15 Top 123Movies Alternatives

Did your favorite streaming platform 123Movies disappear into thin air? Are you on the lookout for websites similar to 123Movies that are free and reliable? Thankfully, several sites allow you to stream content for free whenever you need it, and today we will be sharing a list of such places that are like 123Movies. 

We will be sharing our independent reviews of each website, so you can find the best alternative for 123Movies to indulge in movies and tv series episodes as much as your heart desires without paying a dime.

123Movies rose to popularity soon after its launch, and the reason behind its quick success was offering content for free on an easy-to-use platform, plus its library of free videos was huge. Unfortunately, it all abruptly stopped when the website had to shut down due to legal issues. The fact is that sites like 123Movies infringe on copyright laws and aren’t ethical or legal. A vast majority of the content on these websites is pirated and distributed without the permission of the copyright holders.

So why do people flock to websites like 123Movies even though they know it is not right? The simple reason is free entertainment. Free streaming sites give people access to popular, engaging, newly-launched content without charging any money. There is no hassle of subscription or sign-ups, and these sites are easy to use. They are also accessible; people can simply open the platform through an internet browser on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Unfortunately, sites like 123Movies have a considerable negative impact on the entertainment industry because almost all of the content is pirated or stolen. After all, it is sourced illegally without the permission of the copyright owners. 

Governments, law enforcement agencies, and ISPs are serious about stopping piracy, which is why websites similar to 123Movies suddenly stop working. As a result, users of free streaming services find themselves without a source of free entertainment.

But all is not lost because there are a bunch of fantastic 123Movies alternatives that provide the exact content and services. There are also a few legal and safe platforms, so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the law.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies came into existence around 2015-16 with the purpose of providing people around the world easy access to streaming services of movies and TV shows without charge. It allowed users to stream or download videos whenever they wanted from anywhere in the world without registering for an account or buying a subscription.

Within a few years, 123Movies has already become a popular streaming platform with a growing loyal worldwide user base. Unfortunately, the success story was stopped when the site was taken off the internet due to violations of copyright laws. The website was blocked off in many parts of the world, causing it to lose popularity, as its users could no longer access the service.

The entertainment-starved masses of the world flocked to 123Movies for its wide-ranging database of content, which included Tv series episodes, documentaries, and movies, available through third-party links that could be directly streamed on the site or downloaded. At the height of its popularity, 123Movies had thousands of monthly visitors. 

The reasons why people kept coming back for more on the 123Movies website were plenty: the free-to-use service, simple and user-friendly interface that beginners could also use, and a low number of intrusive ads that never seemed malicious. However, the most significant pull of 123Movies was its massive library of free content, which was regularly updated to include the latest shows and movies.

What Happened To 123Movies?

What Happened To 123Movies

The biggest issue with streaming websites like 123Movies is that they don’t purchase the content for distribution, so they are not allowed by law to provide copyrighted content for their benefit. These sites break the law when they distribute content that is someone else’s intellectual property.

In cooperation with law enforcement agencies and ISPs, the government’s crackdown on illegal streaming services to stop the unlawful distribution of copyrighted videos by blocking the website and cutting off users’ access to the service.

To avoid completely disappearing into obscurity, such websites try to continue providing the same services by creating mirror sites on other domains. A similar platform will pop up whenever the authorities block one domain, with names like 123Moviestv or 123MoviesApp, to mitigate the issue. However, ISPs are vigilant about taking down mirror sites as well. So, the users become confused trying to keep up with the ever-changing domains and locations.

Furthermore, mirror sites are largely considered unreliable, unsafe, and lacking in many ways.

15 Best 123Movies Alternatives

For many people around the world, 123Movies became a go-to platform for watching free shows and movies, including the latest releases. Now that the website is no longer accessible in most parts of the world, there are some worthy alternatives that are just as good as 123Movies. Following are our top 15 picks:

  1. Uwatchfree
  2. YesMovies
  3. FMovies
  4. LetMeWatchThis
  5. GoStream
  6. WatchMovieStream
  7. CMoviesHD
  8. 1Movies
  9. FlixTor
  10. SolarMovie
  11. Pubfilm
  12. Xmovies8
  13. Panda-Streaming
  14. Movie2k
  15. Zmovies

1. Uwatchfree


One of the most telling features of an excellent free streaming site is its library. A quality streaming platform is updated with new content in a timely manner. The people behind UWatchfree stay on their toes and bring new releases as soon as they are available so that you can expect daily updates of new episodes and films on UWatchfree.

In addition to fresh releases, you will also find thousands of classics and much-loved movies and tv series. But, in case you don’t see the movie or show you are looking for, the UWatchFree also takes requests for content.  

Even though you will be using all the UWatchFree services for free, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of video because most of the content is in FHD or HD video quality. Thanks to the video download feature, enjoy the best watching experience at home or on the go. You will also find a range of Bollywood movies on the website. Still, it isn’t the best collection of titles, and we believe this category needs some improvements in the form of adding the most popular Bollywood films. 

The user interface is modern and pleasant, and you won’t have any issues navigating or using the features, even if you are new to streaming. The library is nicely organized, and the content is divided into different categories. There is also a search bar on the homepage to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

The biggest issue with this site is the high number of ads that keep popping up as soon as you click anything. Closing the ads to get to the video is a hassle and ruins the user experience, which should be the site’s prime focus.

2. YesMovies


YesMovies and 123Movies share many similarities. One of them is their quick rise to popularity after their launch. YesMovies managed to quadruple its global user base in just a few years. The reason behind its success was its appeal to people from different parts of the world by offering a diverse range of content, including K-dramas, Bollywood movies, and Japanese anime. There is content for all ages on YesMovies.

Plus, the database is updated regularly to add newer and better content, so it is impossible to watch it all on YesMovies. We appreciate the simplicity of the user interface. It is beginner-friendly and focuses on keeping clutter to a minimum. To help you find the exact video you need, there is a powerful search bar with smart filters, making searching using keywords hassle-free and quick. But if you are in the mood for something new and unexpected, there is a YesMovies library, which is divided into different categories and sub-categories.

Small features like the dark theme option make the viewing experience better on the site. Furthermore, the YesMovies video player is fantastic, and the streaming speeds are decent. Unfortunately, the platform is plagued by the same problem as most other websites of this type – there are just too many ads. We believe that lowering the number of advertisements will make YesMovies one of the best free streaming platforms.

3. FMovies


Fmovies is one of the most recommended online movie streaming sites for various reasons. The top reason behind its widespread popularity is the massive range of content that is updated regularly with the latest and classic movies and TV shows.

Fmovies’ excellent website interface and online streaming experience is the primary reason that contributes to its worldwide popularity. The website has well-organized categories and smart features that make content search a breeze. For quicker results, you can use the efficient search bar. 

To improve your online streaming experience, all of the Fmovies’ content comes with multiple streaming links, so you can conveniently switch between the links to find the best one. You can also set the video resolution and playback speed according to your preference and internet speed. 

We love that Fmovies does not constantly bombard you with ads. Yes, there are a few ads now and then, but you will not be frustrated with advertisements at every step of the selection and streaming process. 

4. LetMeWatchThis


If 123Movies is down, we recommend you get your daily entertainment fix from LetMeWatchThis. The site is best known for its massive collection of free content for all ages. From movies to Tv shows and documentaries, there are tons of videos to watch without spending a dime. People from around the world visit Let Me Watch This daily to enjoy their favorite films or TV series episodes.

The website does not limit users on how much content they can watch for free. There is no requirement to register, sign-up, or buy subscriptions to stream or download from the site. Another strength of the platform is its impactful user interface, which has been kept simple for ease of use.

If you are looking for something specific to watch, don’t spend time looking it up in the LetMeWatchThis library. Instead, use the search bar available at the top of every page. But if you end up exploring the database, you will find the easy-to-navigate categories of genres very helpful. 

If you are open to suggestions for new things to watch, consider looking at the options provided in the featured movies, top-rated films, trending videos, and top IMDB suggestions. Here you will find the content that other people love.

5. GoStream


Many people and other websites are now recommending GoStream as a great free streaming site for watching content. This site has earned the seal of approval from so many individuals because of its impressive library of movies and complete TV show seasons and episodes. 

If you love watching classic movies and tv shows, then GoStream has them, too. The range of content on this website is truly impressive. The developers of GoStream have gone with a minimalistic design and user interface. It looks modern and appealing and does not overwhelm the senses. 

Plus, it has the benefit of being beginner-friendly. The addition of filters and features makes searching for videos simple and quick. There is no need to buy an account or register to stream on the site, and you can also download content for free. We found that most movies and shows were available in HD or FHD quality.

We must warn you that the majority of the content on GoStream is pirated. We recommend using a VPN service when using GoStream to protect your information.

6. WatchMovieStream


Why spend time mourning the loss of your favorite free streaming site 123Movies when you can be enjoying the latest movies and full-length episodes of the most wanted series on WatchMovieStream. The website is packed full of free content available for streaming and downloading. 

If you prefer watching stuff on your mobile, we recommend that you check out WatchMovieStream because it is a mobile browser-friendly site with an easy-to-use user interface. Furthermore, the option to download videos in your preferred quality means that you can watch previously downloaded content on the go on your smartphone. Plus, it is still accessible in most parts of the world, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular internationally.

Although WatchMovieStream is easily accessible, we still recommend that you use the protection of a VPN when using the website. Furthermore, an ad blocker can shield you from potentially dangerous but always annoying ads.

There is a lot of content to enjoy for free on the website, and newer stuff is added every week. The WatchMovieStream team is quick about adding newly released titles to the site, making the place perfect for movie lovers that want to watch the latest blockbusters.

As usual, we recommend using the helpful search bar to locate content quickly and easily. You can make use of the filters such as cast members’ names, ratings, date of release, and others.

7. CMoviesHD


Next on our list of the best alternatives for 123Movies is CMoviesHD. You might not have heard the name of this website before, but let us assure you that it is among the best online streaming sites with a lot of growth potential.

You will find a massive range of movies within its library, and most of the videos are HD quality. And best of all, you don’t have to subscribe, sign-up or register to enjoy all the content. It is also the platform to go to if you want to watch the latest movies in FHD quality. Have the best viewing experience in the comfort of your home. 

The CMoviesHD library of movies and TV shows is regularly updated with the most popular, fresh, and trending content from around the world, so there is plenty to watch. The design of the website is impressive, and it features several helpful tools and filters. Your search for videos will be accurate, quick, and easy.

CMoviesHD’s team encourages its users to participate in the growth and evolution of the platform. Features like movie requests and recommendations assist the team in expanding the site and improving the user experience. Just remember to use a VPN and ad blocker to be safe and protected.

8. 1Movies


1Movies is another excellent online streaming alternative to 123Movies. The website offers a massive range of movies and complete series seasons with full-length episodes for free online streaming. You can enjoy free online streaming for unlimited hours and download unlimited movies and series without registration or subscription. 

The simple and easy-to-use interface makes movie search and selection a hassle-free task. All the content is available in HD and FHD video resolution, plus all movies and TV series have basic information like show reviews, IMDb ratings, and more.

The website is regularly updated with new and popular movies and TV series episodes. So you can count on 1Movies to stream your favorite content as soon it is released. All-in-all 1Movies offers an expansive content library and an excellent streaming experience.  

9. FlixTor


If you want the best 123Movies alternative with a similar content range and features, FlixTor is the best option for you. The website is jam-packed with the latest, popular, and classic movies and TV shows from all over the world. 

The website is well managed and neatly organized, making content selection a breeze. You can conveniently find your desired content by going through the categories, filtering the content, and using the accurate search bar. FlixTor also has featured categories to make content search and selection easier and more fruitful. 

The streaming experience is also top-notch as FlixTor offers movies and TV series in multiple video resolutions and playback speeds. Like other streaming sites, FlixTor also has ads, so we recommend using a reliable ad blocker while streaming on FlixTor.

10. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is widely known for having one of the largest collections of movies and TV series from across the world. Whether searching for the best website for finding the latest movies and newly released episodes of popular series or searching for the most extensive collection of classic films and TV series, SolarMovie will not fail to impress you. 

Finding your content on SolarMovie is easy and fast, thanks to the site’s intelligent content categorization and filtration system. You can browse the range according to categories like genre, top-rated, release year, language, or recent updates.

 The website also has an efficient search bar that content range leads you to your desired content and content similar to what you are looking for within a couple of seconds only. You can also create a list of your favorite videos so you never run out of streaming options. 

The biggest con of SolarMovie is the constant flow of ads. No matter if you are browsing the website or streaming videos, you would have to close down many ads during the process. Other than ad disturbance, SolarMovie is the perfect alternative to 123Movies. 

11. Pubfilm


Pubfilms promises the best range of content, and it never fails to deliver it. Yes! If you want the best range of latest, popular, and classic movies from all genres, Pubfilm is hands down the best streaming site to find. 

Pubfilm has a massive range of Hollywood films and offers a vast collection of Bollywood, South Indian, Tamil, and other dubbed and subbed movies. All the movies on Pubfilm are available in HD and FHD video quality. You can stream and download unlimited movies for free without any signup or paid subscription. 

The website interface is perfect for beginners. The excellent categorization makes movie search a matter of a few minutes only. SolarMovie has a huge fan following worldwide due to its massive collection of HD-quality movies and TV shows. It also has an impressive website interface that helps you locate, stream and download your favorite movies and TV shows within a few seconds. 

Pubfilm’s only con is the constant bombardment of pop-up, on-screen, and click-on ads that sometimes ruin the online streaming experience. To improve your online streaming experience on Pubfilm, always use a trusted ad-blocker and enjoy endless hours of disturbance-free online streaming.

12. Xmovies8


If you want a website with an ever-expanding range of movies for free online streaming, Xmovies8 is the best 123Movies alternative. The team regularly updates the Xmovies8 website in all genres, including romance, action, comedy, adventure, horror, animation, mystery, and more. 

All the movies are available in HD and FHD video quality. If any film is available in cam quality, the team updates it to HD and FHD within a few days, so with Xmovies8, you always get an excellent movie streaming experience. All the videos play without lag and minimal to no buffering, which adds to the streaming experience.

Watch out for the advertisements; you would have to close multiple ads on every step of movie search, selection, and streaming, so go prepared with an effective ad blocker. Other than ad disturbance, Xmovies8 is an excellent 123Movies alternative for free streaming and downloading movies online. 

13. Panda-Streaming 

Panda Streaming

Panda-Streaming gives a tough competition to leading online streaming websites. With an excellent streaming experience and impressive content library, Panda-Streaming has become one of the most recommended free streaming websites. 

The ever-expanding content range of Panda-Streaming includes newly released, all-time popular, and classic movies and TV series from all popular genres. The website interface is smartly designed with well-organized categories and smart features that make it easier to locate your desired content. The reviews and ratings of each movie and tv make the selection easier.

We love that Panda-Streaming offers lag-free online streaming and a smooth download experience. Most movies and TV series on Panda-Streaming are available in HD and FHD video quality; you can even find some videos in 2k and 4k video resolution. You can conveniently pick the video resolution and playback speed according to your wish and internet speed.

Apart from the on and off ad disturbance, Panda-Streaming is one of the best 123Movies alternatives. 

14. Movie2k


Movie2k is another highly recommended 123Movies alternative. Movie2k is widely trusted by millions of streaming fans across the globe for its massive movie library. The website is jam-packed with the latest, popular, and classic movies from all genres in HD and FHD video quality. Another reason behind Movie2k’s popularity is free unlimited downloads.  

The team of Movie2k regularly updates the website with new content and features to improve the overall streaming experience of Movie2k fans. Due to Movie2k’s ever-expanding content range, their fans never leave the website disappointed, and they always have tons of latest and trending free options to choose from. 

Movie2k is an excellent alternative to 123Movies; however, be prepared to close down several pop-ups, click-on, and on-screen ads as you browse and stream on Movie2k.

15. Zmovies


Zmovies is the best platform to enjoy endless hours of free online movie streaming. The website has thousands of movies in HD and FHD video quality for free online streaming and downloading. The website offers a lag-free and fast online streaming experience. 

The website interface of Zmovies is impressive as it offers several features and filters that make movie selection and streaming easy for beginners.

If you want the best online streaming websites with an expansive content range, a smooth streaming and downloading experience, and a convenient content search experience, Zmovies is the best 123Movies alternative. 

The only con of Zmovies is the abundance of pop-up, on-screen, and click-on ads that sometimes ruin the movie search and streaming experience. Using Zmovies on a smartphone also becomes a huge challenge sometimes due to the abundance of ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 123Movies Safe?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this vital question clearly because of the nature of the services provided by 123Movies. The website itself may be well-intentioned, but free streaming platforms are a hotspot for intruders who use unlawful sites for malicious activities like infecting files and ads with malware.

You can put yourself at serious risk of online security and privacy breaches with a single click on an ad or video download link. There is a consensus among online security experts that people should steer clear of free streaming platforms because they are unsafe or protect themselves with a robust VPN and a reliable ad blocker.

Is 123Movies legal?

123Movies has served as a much-loved platform for movie lovers because it offers a wide range of copyrighted content for free, which people would otherwise pay to watch. Websites like 123Movies fall within a gray area of legality because the pirated content is not hosted on their servers. 

These websites merely serve as a bridge between content on other servers and their users. This also allows them to offer a massive collection of third-party links to users, which include Hollywood, Bollywood movies, as well as TV shows from all over the world.

Leading search engine services, like Google, consider websites similar to 123Movies as illegal, so they ban them, meaning they no longer show up when people search for them. Typically, the original domain names are banned. To overcome these hindrances and avoid legal takedowns, free streaming sites switch over to mirror sites using various other domain extensions, allowing them to come up when someone looks for the original website. 

We believe that 123Movies services are both illegal and unethical because they play a part in the distribution of pirated content.

What are the top features of 123Movies?

123Movies has sustained its position as one of the top 10 free online streaming sites. Following are the top features that make 123Movies a widely trusted and recommended choice for free online streaming fans:

  • An expansive library of movies and series from all over the world. 
  • Complete seasons with full-length episodes of all popular series and shows. 
  • The content is available in various video qualities, including 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 1080p FHD, and some content is even 2k and 4k video resolution.
  • Nearly all of the content is available with multiple streaming links. 
  • A limited number of ads, including pop-up, click-on, and on-screen ads. 
  • Free online streaming and free unlimited downloads without any registration or signup.
  • Excellent website interface with neatly organized categories, easy-to-use content filters, and an accurate search bar. 
  • Seamless online streaming experience with minimal to no buffering. 
  • Dark-themed website that adds to the online streaming experience.

Final Words

For 123Movies fans, finding the best alternative is no less than finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, we have 15 best 123Movies alternatives that offer a similar (if not better) online streaming and downloading experience.

Our 123Movies alternatives are jam-packed with newly released, trending, and all-time popular movies and series for free streaming without registration. The best thing about this 123Movies alternatives list is that you now have several online streaming platforms to switch between. You can always switch if you don’t find your desired content on one website! 

To make your online streaming and downloading experience safer and more enjoyable, we highly recommend you use a reliable VPN and ad blocker. 

We hope that with our list, you’ll be able to find several 123Movies alternatives for endless hours of free entertainment. 

Do you have any favorite 123Movies alternatives that we haven’t mentioned in our list? Please share it with us in the comments. Thanks! 

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