Facebook not updating 8 easy solutions on How to fix it

Facebook not updating: 8 easy solutions on How to fix it

Are you exploring what’s wrong with Facebook today? or why is Facebook saying no data is available? then be assured you aren’t the first one experiencing this issue.

Although Facebook is considered the most widely used social media now with a 3 billion active user community, this significant level of popularity can’t guarantee its smooth working consistently. It’s pretty normal to be unable to access Facebook occasionally.

Why isn’t Facebook working?

At present, Facebook isn’t just a socializing platform for worldwide users; in fact, it has become a need of businesses on all scales, as everyone is now fully aware of how to make a business page on Facebook to reach the maximum targeted audience.

So, in such a situation, Facebook’s inaccessibility seems entirely unacceptable. Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out the exact erroring cause so that it can be resolved instantly if it is on the user end.

How to fix Facebook not working issue?

How to fix Facebook not working issue

You can readily follow the below-stated fixing approaches rather than enquiring When will FB be back up?

Note: Before attempting to fix the issue, make sure it isn’t on the server side because if the Facebook server is down, it’ll get back to a normal state after some time automatically.

Check internet connection

Check internet connection

You’re scrolling Facebook for news feed or checking your business page analytics and find no data available on Facebook likes. Then the first & foremost thing you need to do is check your internet connection. A poor or unstable internet connection often prevents Facebook from loading data. So, ensure your router cables are connected correctly, and the internet is working fine. You can check the internet state by launching any other app; if the other app works smoothly, that hints the issue is somewhere else.

Note: You might also be running out of internet data as Facebook consume a lot of data to give an appealing user experience. So, if this is the case, re-subscribe to your specific data plan.

Check out the app’s network permission

Even though you have ensured a solid & stable internet connection, the app may still not work correctly given the internet-related cause; this situation happens when an application can’t access a network connection due to specific settings. Therefore, you might need to allow the Facebook app to access the internet connections properly. To do this:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your Phone.
  • Click on the bar’s icon located at the top right corner.
  • Here tap on the Settings option.
  • Select “Permission.”
  • Tap on Location Settings in the Permissions menu.
  • Now check all options one by one to ensure Facebook access to all choices.

Change your News feed preferences

Change your News feed preferences

If you recall the issue, you may notice that just the posts on the news feed section aren’t updating even if you have refreshed it repeatedly, but it doesn’t always mean that the whole Facebook app is malfunctioning. Because sometimes, you see the news feed as per your adjusted preferences. Facebook allows you to set your preferences so that only the most relevant & desired posts might appear in your news feed section. So, if your News feed section isn’t updating for long, you need to alter your preferences settings. For this:

  • Access your Facebook account from a web browser. (whether a mobile browser or desktop browser)
  • Click on the menu icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Here choose the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Then open News Feed Preferences settings.
  • Now, in Preferences settings, you can opt for aspects you want to alter in your News Feed screen.

However, if this approach doesn’t work, still you have many other fixing ways to try out.

Restart Facebook & device

If you’re using Facebook on your Phone, certain apps running in the background might prevent the Facebook app to work. Therefore, it is quite a practical approach to restart your Facebook app. To restart the app, you may even need to force-stop the app first. For this:

  • Firstly, launch the “Settings” App.
  • Select “Apps” in the Settings menu and tap on the option “See all apps”.
  • Here select the Facebook app and hit the button “Force Stop”.

If restarting Facebook doesn’t resolve the issue then you can go for the Phone Restart option also.

Logout your Facebook Account

Logout your Facebook Account

Although restarting the device is a great trick to resolve any sort of issue encountered in mobile apps, still it may not work for a few users. So, if it didn’t work out in your case then you need to perform a fresh login to your account.

For this, you need to log out of your account in the first place but make sure to eradicate the chances of likely Facebook logout glitches while logging out of your account. After the successful logging out process, log in to your Facebook account again, hopefully, this time you’d be able to use it smoothly.

Update Facebook App

Many times, there can be any technical bug in the Facebook application that may cause usage-related issues. In such a case, you need to update Facebook to the latest version. 

How to update Facebook? Updating the Facebook app is just a piece of cake. For this, what you need to do is:

  • In the first place, you can check whether the latest update is available. So, go to Google Play Store and navigate to your account icon located at the top right corner.
  • Here, select the option “Manage apps and Devices” and tap on the Manage option.
  • Now select the option “Updates available” and locate the Facebook app to check if any latest update is available or not. 
  • You can easily update the factbook by tapping on the “Update” button if any Update is available; it will automatically install the Facebook updates on your Phone.

Clear cache & cookies 

Clear cache & cookies

Like numerous other platforms, Facebook also stores cache data to improve user experience because data loads quite faster if the app has stored cache & cookies on previous login sessions. However, many times the Facebook app may store corrupted cache files and consequently, it either crashes or stops working. Thus, you need to clear out stored cache data if you are concerned about this encountered issue. 

To Clear Facebook cache on Android:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Phone.
  • Tap on the Apps in the Settings menu.
  • Here select the option “See all apps” and navigate to the Facebook app.
  • In Facebook settings, open Storage & cache.
  • Tap on the option Clear cache.

(Note: You can also select the option Clear Storage to reset the app.)

To clear the Facebook cache on Chrome browser: 

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your respective device.
  • Click on the dotted icon located in the top right corner.
  • Here open Settings and navigate to the option Privacy and Security.
  • Now click on the option Clear browsing data.
  • Then select the option “All Time” and click on the button Clear data.

Try out different browsers or device

If you’ve tried all of the above fixing ways but nothing worked out, still don’t lose. There might be some ambiguous erroring grounds that can be figured out by changing the device or browser.

So, to find out the actual issue, try to access your Facebook account on a different device, if it works fine on a new device that means there was some sort of technical conflict between your device & Facebook app.

In case, if you’re encountering the Facebook working issue on your browser, then you try out to log in to your account from a different browser to eliminate the bumped issue.


Facebook, being the most accessed social media platform, sometimes stops working. If you’re wondering why it isn’t Facebook working on your phone, then note that it may involve many reasons, like unstable or no internet connection, cache & cookies, Facebook logout glitches, outdated Facebook app, browser glitches, server-side issues, etc. This brief guide illustrates the best ways that can be adopted to resolve your Facebook-related problems. 

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