How to Fix: Samsung TV remote not working

How to Fix Samsung TV remote not working

In the world of electronic appliances, Samsung is incredibly matchless! Narrowing down the discussion, we can profoundly say that the popularity heights of Samsung smart TVs are invincible, given the magnificent features being offered by Samsung manufacturers.

A Samsung smart Tv always turns out much smarter than your guesstimate as it gives you the freedom to enjoy all the features a smart electronic device can offer with a requirement of a stable internet connection only.

You might already be aware that Samsung smart TVs come with a Samsung remote that is capable of controlling all the functioning of your smart Tv; you can control all your Tv activities and run the embedded applications readily by using an advanced functional Samsung Tv remote.

Samsung smart tv remote not working?

Being a Samsung smart Tv user, you might have come across a troubling case in operating your Samsung smart tv remote. If you are encountering a similar situation of Samsung remote not working, then calm down as you aren’t alone in this boat. This issue is quite common in Samsung Smart Tv users’ communities as we have found many reports stating Samsung Tv not responding to remote.

How to fix Samsung tv remote not working issue?

Are you tired of attempting to operate your Samsung tv remote accurately but still all in vain? Basically, this isn’t a complex issue to worry over. Here we have curated a compact list of the best possible fixes you can practice to bring your remote back to a working state. Follow all the stated instructions precisely to get the required result.

Note: Before moving on to the following fixing strategies, make sure that none of the remote buttons are stuck mistakenly, as this situation may also lead to remote malfunctioning. If it is so, press & release all the remote buttons as a quick fix.

Reset the remote & TV

The resetting is often considered as the first & foremost option when it comes to fixing a Tv remote. Because users usually use Tv for long without thinking the need to reset and this may trigger specific problems, and ultimately the remote may stop working, or the Tv might become unresponsive to the remote.

So, if you have been using your remote in a similar state, then essentially, you need to reset the Tv & remote. Here we have explained both resetting ways quite straightforwardly.

How to reset a Samsung remote & Tv

  • In the first place, disconnect the power supply from the Tv by simply unplugging it.
  • Remove the power batteries from your Samsung remote.
  • Then you need to wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Right after 60 seconds, plug back your Tv into the power socket and switch it on.
  • Now insert the batteries back in remote and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Stable internet connectivity

As you know, a strong & stable internet connection is an important requirement for a Samsung smart Tv to work correctly, so it is for the remote too. Therefore, if you are encountering any working issue with the Samsung Tv remote, firstly, you need to make sure you have a stable & smooth internet connection. To do so, you may even require to refresh your connection also. So:

  • At first, remove the connection between the TV, router & modem (Just unplug all devices).
  • Then you might need to wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Now, plug back all the devices you initially unplugged.

Use remote control app 

No doubt, the Samsung tv remote control app is a great utility as you can perform all the remote functions by using this app. Although this is not a way to fix the malfunctioning remote, but it can eliminate the need to use a remote for the time being.

Clean the remote 

It sounds a bit odd, but the fact that remote might be dusty, especially the IR sensor or the connecting cable (that connects to the board), and you might confront the issue in operating your Samsung remote consequently.

So, this fix is quite instant and costs you nothing as you simply need to clean out the remote and cable to remove the dust so that it can send & receive signals without any resistance.

Replace the remote batteries 

A remote can’t work without a sufficient power supply, and flat batteries are considered the primary power source. If your Samsung Tv remote is not working, it may indicate the damaged batteries as the most likely cause too.

Because the flat batteries you have in your remote might be out of juice, and ultimately, the remote stops working. So, in such as case, you need to make sure whether the remote batteries are functioning correctly or not; you can check the batteries by putting the same batteries in another device.

If the respective device also doesn’t work, that hints the batteries are actually creating the main trouble; therefore, then you need to replace the batteries with a new pair of flat batteries. Contrarily, if the targeted batteries work fine in another device, that means the problem is somewhere else.

Ensure proper remote pairing 

Though your remote is already paired with your Samsung Smart Tv, but you still can’t be sure of it as with the elapsing of time, the paring might encounter any glitch that can resist the remote to work correctly.

So, at this time, this glitch needs to be resolved in order to bring the remote back to a working state, and all this is possible by ensuring the proper remote pairing. If you are not familiar with how to pair Samsung remote, then the step given below will assist you in this regard.

  • Just press & hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons for 5 seconds. (This will make your Tv to get synchronized with the remote promptly)

Update the Smart Tv software 

Although you are encountering a problem with operating your remote, but that doesn’t confirm the issue actually with the remote. Because in a few cases, the issue may be with software too, the Tv software might be outdated. So, it is suggested to check your Samsung smart TV software updates. To do that:

  • Access your Tv “Settings” and choose the “All” option.
  • Then select the option “Software update.”
  • Now, choose the Network if available. (if no network is available, then you can skip this step)
  • To install the update here, select the option Yes/Ok.

Only the power button works in the Samsung Tv remote?

The remote can malfunction in variant ways, as all the above-stated fixing strategies are directed towards the entire malfunctioning problem of remote, but in other cases, the remote might malfunction, but its power button works fine. In such a scenario, the pairing issue is the expected one because usually, this sort of situation occurs if the remote gets unpaired from the Tv somehow.

Therefore, the relative problem can be addressed by the accurate pairing of remote & Samsung smart tv. The following steps clearly demonstrate how to pair Samsung remote with a smart Tv:

  • In the first place, switch off your Samsung smart tv.
  • Remove the power supply for about 15 seconds.
  • Then connect the Tv to the power supply again and switch it on.
  • Press & hold the Back & Play/Pause buttons of your remote for almost 10 seconds.
  • Soon you will see a message on your TV screen stating it is paring up with the remote.

Samsung remote replacement

Though all the fixes explained above are tested and quite effective, but if you don’t want to go through all these processes, you can simply go for a remote replacement option also (if there is no affordability issue).

Because sometimes the original remotes that come with the Samsung smart TVs may create such working issues so, in such a state, you can go for the alternate option of using a Samsung universal remote.

Samsung universal remote requires no introduction at all as many of you might already be familiar with how efficiently a universal remote manages to control the Tv and all other connected devices; you don’t even need to have a separate remote to operate each device if you have a Samsung universal remote.


Samsung Tv remote not working blinking red light instead? This issue is pretty common in Samsung smart Tv remotes. Many reasons might be involved in leading to such state such as the flat batteries might be damaged, or out of juice, the poor internet connection or there may be any pairing issue also.

Given this concern, we have elaborated on various ways you can practice in order to fix this issue in this entire discussion. If you are unsure of the exact troubling cause, then it is recommended to follow all the fixing strategies in sequential order.  

As a quick fix, ensure the internet connection stability and properly insert the working remote batteries in the first place. Then you can go for the pairing step and all other stated choices in this regard.

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