How To Change Netflix Region: Watch Any Country Version Anywhere

Netflix is a popular streaming service that is offered in almost every country. Nevertheless, subject to geo-restrictions, its library of content varies by country.

Netflix has a ton of great content, but most of it is geographically constrained. Depending on your location, you can watch television shows such as Family Guy, Young Sheldon Season, Pretty Little Liars, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or films like Jumanji, American Psycho, Legacies, It Chapter 2, or Creed.

“Why is a Netflix show not available in this location?” people frequently question. It happens when the series or movie you wish to view is available on Netflix but not in your country. Netflix has contracts with various content production companies and is restricted to broadcast licensed content in particular countries.

You won’t be able to modify the area connected with an account unless you move. However, with a VPN, you can virtually alter your Netflix region.

Do you want to know how? Assume you wish to watch a show that is accessible on Netflix Japan. The original IP address is hidden when you connect to the VPN’s Tokyo server, and Netflix assumes you live in Japan. It is only feasible with reputable VPN services such as NordVPN.

Changing a region may appear complicated, but it is pretty simple. However, if you do not use caution, Netflix will quickly detect that you are using a Virtual private network service or proxy and will block your IP address.

Follow our instructions to learn how to change the Netflix region using a VPN to access any Netflix collection of your choosing, where you can watch episodes and films like Assassination Classroom, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Animal Kingdom.

Which Netflix Collection Has The Best Selection?

Until recently, the response to this question has always been the Netflix US library. However, in recent years, Netflix has invested significant funds in licensing agreements, allowing it to expand its collections internationally.

The United States continues to possess one of the best libraries in the world. However, as shown in the chart below, Japan and Canada currently have massive catalogs as well.

Region-Specific LIbraryPrice# of TitlesDiff with Netflix US
United States$7.9958640
United Kingdom$7.735835-29

One thing to remember about Netflix is that although the three most extensive Netflix libraries each have roughly the same number of items, the movies, and TV shows vary quite a bit between countries. This implies that you can find quite a few pleasant surprises if you use a VPN to browse their catalogs! The cost of a Netflix subscription varies from place to place.

Is A VPN Needed To Switch Netflix Regions?

Netflix, just like every other premium streaming service or content provider throughout the world, limits the content it offers based on geography.

This is more than just irritating its users or generating as much revenue as possible. A significant cause supports it. Because of licensing agreements, Netflix geographically blocks content.

If Netflix does not have a license to distribute a given show or movie in a particular nation, it simply prevents consumers from that region from accessing it. And, despite its efforts to develop advanced VPN detection and blocking systems, Netflix can still prohibit customers from accessing the platform using VPN servers.

Whenever you connect to a Vpn, you will conceal your IP address and replace it with the VPN’s server IP. This deceives Netflix’s algorithm into believing you’re attempting to access the service from your usual home network address.

Configuring a VPN for Netflix is simple, and regardless of whether you’ve never used a Virtual private network before, you’ll be up and running in minutes. Of course, not all VPN services can unblock Netflix. This takes us to the second critical point.

Features Of The Best Vpn For Accessing Netflix

It can be aggravating to travel abroad and learn that you no longer have access to your usual Netflix assortment.

 Unfortunately, just a few VPNs are compatible with Netflix. In the sections below, we’ll reveal our methods for identifying the best VPNs for shifting your Netflix location:

  • Netflix Server Compatibility: Servers that work with Netflix: Finding the best VPN for Netflix can be difficult, as many VPNs do not enable you to watch Netflix libraries from elsewhere. Choose a VPN that can unblock Netflix in every country.
  • Worldwide Network Of Servers: Netflix has a global network and is available in practically every country. Given this, using a VPN with a worldwide network of servers is essential. Every country should have at least one server so that you may simply unlock the Netflix collection of your choosing.
  • Speed: Netflix recommends a minimum connection speed of 25 Mbps for 4K streaming. The top VPNs for Netflix region switching are all fully capable of accomplishing this. Because you have unlimited bandwidth, you will be able to watch Netflix sans latency or buffering, regardless of your location.
  • Security: To watch Netflix safely, you’ll require a VPN that boasts 256-bit AES encryption. A kill switch plus DNS leak prevention should also be included. We look for VPNs with extra security features, such as dual VPN servers, a password manager, or an ad-blocker, and we test them for breaches.
  • Privacy: Not all VPNs are compatible with Netflix, and not every VPN protects your privacy. Never use a VPN that logs your digital activity.
  • Easy to Use: One advantage of analyzing this many VPN services is that we are able to determine which VPNs have the best apps. The VPNs discussed in this post have simple tools to install and navigate.
  • Value for Money: Several VPN services struggle to offer many essential features while charging far more! Of course, we provide a special offer to assist everyone. Even greater, all of the best VPNs for switching Netflix locations are backed by a money-back guarantee.

3 Best VPNs For Changing Netflix Region

1. NordVPN

With NordVPN, you can alter your Netflix location in only a few clicks. The provider runs from the privacy-friendly Panama, provides a complete toolbox, and is one of the industry’s fastest VPNs. Add six devices simultaneously, and the ability to manually set it up on your router, and your entire household can access any foreign catalog they like.

The vast infrastructure of over 5500 RAM-only servers spread over 59+ countries covers all continents. Therefore no place is out of bounds. And, thanks to the NordLynx tunneling technology developed in-house, your beloved country TV shows will be able to handle interminable buffering. Do you wish to utilize the service for something else online? Use P2P-specific hardware, obfuscation, double encryption, and so on.

Obviously, Netflix isn’t the only platform for which NordVPN is useful. Subscribers may easily access BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video Prime, HBO Max, and many other streaming services. And don’t worry if you want to browse various libraries on devices that don’t support VPN technology. The SmartPlay function enables you to circumvent any regional restrictions on such PCs.

Using a NordVPN coupon code, you can get this fantastic VPN for as little as $2.99 per month. Of course, you may test it first with the Google Play Store’s free 7-day trial. If you choose to subscribe, know there is no danger because of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a fantastic VPN for accessing Netflix in any country. It has over 3,200 servers in over 65 countries throughout the world. Furthermore, this VPN has some remarkable features that make it a terrific choice for streaming. Camouflage Mode, for example, disguises all VPN traffic as ordinary traffic. You can also count on the NoBorders Mod, which enables you to utilize Surfshark even in restricted areas.

It’s one of the most private VPNs and is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. Surfshark also allows you to link an unrestricted number of devices. This allows you to easily set it up on any device you wish to use Netflix on and share it with your family and friends. To top it all off, it’s among the most economical programs available, giving you excellent value for your monthly dollars.

3. IPVanish

Navigating the libraries of the U.K., the U.S., and Canada was a breeze. They’ve had minor issues connecting to Japan, such as periodic disconnections and an absence of exclusive stuff.

This VPN works with a multitude of streaming services in addition to Netflix. It has been effective for them in accessing geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. Thanks to the app, you can enjoy your favorite programs with friends across Fire TV, Fire Stick, and Fire Cube.

IPVanish supports the WireGuard tunneling technology, and the service functioned well in their tests. To put it differently, you should have no trouble watching Netflix videos.

IPVanish is an excellent deal, starting at around $3.33 per month. If you reconsider subscribing to an annual plan, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This IPVanish review will tell you everything you want to learn about this service.

Step-By-Step Guide On Changing The Netflix Region

  • Select one of our VPN recommendations.
  • Install the Netflix app on the device you intend to use to watch Netflix.
  • Connect to a server located in the same Netflix country as the one you wish to use.
  • Just open Netflix and start watching your favorite new shows!

How To Change Country On Netflix On Your Device

Changing the Netflix region on platforms apart from your computer may be different. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our guides for changing the Netflix region on some other devices:

  • Change the Netflix region on your iPhone.
  • Change the Netflix region On Android.
  • Change the Netflix region on your game console.
  • Change the Netflix region on your television.

Also, if you want to change Netflix regions on devices that don’t allow VPNs, you’ll need to secure your entire network.

How To Switch The Region Of Netflix On Your iPhone

Do you want to stream geo-restricted films on your Apple smartphone? The procedure for selecting the Netflix location on iPhone is simple. This is how you accomplish it:

  1. Download and set up a VPN app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Sign in to your newly created VPN account.
  3. Select the country to which you want to connect.
  4. Clear the cache in your phone’s settings.
  5. Open the Netflix app and check to see if the region has changed.

How To Adjust The Netflix Location On An Android Device

Switching the Netflix country on Android is a straightforward process. This is how you go about it:

  1. Download and set up a VPN client from the Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account or sign in.
  3. Select the server in the country to which you want to connect.
  4. Clear the cache from your phone’s settings.
  5. Your area should be adjusted whenever you start the Netflix app.

How Do You Change The Netflix Region On Gaming Consoles

Because the PlayStation and Xbox consoles don’t inherently allow VPN programs, changing the Netflix location on them is also a little unusual. Here’s how to switch the Netflix country on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

  1. Choose the best VPN for Netflix.
  2. Set up the VPN on the router or share a VPN connection from another device over Wi-Fi.
  3. Select your desired region for Netflix viewing.
  4. Connect your gaming console to a wireless network.
  5. Open Netflix and access content from any location.

How To Change The Netflix Region On Your TV

Modern smart TVs most likely use Android OS. In that scenario, changing the location of Netflix on switching a smart TV is a breeze. Is Netflix not working on TV? Simply follow these steps to have your favorite shows set up and running:

  1. Sign up for a trusted VPN service (our top choices for Netflix are SurfShark and NordVPN).
  2. Locate and install your VPN from the Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your current Netflix account and select your preferred region.
  4. Open Netflix; it should display content from the country you chose.

If the app store on your smart TV does not feature VPN applications, switching the Netflix region may be more difficult – but not impossible.

NordVPN, for example, has a technology called Smart DNS that allows you to access Netflix libraries, including on devices that don’t support VPNs.

Can I Change Netflix Region Using a Free VPN?

Indeed, you may use a free VPN service to switch your Netflix location; however, this is not a wise option for various reasons.

You are unlikely to be able to get region-restricted content with a free VPN. Netflix and other online streaming are improving their ability to prevent VPN connections from their facilities.

Your data allowance will be depleted if you use free VPNs to view Netflix. Free VPNs routinely enforce monthly data restrictions. Streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth, so you will likely use up the free VPN data allocation for a limited time.

Several premium VPN providers have abandoned offering consistent Netflix access. Consequently, a free VPN service provider is much less likely to own the resources necessary to avoid being blocklisted.

It is improbable that you will be able to maintain your online anonymity. Free VPNs frequently compromise your online privacy. Several of these services will recover costs by tracking and selling your online behavior to third parties. While you’re online, they may inject adverts and track cookies.

We strongly recommend utilizing a reputable VPN service such as NordVPN. This will enable you to modify the Netflix area and access unlimited content freely. NordVPN is risk-free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Change Netflix Region Without VPN?

You can also use a DNS proxy to alter your Netflix country. However, this approach provides a poorer connection than a premium VPN, and Netflix blocks most DNS proxies. To use a DNS proxy to modify your Netflix region:

  1. For an accessible DNS server address, contact your service provider.
  2. Navigate to “Network Settings” on your smartphone.
  3. To input, your DNS server addresses, click the “Custom and Manual” button.
  4. To confirm the new DNS settings, restart your network connection.
  5. Launch Netflix, then navigate to the “Netflix library” in your chosen region.

Will I Be Required To Set Up A New Netflix Subscription?

No. Because Netflix is available worldwide, you do not need to deactivate and open a new account elsewhere. Just Connect to a VPN server in the nation you intend to visit, and your IP address will automatically change. Netflix uses your IP address to decide the content library to provide you with.

Will I Face Any Legal Action For Changing The Region Of My Netflix Account?

No. You are a paid subscriber and a highly valued consumer of Netflix. As a result, Netflix has never penalized its subscribers for utilizing a VPN. Netflix would like to display all television shows and films in every nation, but it is unable to accomplish this due to licensing constraints imposed by third-party content creators.

Netflix must appear to be attempting to prevent users from circumventing these geo-restrictions, which is why it works hard to disable VPNs themselves. However, no user’s account has ever been canceled or punished because they utilized a VPN to stream content on Netflix. And, since you are a paid customer, changing the Netflix location to see more shows is not unlawful.

Why Does Netflix Have Different Content Libraries In Various Countries?

Netflix’s show collections differ from region to country. This is because it must obtain content distribution rights in every area. Because licensing deals with content creators, it is required to geo-restrict some content. As a result, the list of available content changes whenever you travel to other countries.

Every time you sign in, Netflix verifies your IP address. It enables them to serve you the content collection for that precise area.

When you join a VPN server in the U. S., your actual IP address is hidden and replaced with one in the United States. This will enable you to watch Netflix’s US collection as though you were home.

Can I Stream Content On Netflix While Traveling?

Yes, Netflix is available in nearly 190 countries. Each country, however, has a unique content collection. It is owing to the production firms’ content licensing procedures and copyright agreements.

For example, if you want to watch the Netflix show The Handmaiden while in the United States, you will be unable to do so. However, a VPN enables you to stream movies or series from any country’s library anywhere in the world. This implies that if you visit the UK from the United States, you may enjoy American Netflix in the UK by using a VPN. Similarly, British citizens can easily unblock Netflix UK while visiting the United States.

Is it possible to use a personal Netflix account in a different country? You can use your subscription in any nation. Still, you will only be able to watch series and movies from the collection of the region in which you are currently located.

Having Difficulty Switching The Netflix Region With A VPN?

If you’re encountering issues, the VPN you’re using may be incapable of unblocking Netflix. Check the provider’s money-back guarantee policy if this is the case. Some services provide this for up to 30 days. If you’ve been using the VPN service for longer than this period, then follow the instructions below to get it operating again:

  1. Connect to another server within the same country: The VPNs we’ve suggested only connect with Netflix on specified servers. Contact your service provider to determine which servers are compatible with Netflix.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your VPN: Resetting the VPN IP address on the impacted server may resolve the problem.
  3. Contact customer service: The VPN’s support team will indeed assist you in troubleshooting your problems, so contact them if you are unable to resolve the issue yourself.

Final Thoughts on Changing Netflix Region

Netflix’s broadcasting agreements with television and film companies limit your access to content.

Fortunately, utilizing a VPN to link to any server globally eliminates the requirement to be physically present there.

With a VPN, you may instantly appear to be in another country and watch your favorite stuff!

Which country’s content do you prefer to watch on Netflix? In the comments section below, tell us about a few of your favorite films or TV shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it unlawful to change your Netflix country?

In most countries, using a VPN to stream Netflix is totally legal. You may need help if you are in a location where VPNs are restricted, such as Russia, Iran, or China. We always advise taking caution. Aside from that, using a VPN to use Netflix, as well as other streaming services, is entirely legal.

Is Netflix different when you travel to a different country?

Yes, Netflix fluctuates depending on where you are. Your favorite TV series and films may change. Your options for downloading and streaming will differ depending on where you live. Netflix changes the audio and subtitle selections as the region changes.

Can I watch Netflix in both countries?

You can use Netflix in two separate countries simultaneously, but you will be unable to access two different libraries. A single Netflix account can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. You can use your DNS and IP address to browse the Netflix library.

Even with a VPN, how can Netflix know where I am?

Netflix has a security system that detects numerous users logging in using the same IP address, indicating that the linked traffic originates from a VPN server.

How can I resolve Netflix Error M7111-1331-5067?

To resolve Netflix problem code M7111-1331-5067, follow these steps:

  • Switch off whatever extensions that are currently active. Note: it is not necessary to disable Chrome Apps extensions.
  • Check if Netflix is working.

Will changing the location of my Netflix lead to video buffering?

If you use a VPN to alter your Netflix region, you may experience some buffering based on your connection speed and distance from the server location. However, this will be OK if you’re using a premium VPN service such as NordVPN to move your Netflix region.

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