closed down by the authorities due to legal issues in 2017. Miraculously, ExtraTorrent managed to make a comeback and reach its former glory. Since then, the platform has been doing well in avoiding takedowns.

The secret to their newfound success was changing to an entirely new domain name while maintaining the familiar user interface and vast database of torrent files of the other site. ExtraTorrent has been successful at beating its legacy.



Similar to the other top picks featured on your list of the very best Torrenting sites of 2021, RARBG is another prominent, popular and large platform that offers a unique mix of streaming on-site and free torrent downloads. The website enjoys support from its loyal users worldwide. Much like the other leading websites, RARBG has an extensive database of free-to-download files.

On the site, you have the choice to download movies, shows, music, ebooks, games, and software torrents, which other users of the service have provided. Therefore, RARBG feels like One big community of people with a similar purpose. Unfortunately, despite its tremendous popularity, its library of content pales compared to the other large platforms.

On the plus side, whatever is available on RARBG is of high quality and free of risks and threats, so the site is safe to use. However, we still recommend that you use a VPN for the protection of your privacy.

5. Limetorrents


In a sea of online torrenting sites, Limetorrents emerged as a newer yet reliable platform that continues to grow and evolve. There are plenty of good reasons why Limetorrents was able to make a name for itself within the torrenting sphere, where many other large websites already exist.

Limetorrents has a growing collection of movies, software, games, TV series, eBooks, music, and more for starters. It also has a fresh and zesty-looking user interface which is very appealing for the younger crowd. Many valuable features make torrenting beginner-friendly.

Another strength of the site is the fast download speeds. Unfortunately, there are some cons to using LimeTorrent. There are several torrents with poor health, which means they are basically useless. Furthermore, the site is prone to sudden disappearance and takedowns.

6. Zooqle


If some of the more popular sites on this list aren’t working for you, we suggest that you give Zooqle a try, especially if it’s free movies and tv series torrents you seek. There is something new and fresh to download on Zooqle thanks to the daily updates, in which new content is added, including new episodes of popular TV shows.

Compared to some of the biggest names in the torrent industry, Zooqle is relatively less popular, but that does not mean that it be overlooked as one of the most promising sites with a lot of
scope to turn into the best.

Its growing success is mainly due to the extensive library of healthy torrents and quick downloading speeds. Furthermore, the user experience of Zooqle is excellent because of the pleasant user interface and the low number of ads.

7. 1337X


1337X is another torrent site much loved for its enormous torrent collection that encompasses new and old popular movies, TV series, music, premium games, anime, apps, documentaries, and a lot more. The abundance of users and links ensures that high-quality, reliable torrents are always available.

1337X’s standout feature is its user-friendly interface that is modern and pleasant to use. The content organization system makes navigation easy, while helpful categories such as the “Trending” section are a treasure trove of the latest torrent you might not find elsewhere.

However, the ultimate strength of the 1337X platform is the wide range of verified torrents that you can fully trust. It is the ideal torrenting site for movie lovers since nearly 90% of the top torrents are popular.



With triple the popularity within 2020-2021, YTS.AM has emerged as one of the best torrent sites of current times. YTS.AM has developed a loyal fan base within the past year with its consistent follow of movie, anime, and TV show torrents.

Although YTS.AM doesn’t have as massive of a library as other top-rated free torrent sites; however, nearly all of the torrents on YTS.AM are healthy. You will also easily find HD, FHD, and even 4K torrents on YTS.AM.

YTS.AM is also popular for its modernized user interface packed with features to make torrent browsing and downloading a hassle-free task for beginners.

YTS.AM’s team is gradually increasing the number of torrents. We hope that YTS.AM will soon have a more extensive torrent library than the leading torrent sites.

9. SeedPeer


SeedPeer is widely known and recommended for its massive torrent library. With more than three million torrents, you never run out of torrent options with SeedPeer. Not only does SeedPeer have a fantastic collection of latest and classic movies and complete seasons of TV shows, but you will also find a massive range of eBooks, documentaries, music, games, software, and more on SeedPeer.

The best thing about SeedPeer’s torrent library is that it includes torrents from all over the world, especially Spain, so if you love Spanish content, then SeedPeer is the best torrent site for you.
SeedPeer is also a torrent search engine that connects you to other torrent sites and saves you the hassle of searching other torrent sites for your desired torrent.

SeedPeer has a user-friendly interface with smart filters and well-organized categories to help you find torrents quickly and easily. You can also use the SeedPeer search bar if you know the name of your torrent file.

The only con of SeedPeer is its downtime. Due to a massive torrent library, SeedPeer has previously been through short-term downtime episodes. We hope that SeedPeer doesn’t have to face another downtime episode in the future, and SeedPeer continues to provide us with the best range of torrents.

10. Torrentz2


If you want to find the best free torrent website, then Torrentz2 is an excellent option. Torrentz2 offers a massive torrent library with torrents from across the globe. Torrentz2 also has an enormous number of dubbed and subbed torrents.

We love Torrentz2’s simple user interface that allows you to locate your favorite torrents without any issues. Torrentz2’s accurate search bar provides easy access to all of your desired torrents.

Suppose you want to search torrents by categories or use filters to filter out torrents according to their genres, date, type, popularity, country, or language. In that case, that is where Torrentz2 loses the battle as it doesn’t have proper categorization or filters, making torrent browsing a hassle.

Team Torrentz2 would have to work on their website interface and improve the browsing experience to snatch the top position from torrent site leaders like Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and more.

11. TorLock


TorLock is another widely popular and trusted torrent site. Torrent lovers highly recommend it because TorLock is one of the few torrent sites that offer a massive range of verified torrents. With TorLock, you can download torrents without the fear of infecting your devices with malware.

TorLock is famous for its $1 guarantee, which means you will get $1 as a reward for spotting every unverified or fake torrent. This guarantee shows the TorLock team’s confidence in its torrent collection; therefore, torrent fans recommend TorLock without second thoughts.

Torrent websites with verified torrents usually have a collection with limited numbers of torrents. However, with TorLock, you get thousands of verified torrents for safe downloading, so you never run out of options. TorLock’s widespread popularity is why it is one of the few verified torrent websites with thousands of active users every day.


After the original Nyaa Torrent site was taken down in 2017, many Nyaa torrent mirror sites have emerged. is amongst the most watched and recommended torrent sites, primarily because of its incredibly vast anime torrent collection.

If there is an anime show available on the internet, you will likely find it on The team actively uploads the latest episodes of all anime series, thus has a massive fan following worldwide. The best thing about is that all of its content is available for free without registration. However, team highly encourages its fans to make accounts and share anime content for free to improve the anime content range and benefit the anime fan community. currently has the most extensive collection of old and new East Asian Japanese, Chinese, and Korean anime torrents. Unlike other anime torrent sites, has an enormous collection of full-length episodes of all popular anime series in HD and FHD. Another reason behind Nyaa’s worldwide popularity is the fact that almost all the famous anime cartoons come with English subtitles and dubbing.

True anime fans would probably know about and its widespread popularity. Unfortunately, is facing legal issues due to its illegally shared pirated anime content. We hope that continues to provide the latest anime torrents and other movie and TV show torrents to its fans and continues to lead the anime torrent sites.

13. Mininova


Mininova is amongst BitTorrent’s most popular torrent sites. Similar to Google, Mininova is a popularly used torrent search engine. With Mininova, you can easily find thousands and millions of torrents with a single click.

Mininova is one of the most user-friendly torrent directory sites with several features to make your torrent search fast and accurate. You can easily access an expansive collection of torrents with Mininova, including classic and latest movies, games, TV series, anime, music, documentaries, software, eBooks, and more. Most of the torrents are in HD quality with seamless sound.

Since most of the torrents available on Mininova are verified, torrents are fast and safe to download and install.

Mininova encourages its fans to post torrents on Mininova anonymously and helps the Mininova torrent community grow.

14. SkyTorrent


If you love torrenting, but avoid it due to privacy and safety issues, then SkyTorrent is the ideal torrent site for you. SkyTorrent provides a highly secure and private torrent experience. The website also does not bombard you with malware-infected ads, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally infecting your devices with malware.

The only con of SkyTorrent is the limited torrent collection. Even though SkyTorrent is one of the safest torrent sites, you would have to compromise on the torrent collection if you want to enjoy a safe and secure torrenting experience. If you are willing to make this compromise, then SkyTorrent will continue to impress you with its safe torrenting experience.

Talking about the user interface, SkyTorrent has designed the website interface for beginners, so it is packed with features that make torrenting convenient, safe, and quick for people who are new to torrenting. All-in-all, SkyTorrent provides an excellent torrenting experience making it the best secure torrent website.

15. EZTV


EZTV has developed a huge fan following worldwide within the past few years. EZTV is also amongst Alexa’s top 1000 websites. EZTV is amongst the top sites when it comes to torrent databases. The website has thousands of movie torrents for free and safe downloads.

Although registration is not necessary to enjoy torrenting via EZTV, managing torrents becomes easier if you have an account. You can easily save your favorite torrents in your account and download them later. This feature makes torrenting more convenient because you wouldn’t have to download all torrents at once.

EZTV’s website has a simple and easy-to-use interface with all essential features to make torrent search hassle-free. We love the “Countdown List” feature that keeps EZTV’s torrent fans updated with the latest uploads. This feature is excellent for anime and TV series fans because they never miss the newest episode uploads.

Talking about the torrent download speed, EZTV provides a lag-free and fast download speed. Overall, EZTV is an excellent torrent website, and we highly recommend it.

16. BitSnoop


BitSnoop is one of the most popular peer-to-peer torrent-sharing websites. Torrent fans highly recommend BitSnoop because of the safe and secure torrenting experience.

BitSnoop is a torrent search engine like Google, so with BitSnoop, you can access millions of torrents, including movies, tv shows, games, music, eBooks, anime, software, and more. The BitSnoop team actively updates the website to ensure fast and hassle-free torrent downloading.

BitSnoop has been through major downtime in the past for providing access to illegally shared content. BitSnoop’s website interface is not as impressive as other best torrent sites on this list. However, it has all the essential features to help you locate your torrent files easily and quickly.

The only cons of BitSnoop are the abundance of ads and unannounced downtime. If you can compromise on these cons, then BitSnoop proves to be the best torrent site.

17. TorrentReactor


TorrentReactor is the best platform for downloading unlimited numbers of legitimate torrents. TorrentReactor has a massive torrent library with thousands of movies, anime, tv shows, eBooks, music, and more.

Finding your desired torrents is a matter of a few seconds with TorrentReactor. The website features filters and a search bar for easy torrent search. If you want to know about the new and popular torrents, you can check TorrentReactor’s most popular and new releases categories for the latest updates.

TorrentReactor has thousands of visitors and new torrents each day. The best thing about TorrentReactor is that any torrent lover can share their torrents with TorrentReactor fans for free.

Keep in mind that similar to most other popular torrent sites, TorrentReactor has also faced a temporary ban in the past; so, it is still not available in some countries.

18. SumoTorrent

If you want the best safe torrent download site and are unwilling to compromise on the number of torrents, then SumoTorrents is your best bet. Trusted by BitTorrent, SumoTorrent promises risk-free torrent downloading, so you can download torrents without worrying about infecting your devices with malware.

SumoTorrent torrent download speed is also fast and hassle-free. It is famous for its green interface, which is somewhat similar to the all-time popular LimeTorrents. The website is neatly designed with a simple and clean-looking website interface. The best thing about SumoTorrent is that all the torrent files have ample information attached to them, so you don’t have to search for information on other websites.

SumoTorrent is known for its convenient torrenting because of its excellent range of features that makes torrent file searching, downloading, and installing a hassle-free task.

19. H33t


H33t is not as popular as several other torrent sites on this list. However, it offers a massive range of 100% verified torrents. No matter if you are searching for movies, TV series, eBooks, games, anime, software, or music, you will easily find an expansive range on H33t.

The best thing about H33t is its fast and lag-free download speed, making torrenting a hassle-free task. H33t also has a simple user interface with efficient features to make torrent browsing and downloading easy.

H33t actively updates the website with new torrents and regularly removes low-torrent quality links to maintain the website quality. All-in-all, H33t is a fantastic torrent site that deserves more recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content is available on torrent sites?

People who are new to the ever-expanding world of torrenting often ask this question – What type of content is available and downloadable from torrent sites?

Most beginners assume that torrent sites only illegally share copyrighted content, and downloading content from torrent websites would surely land them into trouble. However, that isn’t always the case because the torrent world is filled with legally shared content so that you can benefit from torrent sites legally without any guilt. 

Following are some popular categories on torrent websites:

  • Movies: There are thousands and millions of legally shared movies on torrent sites. Most of these movies are old and classics because sharing and downloading newly released movies (generally) come under copyright infringement. 
  • TV series and shows: Like movies, torrent websites have a gigantic collection of old tv series and reality shows. You can easily find complete series and shows with full-length HD episodes. 
  • Anime: Several torrent sites are famous and trusted worldwide for their ever-expanding collection of anime torrents.
  • Music: Torrent sites have a massive collection of music audios and videos by famous and new artists. Download old music only because downloading the latest music from torrent sites comes under copyright infringement. 
  • Software, apps, and games: Torrent sites are the best for downloading software, apps, and games. These websites have a massive collection of the latest and old apps, games, and software versions.
  • eBooks: If you are wary of the copyright requirements, torrent sites are an excellent source for all types of reading materials, including ebooks, magazines, courses, guides, and more.
  • Creative work: Torrent sites encourage new artists to share their work on torrent sites for free. These sites prove a fantastic platform for new and aspiring artists to share their work with a large audience. You can easily find a massive collection of legally shared music, short films, apps, eBook, short stories, and other creative content. 

Note: Some torrent sites have an abundance of adult films and anime. Parents should keep an eye on their underage children’s torrent activities. 

Is Torrenting Legal?

Most people are most concerned about whether or not torrenting is legal. 

Torrenting is not legal only if you are not downloading and redistributing copyrighted content. 

If you are involved in sharing or downloading copyrighted content, this comes under pirated content category. The copyright holder has all the rights to take action against you and the torrent site.


We hope that this torrent review will prove helpful, and you’ll be able to select the best torrent site and use torrent legally. It’s important to remember that you would need a torrent client with these websites like uTorrent or BitTorrent. Learn about the best torrent client here.

It is also vital to know that some torrent sites can infect your devices with malware. Therefore, you should always use trustable antivirus software to protect your devices. We also recommend you use a trustable VPN service that supports torrenting to protect your identity online.

We hope that with this list, you’ll access reliable torrent sites and download legal torrents only.

What’s your favorite torrent site? Please share it with Techlectual in the comments section.

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