The Definitive Call of Duty: Vanguard Weapons Tier List

The Definitive Call of Duty: Vanguard Weapons Tier List

Call of Duty is a game known and loved by all. First coming out in 2003, they took the video game world by storm and revolutionized the FPS genre. Now, 18 years later, we have the 18th installment in the beloved IP. And the game revolves around its most important component: its weapons. The Vanguard meta is ever-evolving with constant updates and Seasonal and Battle Pass changes. There are some fantastic weapons in the game and some trash weapons. Today, we’re putting out a definitive Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons tier list. You can buy a copy of Call of Duty: Vanguard here.

S- Tier

S- Tier

This section contains the most meta guns in Vanguard right now. The most dominating weapons in the game to decimate the enemy team.

Volk (Best Vanguard Assault Rifle) (Best Vanguard Gun)

No Vanguard weapons tier list would be complete without this weapon, arguably the best gun in Vanguard. Combining AR and SMG playstyles, the Volk is a perfect mid to close-range Assault Rifle. Its high mobility also provides an edge when chasing down an enemy or traversing the map. A lethal weapon in the competitive scene.

STG44 (Assault Rifle)

Combining everything you want from an Assault Rifle– Damage, range, recoil, and stopping power- the STG44 is a perfect gun that will never disappoint you. Due to its popularity, you can always count on finding a few people having it in their loadout in every match. It’s just that good.

MP-40 (Best Vanguard SMG) 

The MP-40 is the dream SMG for Vanguard players. The fact that most maps are small and revolve around primarily close-range combat means the MP-40 dominates the rest of the pack.

Machine Pistol (Best Vanguard Handgun)

The machine pistol is by far the best Handgun in the game, bordering SMG territory. Though it has lower damage, it compensates with its massive 40-round clip.

A- Tier

A- Tier

Moving along with our Vanguard weapons tier list, these weapons- although not at the very top are destructive in their own right. In the right hands and with a proper setup, these weapons can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Kar98k (Best Vanguard Sniper Rifle)

Destructive enough to kill with a single long-range shot but with low mobility, the Kar98k does best what a sniper rifle should do- kill from out of sight. Just find some cover and rain death down on the enemy.

BAR (Assault Rifle)

An AR specialized for long-range skirmishes, the BAR hits like a sledgehammer but handles like a toddler driving a truck. Handle with care.

M1928 (SMG)

The M1928 is a wonderful SMG with an impressive magazine capacity and good handling. Low mobility keeps it from being an S-tier SMG, though.

MG42 (Best Vanguard LMG)

With an enormous 125-round magazine and a high firing rate, the MG42 is the best weapon for flanking in CoD: Vanguard. The only drawback is the slightly low damage.

B- Tier

B- Tiers

These Vanguard guns have their advantages and excel in certain scenarios. However, they are not part of the meta due to their inferior stats in some departments.

3-line Rifle

With unholy amounts of damage, this Sniper can 1-hit kill anyone if hit on the chest or above. Being the heaviest weapon in the game means the rifle is hard to use and lags behind the Kar98k.

1911 (Handgun)

A decent overall pistol with good stats, 1911 is a solid choice across the board. However, it pales compared to the Machine Pistol due to its lower damage, fire rate, and magazine capacity.

Sten (SMG)

A highly mobile SMG. Light and quick to use but with lower damage and output, the Sten is a good choice, especially for Vanguard maps owing to their small size.

Itra Burst (Assault Rifle)

You can never go wrong with burst-fire weapons. The Itra Burst has excellent damage and accuracy at medium and long range but suffers from the main drawback of burst rifles: Full-auto is always better.

M1 Garand (Best Vanguard Marksman Rifle)

An iconic gun in the entire franchise, the M1 Garand has been around since the first Call of Duty came out. It deals massive damage and has phenomenal range. But it’s held back by slow gameplay.

C- Tier

C- Tier

Next up on the Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons tier list is Trash Territory. These are guns that aren’t the worst but are pretty lukewarm at best when up against the higher tiers.

Bren (LMG)

The Bren is a bit of a mixed bag. It has extreme amounts of damage and very long range to mow down enemies from long range. However, it suffers from painfully high recoil. Mobility is so low it makes you feel lethargic just playing it. In a game focused on mobility, it falls short but is compensated somewhat by its 100-round mag capacity.

Revolving Shotgun (Best Vanguard Shotgun)

The best shotgun in Vanguard is in C-tier, which should tell you all you need to know about shotguns in Vanguard. It has a surprisingly long range, but slow reload time, small magazine capacity, and the inability to kill someone in one shot.

Panzerschreck (Best Vanguard Launcher)

Launchers in Vanguard are a second-rate alternative to RPGs. They’re fun to play but harder to use and leave much to be desired

FS Fighting Knife (Best Vanguard Melee)

We have all had an embarrassing moment where an enemy snuck up on us while we were camping, completely unaware. They might have even twerked or tea bagged, and we’d be none the wiser. Then they had their fun and shanked us to death. This particular weapon has the fastest attack speed and instant stealth takedowns. The disadvantages are pretty obvious, being a melee weapon.

D- Tier

D- Tier

This is it. The worst of the worst. The only people using these guns are either newbies or maniacs. These are the worst weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Bazooka (Launcher)

This shoulder-fired launcher is a great choice for enemy vehicles. However, it feels severely lacking compared to the Panzerschreck due to not being very effective against the players.

Auto-Loading Shotgun (Shotgun)

A semi-automatic shotgun with a fast fire rate might sound good on paper. In action, though, the low damage and small mag capacity make it a weak alternative to the Revolver Shotgun.

Ratt (Handgun)

The most cookie-cutter weapon on the list, this pistol has no qualities that make it stand out. An underwhelming choice, with a lower damage output than the other handguns in the game. This weapon is a contender for the worst gun in Vanguard.

That concludes our Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons tier list. Here, we’ve compiled the weapons in a list according to the meta. But with constant updates and new seasons, we expect it to not stay like this for long with the addition of new weapons- and inevitably, a new meta.

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