Top 21 SockShare Alternatives

Most of us no longer rely on cable television for our entertainment because we have now moved on to using the internet to quench our thirst for new content. Thanks to premium and free streaming services, we have an abundance of new and entertaining things to watch whenever we want. One of the free streaming sites frequented by many for movies and TV shows is SockShare, which offers a sizable library of content without costing any money.

Unfortunately, SockShare is no longer accessible in various parts of the world, but there are other ways of watching movies online free – SockShare alternatives. You will be surprised at how many sites offer the same user experience as SockShare; some are even better.

Millions of people regularly use sites similar to SockShare for streaming free-content to viewers. However, SockShare, in particular, was popular because of its advanced search tool that provided third-party links to your desired content. Sadly, its popularity also attracted the attention of the authorities that eventually took it down or blocked it, which is why many people can no longer open the site.

Why Was SockShare Taken Down?

The biggest weak point of streaming sites like SockShare is that nearly all of the content available through their site is pirated, which is why they are under the radar of governments and legal authorities. Usually, websites like SockShare are blocked by ISPs or taken down suddenly due to legal action taken against them for breaking the law and unlawfully distributing copyrighted material.

The people behind the original SockShare website had to close down the site to avoid a complete shutdown, which means that their loyal users were stranded and could no longer watch new episodes of tv shows and latest released films.

Thankfully, the simplest way of avoiding any inconveniences caused by the sudden disappearance of your beloved streaming site is to switch over to a working alternative platform that we have shared in this article.
Is SockShare Safe?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the full assurance that SockShare is entirely safe, primarily due to the nature of its services. Sites that aren’t completely legal are typically a hotbed for intruders who infect the website with malicious content. One wrong click on an ad or a seemingly innocent link can expose you to malware infecting your system and threatening your privacy.

Online Security experts strongly advise people to steer clear of free streaming sites or use a reliable VPN service and an ad-blocker if they still choose to use these services.

Is SockShare legal?

Typically, websites like SockShare offer an enormous library of millions of links to stream copyrighted videos online for free. Even though none of the videos are hosted directly on the website’s server, they act as a bridge between users and websites that host the content.

The leading free streaming platforms like SockShare have a massive range of third-party links ranging from Anime, Hollywood, K-drama, and Bollywood films to TV series. However, their services infringe on copyright laws.

To curb the illegal distribution of copyrighted content, leading search engines, including Bing and Google, ban the original SockShare domain. Unfortunately, that is not enough since these websites can sidestep this issue and avoid legal repercussions by continuing their service through mirror sites on different domain extensions that show up during searches.

In conclusion, Sock Share’s service is illegal as well as unethical since all the content is distributed with the permission of its owners and creators.
After getting the matter of legalities out of the way, let’s take a look at a few worthy Sock Share alternatives that also offer a huge database of music, movies, tv shows, and a lot more.

Top 21 SockShare Alternatives in 2021

Check out the short reviews of the top 21 websites like SockShare, which offer free access to the latest content in fantastic video quality and user experience.

  1. Bmovies
  2. Flixtor
  3. YifyTV
  4. 123Movies
  5. GoStream Site
  6. FMovies
  7. AZ Movies
  8. iSubsMovies
  9. ZMovies
  10. Vumoo
  11. MoviesPrime
  12. xMovies8
  13. Tiny Zone
  14. Movie 25
  15. Cineb.net
  16. Subtitles
  17. Popcorn Time
  18. Lunch Flix
  19. Watch TV Series
  20. Cinecalidad
  21. 7starhd

1. Bmovies

Bmovies is one of the best SockShare alternatives for its massive content library and simple-to-use website. Bmovies will spoil you with choices because its content library has thousands of latest, classic, and all-time popular movies and TV shows.

You will not only find movies and full-length episodes of TV series on Bmovies, but it also offers a massive collection of movies and TV series in other languages with English subtitles and dubbing.

We also love the website interface of Bmovies because it is not only easy-to-use but also jam-packed with filters, features, and well-organized categories that make content search a hassle-free, enjoyable task.

Like other popular free movie streaming sites, Bmovies also has a huge number of pop-up and click-on ads that ruin both streaming and website browsing experience. Bmovies scores top marks in all other categories other than the ad disturbance, making it the best SockShare alternative.

2. Flixtor

If you miss SockShare and are looking for an alternative that provides a similar streaming experience and content range as SockShare, then try Flixtor. No matter if you are looking for the widest range of forever loved classic movies and series or you want to enjoy the latest films and full-length episodes of trending series, you will find tons of options for free.

Most of the streaming content on flex store is available in HD and even 4K video quality. The videos do not buffer for too long, so you always get a fast and seamless streaming experience.

The website interface is well laid out with clutter-free, well-organized categories that allow you to find movies and TV shows within no time. You can use smart content filters or the accurate search bar to get results within seconds for a faster content search.

All-in-all, Flixtor is one of the best streaming sites of current times and an excellent SockShare alternative.

3. YifyTV

YifyTV is one of the most popular and widely recommended streaming websites of current times. The massive content library is one of the top reasons behind YifyTV’s widespread popularity.

Online streaming fans highly recommend YifyTV for the latest, trending, all-time popular, and classic movies and TV series episodes. We love the fact that YifyTV does not only have movies in HD and FHD video quality, but you can also find complete seasons of full-length episodes of popular TV shows in 720p, 1080p, and even 4k. YifyTV’s team regularly updates the website with new content and better video qualities of previously uploaded content, so you always have easy access to the best quality content with YifyTV.

To top it all, the videos stream quickly without any lag or buffering.
What we absolutely love about YifyTV is the significantly lesser number of ads as compared to other free online streaming websites. The website does have some on-screen ads; however, you will not be constantly bombarded with ads. We give top marks to YifyTV for its limited number of ads and excellent website browsing and streaming experience.

4. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the best and most recommended movie streaming sites of all time. You will easily find all of the top trending, all-time popular, latest, and classic movies and TV shows on 123Movies. The massive content range and the user-friendly website interface is the biggest strength of 123Movies.

What makes the streaming experience more pleasurable is the dark-themed website interface and the limited number of ad disturbances while browsing, streaming, and downloading.

123movies has a huge fan following across the world, with thousands of fans sharing movie links to their friends and family every day. The website is updated regularly with the latest and trending content so that its fans never run out of streaming options.

The team of 123Movies also takes requests, so if you don’t find your favorite content on the website. The team usually uploads your requested content within a day or two or shares its link ok with you. 123Movies is an overall excellent SockShare alternative with the best content range and movie streaming experience.

5. GoStream Site

GoStream Site is another excellent alternative to SockShare with thousands of fans across the globe. GoStream Site has a massive collection of movies and TV series from all popular genres, including action, animation, romance, comedy, adventure, thriller, horror, fantasy, and many more.

One of the biggest reasons behind the GoStream Site’s popularity is the abundance of movies and TV series in other popular languages, including Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. You’ll also find a massive range of English subbed and dubbed content. The diversity of the content makes GoStream Site one of the most popular streaming sites of recent times.

We love the simple and easy-to-use website interface that allows you to browse and select your favorite content without any hassle. All-in-all GoStream Site ticks all the boxes, making it a perfect SockShare alternative.

6. FMovies

If you know anything about streaming movies online for free, you would know that Fmovies is an oldie but a goodie. It’s an excellent alternative for SockShare for several good reasons, such as the sheer volume of titles on the website, including anime and Bollywood. Moreover, their links database is constantly expanding as new films and tv shows episodes get released.

There are no registration requirements or payment to enjoy the content; you can watch and download videos as much as you want in top video quality. And if by chance, the movie or episode you want to stream isn’t available on the site, there is a section to request titles.

With moderate ads and incredible video loading speeds, FMovies is the best streaming platform of all time.

7. AZ Movies

An expansive library of movies and tv show titles, including all alphabets A to Z, gives this website its name. It seems they have made good on their claim because you can find any title you need, including old classics and new popular releases.

We like that the site developers have kept things simple and streamlined in terms of design and user interface, making it easy for people new to streaming to navigate the platform. Everything is free, and you don’t need an account or a subscription to stream.

8. iSubsMovies

If you are a true movie fan and you are looking for the best website with the biggest movie collection in English and other popular languages, then iSubMovies is your best bet. iSubMovies classic, latest, and trending movies with subtitles in Portuguese, German, Chinese, Spanish and other languages.

Although we have seen several downtime episodes of iSubMovies in the past due to copyright issues; however, it has successfully bounced back, and it is currently up and running. Apart from its HD and FHD movies and TV series collection, iSubMovies is famous for its fantastic website browsing and streaming experience.

You can stream on iSubMovies for free without any registration or sign-up. For an excellent streaming experience and massive content library, SockShare fans highly recommend iSubMovies, and so do we.

9. ZMovies

ZMovies is another top recommended alternative to SockShare. ZMovies is famous for its easy-to-navigate website and its impressively vast collection of movies and TV shows. ZMovies offers a generous collection of films and TV series from all popular genres, including action, animation, adventure, romance, horror, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, and more.

Apart from its extensive content collection, the best thing about ZMovies is its perfectly organized website that allows you to browse, locate and select your favorite without wasting any time. The website also has smart filters and an accurate search bar that leads you to your desired content within a couple of seconds. Another reason why we love ZMovies is the fact that most of the content on the website is available in HD, FHD, and even 4K video quality.

Our only complaint is the constant bombardment of ads. No matter if you are browsing the website or streaming your content, you have to close multiple pop-ups, on-screen, and click-on advertisements every step of the way and during online streaming. We hope ZMovies reduces the number of ads in the future to improve the website browsing and online streaming experience.

10. Vumoo

Vumoo is a popular streaming site that has a massive fan following worldwide. Vumoo has consistently established its top position, offering classic, latest, trending, top-rated movies with subtitles and dubbing. You will also find complete seasons of full-length episodes of new and all-time popular TV series.

The best thing about Vumoo is that the website is easy to use, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to browse and stream your favorite content on Vumoo. Apart from worldwide popular English content, it also has an enormous collection of content in other languages including, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and more. You can also find a massive collection of individual videos and short videos on Vumoo.

Vumoo has a clean and well-organized website with a seamless online streaming experience. With Vumoo, you can stream your favorite content for free for unlimited hours online, or you can download unlimited movies and TV series for free and enjoy offline entertainment whenever, wherever.

11. MoviesPrime

If you are a fan of the latest Hollywood movies, you love MoviesPrime. The website has a vast number of Hollywood movies in HD and FHD video quality. You will easily find movies from all popular genres, including romance, comedy, horror, mystery, adventure, drama, and many more.

The dark-themed website makes streaming a more pleasurable experience. We also love the fact that MoviesPrime has a limited number of ads, so you can enjoy website browsing and streaming without being bombarded with a constant flow of advertisements.

MoviesPrime is an excellent online streaming platform if you want to stream the latest movies. However, if you want a website with a massive collection of classic films, MoviesPrime wouldn’t be the best choice. Another limitation of MoviesPrime is the lack of categorization and filters that sometimes make content search a struggle. We hope that MoviesPrime will improve its content range and website features in the future.

12. xMovies8

XMovies8 has made it to our list of the top 21 SockShare alternatives due to its varied content library that includes blockbusters from Hollywood and Bollywood and TV shows from around the world.

You can enjoy unlimited content, but there is a catch- the Interruptions from annoying pop-up ads and notifications. The good thing is that all the titles on the website are of superior video quality, which you can stream or download.

You can also avoid the hassle of signing up for an account to access the movies and shows because there is no need for one on XMovies8. The simple categorization of content means you won’t have difficulty finding what you want. You can just use the search tool. The film and show library is updated regularly.

13. Tiny Zone

The website’s name might be a little misleading, the word ‘tiny’ may lead you to believe that this is a small platform, but that is not the case. With a look similar to YouTube, Tiny Zone has a ton of content to offer, including movies and TV series of different genres for free. The seamless user interface and organization system for the titles is impressive because it makes locating what you want straightforward and quick.

The clean and contemporary design of the site makes it surprisingly easy to navigate and ideal for beginners. Thanks to the fantastic user experience, you won’t even notice ads that aren’t as cumbersome as other streaming sites.

14. Movie 25

We have kept Movie 25 further down on our list of sites similar to SockShare because of its few shortcomings that need the immediate attention of its developers to improve user experience. However, this website lacks in looks and speed and the constant supply of new titles to watch. The Movie 25 library features classic and new movies.

The content organization system is a little lackluster, but there is no need to create an account to access the entire library. Thankfully, there aren’t too many ads, but you will encounter some now and then. The site also has a request feature that lets you ask for movies/TV shows to be added to the website that isn’t currently available on the platform.

15. Cineb.net

Cineb has a youthful vibe to it, but that doesn’t mean that it only caters to young users. You will find a vast collection of mature and kids’ content on the site, so this website fits everyone!

The best thing about the site is that it is all free, and there is no need to buy subscriptions or log in to watch videos or get access to higher-quality videos. Without costing any money, Cineb.net gives users decent video quality, a sizable library of movies, and the least number of ads we have encountered on a free streaming website, which is astonishing considering such platforms are full of annoying ads.

New movies and TV series episodes are added to the website daily to watch fresh releases and the latest episodes of Tv shows. Videos can be streamed directly on the site, or you can download them to watch later. The platform also recommends a VPN service that the same people behind Cineb.net developed to keep you safe.

16. Subtitles

Subtitles may not be on the very top of our list of SockShare alternatives. Still, it is rightfully an excellent substitute for any streaming site inaccessible for many reasons. Firstly, it offers an impressive list of film and TV series titles from all around the globe. Secondly, most of the content available on the site comes with subtitles in multiple languages, which is why this website enjoys a large global user base.

However, the strengths of Subtitles do not end there because The content database is updated daily. Plus, you can stream or download videos of different qualities for free without creating an account. This website packs a punch with no pop-up ads that ruin your viewing experience or limitations on how much content you can watch.

Furthermore, the video quality and loading speed are outstanding. The stripped-down user interface makes using this platform a delight.

17. Popcorn Time

Movies and popcorn make the ideal combination, so it makes sense for a free movie streaming site to be called Popcorn Time. Besides its appropriate name, Popcorn Time has a lot to cheer about.

What sets Popcorn Time apart from the rest of the alternatives featured on this list is that Popcorn Time has a dedicated app that you have to download and install to gain access to its content library. Thankfully, there is no need to create an account or sign up for a subscription.

As soon as you successfully add the app to your device, you will have the advantage of quick loading speeds, ad-free content and an endless database of movie and tv shows titles to watch whenever you want. Although optional, Popcorn Time also suggests downloading and subscribing to their VPN service, which provides an additional layer of privacy and anonymity while you browse.

18. Lunch Flix

Lunch Flix is another good online streaming website that could benefit from a few tweaks to make it as good as some of the leading free video sites such as SockShare.

Although the team behind Lunch Flix does a decent job of adding new content links to the site now and then, they need to be more frequent and consistent to ensure that their users don’t have to wait long to watch their desired new releases.

The good thing is – there is no need to install software or make an account to use Lunch Flix because it is accessible through any browser; just go to the website, find the title you want and start watching immediately.

You’ll have to close some ads before the video plays, but there will be minimal interruptions thanks to no advertisements and fast loading speeds. Furthermore, the video quality is fantastic, and you have the option to adjust it as per your need.

19. Watch TV Series

The name of the website “Watch TV Series” says it all! WatchTVSeries is a great website for people looking for free episodes of their favorite tv shows. This site is all about simplicity with a primary user interface and design but a systematically organized library.

The platform excels at bringing the latest TV show episodes more quickly than any other streaming site. Logging in isn’t necessary, and you get unlimited access to videos for free. The TV shows and series range is truly impressive; WatchTVSeries also features content from premium streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

You will have to close a few pop-up ads while browsing, but free content’s quality and quantity make up for the hassle. The search tool is pretty good as well, with plenty of helpful filters, including an advanced filter that lets you look up shows according to the year of release or as per TV network.

20. Cinecalidad

Founded in Spain, don’t be alarmed if the website is entirely in Spanish because the content available on the site is available in both English and Latino.

You can simply use the Google Translate browser extension to translate everything on the site easily. If you are able to deal with the language barrier, you will have free access to an endless collection of movies.

Besides offering direct streaming on the site, Cinecalidad also lets you download content in your preferred video quality, including HD and FHD. The website doesn’t ask you to register or buy anything to watch your favorite shows and films.

21. 7starhd

7starhd has unfortunately not yet received the global love and appreciation it truly deserves. 7starhd is one of the best online streaming sites when it comes to the range of free online streaming content.

No matter if you want to stream the latest, classic, trending, top-recommended, top-rated, and top-shared content, you will find a massive range without any hassle.

The website has neat categorization that allows you easy access to your desired content and helps you find new content according to your preferences. With smart filters and an efficient search bar, you can select and stream your content within no time.

7starhd also has a clutter-free website interface that is perfect for long hours of online streaming. The only thing that restricted us from keeping 7starhd in the top 10 SockShare alternatives is the abundance of advertisements, especially on-screen ads. You would have to close multiple on-screen and click-on ads while browsing the website, especially while online streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SockShare Alternatives Safe To Use?

Most of the SockShare Alternatives on our list are safe and secure for online streaming and downloading. However, it is essential to avoid downloading any suspicious content and dodge ad malware. To be on the safer side, we highly recommend using reliable antivirus software, an ad-blocker, and a VPN service to maintain anonymity and browse & stream with 100% safety.

When Will SockShare Back?

SockShare is a widely popular online streaming platform with thousands and millions of fans across the globe. Its downtime is a massive upset for its widespread fan following. What makes it all worse is that no one knows when SockShare will be back. Until the SockShare website is offline, you can enjoy online streaming and download our SockShare alternatives.

Why Is SockShare Not Working?

The worldwide recommended online streaming platform SockShare has been legally sharing copyrighted content for free. The website is going through an unannounced downtime due to copyright infringement, and it will not be back anytime soon.

What Are The Best SockShare Alternatives?

According to SockShare fans, no other online streaming platform can match the content range, website usability, online streaming experience, and download efficiency of SockShare. However, on our list of top 21 SockShare alternatives, you will find multiple options that will make you forget SockShare. Top 5 SockShare alternatives include YifyTV, Bmovies, Flixtor, FMovies, and GoStream Site.


SockShare has been online streaming fans’ top favorite for years. However, due to the recent downtime episode, fans are unable to enjoy streaming on SockShare. We have compiled this alternative list especially for you so that you can enjoy a similar online streaming experience as SockShare on these alternatives.

All of our SockShare alternatives provide unlimited free online streaming, and you will easily find classic, trending, latest, and all-time popular movies and TV series in HD, FHD, and even 4K video quality on these streaming websites.

Did your favorite SockShare alternative make it to our list? Have you tried any of our SockShare alternatives?

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