How to Travel with Kids by Car

How to Travel with Kids by Car

Traveling with kids by car is an excellent opportunity to change the scenery and have new experiences. In any case, it will be unforgettable. It is worth preparing a car for a road trip to have the emotions be only positive. This article will tell you what you need to take with you, besides the child.

Is your kid ready?

Is your kid ready

First, you must check if your baby is ready for long car rides and distances. How does he react to sitting in a car seat for a long time or changing the picture? Does he get motion sickness and nausea? He cries and is naughty? If most of the mini-vacation goes wrong, you need to consider whether to postpone the idea of a road trip for another year. Because on a long trip there can be many times more problems.

Some of these difficulties could be solved with accurate preparations :

About a week before your vacation put the child in a car seat and practice driving at least two hours a day. Don’t run away from him to the front seat (unless you are the driver, of course), but sit next to him, take toys and coloring books, and keep the child occupied. A few days of this practice would help kids get ready for a long drive.

Is your car ready?

Is your car ready

When there are children in the car – safety is the priority. That’s why baby seats are an essential part of a car. Even If you travel by rented car, most rental services offer an additional car seat with two positions: sitting and half-laying (if the child is from six months to seven years); By the way, a rental car has advantages when traveling through rugged terrain, so you can choose a vehicle more comfortable for that terrain. Let’s say you decide to travel through the Emirates, you can always get an SUV for rent in Dubai or you can even rent a van, so your kid could feel more comfortable during travel.

Whichever car you pick to travel into comfortable traveling with a small child, you need to “modernize” the car a little. For this purpose will be useful:

  • A car seat with two positions
  • An organizer for children’s toys;
  • Pillow, bedding, and your baby’s favorite toy. It will be easier for him to fall asleep with familiar things in an unfamiliar place;
  • Curtains to blind the light;
  • Be sure to add children’s medicine to your first aid kit! Surely every parent has their own list, but for safety reasons, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.

Be sure to have air conditioning in your car, and maintain the same temperature in the cabin without overheating the baby. Suppose you see that the baby is wet from the heat. Wipe them off, let them dry, and cool the air, but not abruptly – sudden temperature changes often lead to colds.

Plan a route with the stops

Plan a route with the stops

If adults can spend all day on the road, it is difficult for children to sit in the car for more than six hours straight. Therefore, if the whole family travels, it should be with frequent breaks for rest and a change of activities.

With toddlers, you must stop every 2-4 hours for at least half an hour. Four-year-olds and older can go longer without stopping for 6-7 hours. If the trip is designed for several days, you need long stops and a full-fledged overnight stay. By the way, planning parking in cities with amusement parks, attractions interesting for children, water parks, etc., is beneficial. But do not chase the number of impressions because your goal is not to get tired but to have fun.

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