How to be a better gamer: 7 science-proven ways

How To Be a Better Gamer

Do you want to be a better gamer so that you can become a streamer or professional player? Or do you just want to improve your gaming skills to beat your friends who are constantly crushing you at Rust? Whatever your reason might be – to improve your gaming skills and become a pro gamer, there are several science-proven ways to help you get better at it. In fact, you can try Battlelog Cheats to make your play better. 

There is nothing more upsetting than being that one guy who always gets into the lobby first while playing COD. If you are tired of being that guy who sits and forlornly watches their friends having fun while you ponder how to get better at gaming, then fear not; here are the top 7 tips and tricks you can use to become a better gamer.

1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Gaming Practice

If you want to get better at gaming, just play more! You know the jazz “the more you practice, the better you become,” and if you want to be a better gamer, practicing and playing more games will help you improve your skills quickly. But make sure you always take some time out of the game to train other skill sets such as your focus, wrist movement to play more efficiently and see a more pronounced difference in your overall performance.

Even veteran players often find themselves stuck because they keep playing more games without focusing on their weaknesses. Being good at gaming is all about the grind, efforts, and time you put in, and once you start practicing more on your weakness and gaming skills, things will start falling into place.

2. Watch pro players’ streams!

Watch pro players’ streams!

As counterintuitive as it sounds, take a break, hit up YouTube/ Twitch, and watch pro players’ streams to get an idea of how these pro gamers handle the game. Sit back for few minutes, put your controller down and watch someone play, someone better than you at that game. Watching the live streams of these pro players will give you some tips on how to tackle different situations. With every live stream, you will find something new to learn and replicate in your gameplay, augmenting the style of pro gamers to give an exponential increase in your gaming skills. YouTube/ Twitch is your best friend as there are many tutorials and videos that can help you break down the gaming pattern.

3. Take care of your body!

take care of body while gaming

As a runner, you need to stretch before a marathon; as a singer, you need to do throat exercises; similarly, as a gamer, you need to do thumb exercises and some upper body and hand stretch to improve your efficiency in the game. Make sure you have a good diet, do regular exercise, and take a sound sleep because you cannot defeat your enemy if you are half-asleep on your keyboard.

4. Have a comfortable gaming space!

Have a comfortable gaming space

It is proven that having a comfortable gaming space can improve your gaming skills significantly. Having a bad body posture, not only will give you severe backaches but will also make you lose focus quickly in the game, and no one wants it, especially when you are about to win. So make sure you have a comfortable gaming space where you can sit and play without any uneasiness to your body.

5. Invest in good-quality gaming gear!

Invest in good-quality gaming gear!
gamer work space concept, top view a gaming gear, mouse, keyboard, joystick, headset, mobile joystick, in-ear headphone, and mouse pad on black table background.

You need to remember that you do not need to buy the most expensive gaming gear available in the market to improve your gaming skills. A good quality gaming gear at an affordable range performing well will do the job. No gaming gear will automatically make you a better gamer but will assist you in improving your skills. First, you need to have a monitor with a decent display to get started, and no, you do not need to spend heavily on it. Then buy a good pair of headphones to avoid getting distracted during the game—also, look out for a good quality gaming keypad and mouse to get your gaming set up ready.

6. Play with other people!

Play with other people!

Playing with your siblings, friends, or any online player allows you to understand your shortcomings and work on them to improve your gaming skills. You never know how good your opponent can be, and while you are having fun, you can always watch and learn from your opponent.

7. Patience is the key!

Patience is the key!

No matter how much you are practicing, you need to have the patience to see the improvement. When you try to improve any given skill or game style, there is a natural time lag where you repeat your actions to understand and learn that technique truly. Improving any given skill cannot happen overnight; you need to be patient to see growth and improvement.

So, are you ready to top leaderboards in pro gaming lobbies with these top 7 science-proven ways to become a better gamer!

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