Whoer VPN Review

Technology advancement is an ongoing process for ages that is, in fact, turning into an essential requirement of the human race with elapsing of time; with these advancements, security threats are also emerging on a larger scale that is a matter of great concern, especially for the internet users.

It won’t be wrong to say that spammers & hackers are also advancing their attacking mechanisms simultaneously with the internetwork updates in every Walk of Technology. This is the primary factor that urges the users to switch to a VPN in this context. Therefore, virtual private networks are in great demand on such accounts nowadays. 

Whoer.net VPN

There is no end to the choices available for virtual private networks when we overview the online market. Various VPN vendors offer worldwide internet users’ best services considering users’ requisites.

Likewise, Whoer VPN based in Cyprus is a popular title that stands among the online VPN market remarkably, with more than 1 million active users across the globe. Of course, like numerous other VPN providers Whoer also encompasses the attributes and certain downsides. 

In this regard, this entire critical discussion will give you an unbiased review of the service quality of Whoer VPN with other associated factors. By the end of the debate, you will make an optimum VPN choice. 

Highlights of Whoer VPN Review

An unbiased review usually covers multiple perspectives of the respective service; therefore, this Whoer VPN review might take a few minutes for a thorough understanding, but here we are stating the salient features and drawbacks of this Whoer VPN in a quick overview so that you can get an instant perception, in case, if you don’t have enough time to go through this long and detailed discussion. 


  • VPN masking
  • Double VPN option
  • Secure anonymity services
  • No logs
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Robust privacy
  • Supports streaming
  • Supports torrenting
  • Military-level security
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Intuitive UI


  • Low data speed
  • Quite fewer features
  • Critically low torrenting speed
  • No built-in ad-blocker
  • Limited server locations
  • Limited devices allowed
  • Inefficient customer support team

Security: How secure is Whoer VPN?

Security is the foremost important factor associated with Internet usage, given the high cyber threats. That’s why probably all of the VPN service providers promise the highest security level over the internet. 

Whoer VPN is one of the best service providers found in the online market from the security perspective as it serves its users with unbeatable security features such as double VPN & Kill switch. Actually, Whoer net uses the 256 bits military-level encryption that guarantees the utmost security over a network. 

Double VPN

The Whoer VPN comes with a fantastic feature of double VPN; you simply need to activate this feature to enable the twice encryption on your internet connection. By activating the dual VPN option, Whoer will route traffic through two servers, but you will always have the choice to switch between single or double servers. 

Kill Switch

You might already be familiar with the kill switch that is a pretty efficient security feature being offered by some VPN providers. In case if your VPN connection is lost, it helps you basically retain your privacy by

disconnecting the device from the internet connection automatically until the VPN’s connection gets restored. 

Whoer is one of those VPN providers that support the kill switch, but it won’t be automatically activated; you will need to activate this embedded kill switch feature manually for the first time.

Server locations: How vast is the server network of Whoer VPN?

Whoer VPN being based in Cyprus country does not have a vast network of servers, as if we peek over the list of countries it covers, you won’t be happy to know that Whoer has its servers located in only 19 countries, i.e., Germany, France, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Netherland, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Hongkong, Poland, Thailand, and Turkey namely; however, no one knows the exact number of servers located in these States because this information is not disclosed by Whoer VPN providers yet. 

Contrarily, if we see the servers’ network of its competitors, such as CyberGhost or any other VPN, it is pretty surprising that all other VPN providers server locations encompass much more countries than Whoer VPN; for instance, CyberGhost VPN covers around about 88 countries with more than 6k active servers.

In the same fashion, ExpressVPN encompasses almost 160 servers located in 94 different states worldwide. So, we conclude that it isn’t a supporting factor for Whoer VPN because the high number of servers depicts a VPN service provider’s highest level of efficiency; therefore, Whoer VPN is not much efficient for having a low number of active servers. 

Content Accessibility: Can Whoer VPN unblock the restricted content of all states?

Generally, the virtual private networks are supposed to unblock the blocked websites or content of all regions, but this isn’t the case with Whoer VPN; it doesn’t allow its users to access the worldwide restricted content.

This factor might bother most users that Whoer VPN can’t unblock the restricted content of a state that is out of its servers’ coverage. For instance, you can’t unblock the HotStar India using Whoer VPN if it is blocked in your region because no Whoer server is located in India. However, the Whoer VPN can easily unblock the Netflix & BBC iPlayer, across the globe.

Speed test: How fast is the Whoer VPN?

When a user switches to a VPN service, the speed of internet connection drops or increases considerably; in most cases, the speed increases on a virtual private network with multiple servers because users generally have the choice to connect to a VPN server located at the nearest spot.

In the case of Whoer VPN, the connection speed often gets down because, as we have stated above, Whoer servers are located merely in 19 countries which is a low figure, of course. Suppose if you reside far away from the Whoer server location in such a case, you might observe a considerable drop in your connection speed.

Usually, it happens for 2 primary reasons; firstly, the signals get weaker when the route through a farther located Whoer server. Secondly, the encoding & decoding processes also adversely impact the speed. If you reside closer to a Whoer VPN server in a contrasting situation, it’ll offer you a good connection speed.

So, if you can’t compromise over the connection speed, then Whoer VPN is not a good choice; instead, you can go for the fastest VPN service provider like Express VPN that is available with 160 active servers located across the world.

Torrenting support: How is the torrenting experience with Whoer VPN?

Torrents are unsafe to download if you don’t use a VPN because torrenting is an illegal act that may put your device at risk; that’s why people often prefer a virtual private network for torrenting purposes.

Whoer is one of those VPN service providers that support torrenting; it allows unlimited P2P connections, but this feature is confined to the servers located in Ukraine, Netherlands, and Russia only. 

Although Whoer VPN supports torrenting, but it is not much efficient in this function, unlike other VPN options because if you are intended to download a large size file that is totally impossible through Whoer VPN, even the downloading of the smallest size files might take several hours, even though, with the Whoer IP is quite secure as all the processes are encrypted with 256-bits encryption technique.

Therefore, the Whoer VPN with extremely low torrenting speed offers an excellent torrenting experience. 

Note: As torrenting is illegal, even with or without a VPN, we totally condemn the torrenting processes. 

Data logging: Does Whoer VPN keep a log of users’ data?

When a user establishes a connection with an available virtual private network, all of its connection details and other personal information that ISP generally accesses becomes visible to VPN service providers also; similarly, Whoer VPN also collects specific users’ data which is highlighted in the following list. 

  • Email address
  • License key
  • Subscription date
  • Trial status
  • Operating system and app version
  • Payment details

Some VPN service providers may keep a log of your information to use for marketing & analysis purposes. Fortunately, Whoer VPN doesn’t keep any logs of the users’ data (usage & connection details).

Its privacy policy mentions that it keeps no records to offer a totally transparent and private browsing experience to its users. Although Whoer VPN uses third-party payment gateways, they might store your provided information as per their specific policies.

Cost: Is Whoer VPN paid or free to use?

Cost is an essential factor that most users consider while opting for a suitable VPN Service and always go for a VPN with the most optimum price figure per the offered features.

So, a good cost analysis should consider all other related features too. Whoer VPN is available in both free and paid versions. The good thing is that it doesn’t impose any data limit or keep logs in its free version, like other VPN service providers.

In the free version of Whoer VPN, you can enjoy all of its features for a trial period of 365 days, but you have to bear a limitation on server and connection speed because in free version it offers connection over only one server located in the Netherlands with a speed limit of 1 Mbps. In the paid version, Whoer VPN offers three subscription plans to its users, i.e., monthly, bi-annual, and annual. 

  • A monthly subscription plan costs around $9.90 per month
  • A bi-annual subscription plan costs around $6.50 per month
  • The annual subscription plan costs around $3.90 per month.

However, if Whoer VPN doesn’t satisfy you in a paid version even though you have tried its free version before, still, you can claim your money back as it offers a 30-days money-back guarantee in the paid version.

 Note: If you opt for a paid subscription plan of Whoer VPN, you can connect up to 5 different devices simultaneously in the same subscription.

Ad-blocking: Does Whoer VPN supports ad-blockers?

The online pop-up ads you encounter while browsing is often considered a threat to your device security. They may also disturb your whole browsing experience by adversely impacting the speed of a specific website.

To get rid of such bothering online advertisements, users may need to either download an antivirus program with ad-blocking capabilities or install a reliable ad-blocking extension for the specific browser.

This sort of annoying online ads also gets displayed even if you are connected to a virtual private network, so, given the privacy factor, it is indispensable to block such online ads; therefore, on account of this, various VPN service providers offer a built-in ad-blocking feature also, but unfortunately, this feature is not available in case of Whoernet VPN.

Still, you can meet your ad-blocking requirements by installing a third-party ad-blocker extension such as 1Blocker or Adblocker Plus, which are allowed to install in Whoer VPN; you can install any adblocker extension that is fully compatible with your browser.

In this respect, let’s look over the Whoer VPN competitors or other VPN service providers. We can see various other effective VPN choices with built-in ad-blocker features such as SurfShark VPN, TunnelBear VPN, NordVPN, etc.

Apps & browser extensions: Does Whoer VPN supports Apps & browser extensions?

The Whoer VPN allows its users to download the Whoer, net client app on its supported devices, i.e., mobile phone devices, Windows, Mac operating system & Linux desktops; even you can download and install its free extension on the three popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Therefore, we can say that Whoer VPN supports Apps & browser extensions.

The Whoer VPN extensions come with a very user-friendly interface; you can easily configure the connection by choosing the nearest located Whoer server; however, it doesn’t offer many customization options in the extension comparatively.

Support service? How efficient is the support service of Whoer VPN?

An effective customer support service is essential on online service providing platforms so that their consumers may get in touch conveniently with the company representatives when required.

When it comes to the customers support service of Whoer VPN, you won’t get satisfied with it at all because it doesn’t offer 24/7 support services to its consumers; instead, you can contact the support team during UTC + 3 (GMT + 3) 10: 00-18: 00.

Contrarily, a detailed competitors’ analysis depicts that most other VPN service providers offer full 24/7 customer support services to their users. For instance, if we consider the CyberGhost VPN for now, we can see that it also provides 24/7 customers support service in three languages, i.e., German, French, and English.

The Whoer VPN service provider gives their consumers two choices to contact its support team, you can either establish live chat, or you can send your queries or complaints at their provided email address; the support team may take some time in responding to your emails while live chat is a good option if you want to get your queries answered instantly because the CS representatives are continually active on live chat option during the mentioned hours.


Cross-platform compatibility is one of the most demanding VPN features because people often don’t prefer a VPN service compatible with a limited number of devices. Whoer.net VPN is a good choice in this respect as it claims to offer cross-platform compatibility.

Whoer VPN is fully compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices; you can easily install it on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, & iOS supported devices, and it works fine with Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers, even Whoer VPN can be installed on routers that support OpenVPN.

Still, this compatibility factor of Whoer VPN is not much influential because if we look over the competitor, i.e., CyberGhost VPN, that comes with much more compatibility than this one as you can install CyberGhost VPN even on Smart TVs (Android TV, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire TV, Firestick) in addition to routers, desktops and mobile devices (IOS & Android); you can definitely go for Cyberghost VPN service if you intend to install VPN on any Smart TV.

FAQs – Whoer VPN

Is Whoer VPN better than CyberGhost?

CyberGhost is another VPN service provider that can be referred to as a considerable competitor to Whoer VPN in terms of cost. However, we have explained many good features of Whoer VPN in this entire debate, all that doesn’t make it the best VPN choice in the online market.

We can’t see much cost difference among both Virtual private networks, but if we do a detailed analysis of the features offered by both options, it is pretty obvious that CyberGhost VPN is unbeatable in this perspective as it provides much more features than Whoer VPN.

Although the Whoer VPN came with a robust privacy and is considered a good pick for streaming, the lagging & buffering it may offer in streaming is a factor that can’t be compromised over. 

Moreover, the cross-platform compatibility & efficient customer support services CyberGhost VPN offers also gives it a supporting edge. Therefore, this quick analysis clearly states that Whoer VPN is not better than CyberGhost in any way.

What can be the potential drawbacks of Whoer VPN?

If we compare the offered features with the cost of Whoer VPN, it isn’t much cost-effective as it lacks many features. The streaming & torrenting feature is good but of no use with such a low level of speed. In terms of device compatibility & allowed devices in paid version, we don’t see it as a good pick as you can only connect 5 devices in paid version too.

All of these factors are explained in the above discussion quite comprehensively; moreover, the Customer Support service is also unsatisfactory as we have described earlier it doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support service.

Why does techlectual recommend Whoer VPN?

Apart from the critical perspectives, Whoer VPN is a good choice for beginners that more concerned about the security & privacy factor because Whoer VPN offers the highest level of security & anonymity service over your internet connection by using advanced security features such as a Kill switch, double VPN, VPN masking, etc., in a pretty affordable price.

The other good factor is that you can enjoy all of its premium features free of cost at a trial period of 365 days; after that, you can go for an affordable paid subscription plan with a 30-days money-back guarantee. You can find it suitable in terms of streaming also as it can easily bypass the geo-restrictions imposed on the Netflix platform.

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