Best Pirate Games 2022

10 Best Pirate Games 2022

Do you love sea adventures and gunfights during voyages? If yes, you must be a pirate game player. Most people are unaware of pirate games and How to do Pirate Games. Pirate Games will always have a particular place in gaming history, and these are one of the most played video games. These games feature ships and boat attacks, sea voyages, collecting gold coins, and much more. 

Pirate Games Today have become increasingly popular, with games like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Sea of Thieves. On most platforms, you can find many fantastic pirate games, from Sid Meier’s Pirates! to its brilliant successor, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The greatest pirate-based games ever are these.

Since piracy seems like a good topic for a game, it is a little surprising that there aren’t many of them. And numerous developers have demonstrated that to be accurate. A few of their projects are included on this list, but many more are not. Thus, we have curated a list of the Best Pirate Video Games that are fun to play.

How to Play a Pirate Game – General Rule

A, B, C, D, and E are the five logical pirates discovering the 100 gold coins in perfect chronological order. ‘How these coins are distributed’ must be decided.

According to the pirate world’s distribution laws, a distribution plan must first be proposed by the most senior pirate. The proposer and the pirates decide to accept this allocation by casting a vote. The play is over, and the coins are distributed if the majority agrees to the proposal. The proposer holds the deciding vote in the event of a tie. Suppose the suggestion is rejected by the majority. In that case, the proposer is killed by being tossed overboard from the pirate ship, and the next most senior pirate then proposes a new idea to restart the process. The process is repeated until a scheme is accepted or there is only one pirate remaining.

Pirates make decisions based on four criteria. 

  • Each pirate wants to survive first and foremost. 
  • Second, given the likelihood of survival, each pirate seeks to earn the most gold coins possible. 
  • Third, if all other outcomes were equal, each pirate would choose to toss the other overboard.
  • Fourth, aside from a proposed distribution scheme that gives each pirate an equal number of gold coins, the pirates lack faith in one another and will not make or keep any pledges.

List of 10 Most Famous and Fun-Offering Pirate Games 2022

1. Sea Dogs (Video Game)

Sea Dogs (Video Game)

Sea Dogs is more of a pirate RPG than an action adventure; you aren’t even required to be a pirate if you don’t want to be.

You take your modest yacht after making your escape with a gang of convicts, and you are then free to do as you like. You can progress through several storylines, undertake missions from various nations, take cargo, and, if you so want, even become a trade merchant. Alternately, take on the pirates’ operations and establish yourself as the most prominent, worst privateer on the seven seas. Even if the voice acting and aesthetics have aged, this is still one of the best PC RPGs available.

The Sea Dogs 2 sequel, which Disney repackaged and made into the official Pirates of the Caribbean video game to go along with the first film, is just as good. The original game is presently unavailable on PC due to the IP. Still, despite this, it’s probably the only game overall, and all of its fantastic expansions are available on GOG.

2. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

The most famous pirate movie franchise is Pirates of the Caribbean Games. Still, sadly, games based on the series tend to be cursed; they’re either terrible, challenging to play on modern PCs, or have been abandoned. If you are thinking about “Which Pirate of the Caribbean is the Best?”, Lego Pirate of the Caribbean is the answer. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic since it accurately portrays the show and is accessible.

The first four Pirates of the Caribbean films are covered by Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, which developer TT Games has lovingly and humorously recreated. Expect anything from Elizabeth discovering the Black Pearl to the Fountain of Youth being destroyed.

The last Lego game without voice acting is Caribbean Game. This may sound negative, but the mimed jokes are one of the best things about the Lego games, in addition to eliminating all language barriers. Players progress through several levels by unlocking new characters to proceed in the gameplay. Each of the characters has a distinctive, exceptional talent. Few things are as fulfilling as completing a Lego game to the fullest.

 3. Sid Meier’s Pirates

Sid Meier's Pirates

An old pirate strategy game was produced by the Firaxis team that later built XCOM and Civilization. It’s one of the greatest pirate games ever, which is perhaps not a surprise, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Despite being a 2004 remake of a 1987 game by Sid Meier, the game is much more fun and enjoyable now than it was because of the attractive artwork and straightforward, clever gameplay.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! is an open-world strategy game with a lighter tone than Civilization or XCOM but just as fascinating as gameplay. You progress from being a minor captain of a drab ship to the most dreaded pirate on the high seas. You can battle opponents, raid ships, ransack cities, and even practice ballroom dancing.

Furthermore, you have the power to influence and change the entire political climate in the Caribbean. Your exploits don’t just revolve around your own misadventures. If you seize a ship carrying a peace deal between England and Spain, they may start fighting, allowing you to carry out your looting without fear. It is arguably the most playable and addictive pirate game on this list.

4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

One of the best open-world games on this list, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, is an excellent pirate game and a superb Assassin’s Creed entry.

The main character is Edward Kenway, the most charismatic assassin in history and a tremendously likable leading figure. You will indeed find enjoyment in the account of his struggle to prevent the Templars from discovering the Sage. Still, a much larger audience will find interest in Kenway’s and the other captains’ aspirations to create a utopian pirate society.

You are the captain of your ship and crew, exploring the entire Caribbean in search of ships to rob, valuables to steal, and exciting new adventures. The ship-to-ship combat is a highlight; it is challenging but simple to learn in the heat of the moment. But don’t overlook the beautiful ballads. When you can sail the seas to your crew singing “The Coast of High Barbary,” “Lowlands Away,” or the timeless “Drunken Sailor,” who needs an enormous symphonic soundtrack?

5. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Online pirate adventure Sea of Thieves is the first proper game in ten years, excluding Kinect games and boy. While a touch boring in single-player, Sea of Thieves Black Dog Pack is one of the best multiplayer games available when you get a small group of players together on a single ship. It revolves around a shipload of pirates who only engage in piracy. Thus, it is possibly the most pirate-themed game on this list.

The most acceptable part of being a pirate is being inebriated and singing songs aboard your magnificent ship. We all have fantasized about holding a glassful of rum, a steering wheel, and a treasure in our palms. You’ll get all of it and much more in Sea of Thieves. Open-world cooperative adventure Sea of Thieves should appeal to all kinds of players.

It all comprises assembling a crew of buddies, doing your share to explore the seas, and looking for treasure to pillage. You can engage in thrilling and entertaining sea battles with other players, skeleton crews, enormous sharks, and the terrifying Kraken. Moreover, you can raid stations manned by undead guardians and steal their loot when you need to briefly return to dry land. Alternatively, you can simply complete the thrilling story missions in your quest to become a Pirate Legend. It will make every pirate on the Sea of Thieves out to get you.

6. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire

Deadfire is still an isometric RPG set in a traditional Fantasy Pirate universe. Still, immediately following the opening, which helpfully summarizes the previous game’s events, your protagonist awakens on a ship. You wander around on land and put together a party of D&D adventurers in what comes next, but this party joins your pirate crew. With them, as you sail from island to island, you will have to outsail, outgun, or outfight your competitors.

Beyond the typical RPG party management aspects, the game also has an entire crew management component where you can hire people in ports, send injured people to your ship’s doctor, and keep track of your food, drink, and medical supplies. There have been many attempts to make a deep pirate RPG, but Deadfire is one of the few that has succeeded.

Other features include a Contract killer murder mission in which you may or may not decide to set up an explosive harpsichord and an enormous map to explore in your upgradeable pirate ship.

7. The Curse of Monkey Island

The Curse of Monkey Island

The Monkey Island series from LucasArts should always be on the list when discussing pirate games. The five video games in the series, which are relevant to this discussion, manage to explore every factor of the kestrel way of life. These are some of the best-level adventures ever created.

The Curse of Monkey Island, the third game in the series, is the one you should start playing if you can only choose one. It is because it serves as a “best of” for the entire collection of Monkey Island games. It’s amusing and clever, and because of the hand-painted backdrops, it still has to rank among the Best Pirate Games available. A point-and-click masterpiece is created by adding great voice acting, a song, a dance sequence, and the introduction of Murray the demonic skull, one of the best videogame characters ever created.

Furthermore, it is the only game in the series that allows you to sail a ship and engage in some piracy, which is crucial for a list of the best pirate games. Moreover, there is a competition for sword fighting; a Monkey Island game wouldn’t be complete without it.

8. Tropico 2 – Pirates Cove

Tropico 2 – Pirates Cove

In contrast to the other games in the series, Tropico 2 encourages you to build a utopian pirate society during the heyday of maritime exploration.

Your objective is to maintain the happiness of every pirate on your small island of plunderers while also sending out ships to “gather” gold. You must also work to hide the island from the many Empires surrounding it. Tropico 2 excels in how it steadily increases the difficulty as you advance. Simple pirates who only want some booze and attention initially appear, but more demanding, high-profile buccaneers soon seem. But as diplomatic ties with the regional superpowers deteriorate, hasty pirates quickly become the least of your issues.

It almost plays like the Monkey Island strategy game, making it one of the funnier and more satirical management games available. Even better, if you purchase Tropico 2 today, you will receive the original Tropico and its expansions for free.

9. Seafight


Seafight is a pirate browser combat simulator that sees you navigating the seven seas in both PvP and PvE maps. Interestingly, the game’s creator has been improving and reworking the experience for over a decade, turning it into one of the best Pirate Games on PS4.

If you enjoy coming up against sea creatures while you grind and manage resources, you can depart onto the maps, where you’ll only experience the natural perils of the ocean. Still, if you prefer playing against other humans, you can have a great time with boat warfare. Even though fighting the more vigorous opponents might appear scary, you can join a guild and battle with more experienced players to give yourself a better chance.

You will earn several forms of a reputation as you travel the Caribbean and fulfill your objectives. You can join the faction to gain access to opportunities like running a city, joining a global empire, and taking on your faction’s adversaries. If you want a break from close-quarters ground action, drive your ship into a tense maritime conflict. Remember that when you’re a pirate, everything is up for grabs.

10. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy

Because you can either complete the primary mission or forge your own path around the galaxy, Rebel Galaxy could be compared to a sci-fi version of Sea Dogs. You can work as an honorable trader or miner, but it’s more likely that you’ll want to become a bounty hunter or a genuine space pirate to make your fortune. You will engage in many space conflicts. Therefore, it’s good that these exciting levels are entertaining. Use deflectors to dodge missiles, choose where to aim, and watch for range since these battles have many strategies.

There is much to discover and do in this region of space other than battle. Outposts, distress calls, and strange readings need to be investigated. Or you could play one of the greatest PC space games while relaxing and admiring the beautiful cosmos. You’ve got a lot of freedom in Rebel Galaxy; just try not to get in too much trouble.

Rebel Galaxy is one of the best pirate games for Xbox and PC with its fascinating artwork and graphics. There will be several ship models, some of which can hold 20 persons. To prepare for the impending assault, your comrades must decide between several roles and weapons. You will be comparing yourself against all pirates as you battle to save your ship. You will advance in rank and possibly receive pirate loot with each operation. Flaunt rewards such as caps and clothing to terrify the opposing players and demonstrate your devious past as a brave pirate.


If you enjoy sailing over vast oceans and are fond of firing cannons at other ships, this extensive Pirate Games list will help you identify the most suitable choice to scratch your pirating itch. We have discussed with you the top pirate games that have recently been launched.

You can find Games like Sea of Thieves in the list where you have to fight mythical sea creatures, or perhaps just other ships from the other team and get gold coins. Moreover, Seafight and Pirates of the Caribbean are excellent choices if you’re seeking games to pass the time in sea mayhems. Happy gaming experience!

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