How to Fix Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working

How to Fix Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working

Are you facing the issue of the Vizio Remote sensor not working? A lot of people complain about their Vizio TV Remote malfunctioning. It is very troublesome when your Vizio TV Remote does not work because you cannot access several TV features like Wi-Fi, Netflix, and other TV apps. Why does this issue occur? How to fix Vizio Remote Control by carrying out simple steps? Let’s know in this article.

There could be multiple reasons for this frustrating issue and plenty of solutions you can try to fix this problem. This article provides complete guidance on improving your Vizio Smart Cast not working topic.

Why is My Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working?

Why is My Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working?

The following could be the reasons for your Vizio Smart TV Remote malfunctioning.

Faulty TV

If your TV is old or defective, you may face the issue of Vizio Remote Control not functioning.

Dirty Power Source

If the TV power source supplies low or fluctuating power to the signal receiving system, your Remote Control for Vizio TV won’t work.

Electronic Intrusion

It sometimes happens with many TVs. If any device or gadget is emitting radiations that are meddling in the IR radiation path of the remote, you may face this issue.

Power Drain Battery

If your remote’s battery or power source is worn-out, your Vizio Remote Control will not respond.

Blocked TV Sensor

This common issue occurs when the remote’s IR rays do not reach the TV signals receiving sensors.

Power Remains in TV or Remote

If there are some power residues in your Vizio TV or remote, it may block the path of IR Rays. Thus, these rays will not be able to reach the TV sensor, and hence, your Vizio TV won’t Turn On.

How to Fix Vizio remote Not Working?

How to Fix Vizio remote Not Working?

Before proceeding to the solutions, we would have to make sure whether our remote is emitting Infrared radiation or not. A simple camera test can detect the emission of rays. You can use either a simple camera or your mobile phone’s camera.

  • Turn on the camera on your mobile phone and point your remote control unit towards your mobile’s camera.
  • Now press any button from the remote and check whether it has produced any flashing on your mobile’s screen.
  • Check every remote button, especially the volume and power on/off buttons.
  • If all buttons are not working, it means your remote is faulty and worn out.
  • If some buttons are working and some are not, it means their IR rays emission is blocked. It may be due to a blocked path because of dirt or frequent use.
  • If all buttons are working, there is no issue with the remote control. You can proceed now with prospective steps.

How Do I Fix My Vizio Smart TV Remote Malfunctioning?

How Do I Fix My Vizio Smart TV Remote Malfunctioning?

Change Batteries

The quickest and easiest way of Vizio TV Troubleshooting is to replace the battery or power source of the remote. Weakened batteries always cause trouble and discomfort; hence, their removal is the only way to go. It is important to keep replacing the batteries of your remote occasionally to keep it working smoothly. It will refresh the IR signals smooth and refreshed and also keep your Vizio Universal Remote healthy. Many Vizio remotes are compatible with both two AA and two AAA batteries.

However, if the problem is still there, move towards the next step.

Power Cycle the Remote

If changing your remote battery did not work, a nice power cycle of your remote would solve this issue. The remains of power in the remote can be why Vizio Remote stops working. Power cycling can discharge all the power residues left when you are not using your Vizio remote. Moreover, it may fix all the errors regarding the configuration of the remote.

Step 1: Take out the battery from your remote
Step 2: Hold and press the remote’s power button, normally present at the top of the remote.
Step 3: Leave the power button after 5 seconds. It will remove all the power residue that remains inside the remote.
Step 4: Press every button at least once to release any stuck button.
Step 5: Now place the batteries back into your remote
Step 6: Check your remote by using it on your TV to determine whether it’s OK.

Power Cycle the TV

Sometimes the problem is not within the remote but the TV. Sometimes TV has stuck power due to your Vizio TV Not Turning On. Power cycling the TV should be given a try in this case. For this,

Step 1: Take out the TV plug from the power outlet.
Step 2: Hold and press the power button of the TV for at least 30 seconds. It will remove all the power residues stuck in your Vizio TV.
Step 3: Wait a minute, plug your switch in, and power the TV on again.
Step 4: Now check whether your TV remote is working.

Remove the Blockage to the TV Sensor

Your Vizio TV remote won’t function if the IR sensor of the TV is blocked. It will not receive IR signals from your remote and hence, will not work. IR sensor is usually present at either the left or right bottom of your Vizio TV. Even transparent things like a wrapped plastic chip can block the path of IR signals.

  • Determine the IR sensor’s location on your Vizio TV
  • Move aside everything present in front of your TV or LED
  • Clean the sensor’s location properly to ensure there isn’t any hindrance in the way of IR signals.
  • Now use your remote by pointing it to your TV’s IR sensor. Make sure to maintain a proper distance between TV and remote.
  • If the remote has started working, it implies that something was blocking its way.
  • However, try the next step if you still have an issue with your remote.

Reset the Remote to Wipe Out the Memory

Vizio Universal Remote Codes usually have an issue of stuck memory inside the remote. In such cases, resetting your remote to default is the only solution. However, this method does not apply to non-universal Vizio remotes. We will tell you How to Reset Vizio TV Remote.

Step 1: Press and hold the SETUP key at the left corner of the remote.
Step 2: Release the SETUP button when your remote’s LED light blinks twice.
Step 3: Press the reset code of your Vizio Remote. Usually, Vizio remote controls have code numbers 977 or 981. If your reset number is something else, consult your remote’s manual.
Step 4: When your remote’s LED light flashes twice, your remote has successfully cleared its memory. After reset, use your remote on the TV and check whether it is functioning.

Make Sure to Remove the Electronic Interference

Make Sure to Remove the Electronic Interference

We use different types of gadgets in our daily life that emit different radiations. These emissions can interfere with the IR signal of the TV remote, which is called Electronic interference.

  • Identify different devices placed in front of your Vizio TV. Either move them or switch them off.
  • Now check if your Vizio remote sensor is working.

Still, Having Issues? Use Vizio Remote App

If resetting your remote has not solved the problem, you can use certain apps that turn your mobile into a TV remote. It will temporarily help you turn on your TV and control its various features like volume.

The permanent solution to Vizio remote not working is to replace your remote with a new one. Sometimes, Vizio remotes have internal or external issues that don’t work properly. Thus, replacing your old remote with a new Vizio Replacement Remote or a universal remote is the best solution.


The Vizio remote holds excessive importance because it is used to navigate through different menus opening numerous applications. Sometimes, due to several reasons like IR signal blockage, power residues, or battery drainage, Vizio remotes stop working. The easy ways to fix them are to replace a battery, power cycle the remote and TV, and remove the obstruction in front of the TV IR sensor.

Most Vizio remotes only work with Vizio TVs. Try using another Vizio remote with your TV. If the remote functions, there’s no issue with the TV, so replace the remote. However, if the remote is not working, get your TV checked by a TV repair shop.

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