5 Best FMovies Alternatives

With the influx and use of the internet increasing exponentially, no one can say when the curve will flatten because COVID-19 is here to stay. The increase in internet usage and work from home has led to a surge in online streaming, allowing users to satisfy their binge-watching needs on different streaming sites.

This is where the fmovies comes in. This is a streaming site that has been talked about, and its searches have increased in this pandemic as merely because of the need of the hour. Binge watchers consider trustable quality streaming and fmovies to provide it.

Unfortunately, this streaming site also fell prey to DMCA notices and shutdowns due to a great list of copyright infringement claims that led to it being taken down. But not to worry. Techlectual found out a solution for you to keep streaming. Fmovies Alternatives is the perfect way to go by it where you will find similar sites that are close to f movies reputation or better than it.

Let’s take you through the 5 best Fmovies alternatives that we have prepared.

1. Sockshare

SockShare was a dominant streaming platform that had no competition that allowed to watch full-scale anime content, TV shows, and movies online for free. The site rose to fame after 2012 and gradually slowly became the vacation spot for streaming movie content online without the need to download it.

Due to different types of binge-watchers and fan base on the market, the website has indexes all the movies uploaded from different locations online. Thus, SockShare itself now no longer produce or support pirated content material; instead, it hyperlinks to it as a type of great index that catalogs content material to be had on different sites to make it less complicated to search and locate.

Further, it hosts a great library of movies, TV Shows, and anime content that is enjoyed by a large number of people. If you’re seeking out a movie that you can discover and stream anywhere, then Sockshare is the right choice for.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is one streaming site that is famous for a decade or more due to its endless battle to provide the best content for users who are loyal to the site and what it has to offer. It is a worldwide streaming website with a massive library of TV shows and movies present in a subtle and easy to use interface.

Exploring the website is merely easy, where you will have to browse traditional and contemporary content. You can quickly seek any movie you want or manually go through all way to the lag-free fast website.

However, the site later attracted DMCA and other agencies working day and night to take down the website. Yet the website is still online and running, providing loads of enjoyment for you.

3. Afdah

Among our list, we can proudly claim Afdah to be the best alternative to fmovie because it has a smooth site wireframe. The end goal of all the streaming is to locate what viewers want out of them?

Afdah offers multiple different movies, and TV shows 100% free to stream that is a nice incentive where the search feature is categorized in terms of genre, year, language, and also in alphabetical order. The exceptional element is that the website is free from any targeted ads, and you won’t have to face a gazillion popup ads that ruin streaming persona.

The site is continuously updated to ensure new content is added and tweaked, while all the outdated and broken links removed instantly to ensure good streaming.

The website is 100% functional and supported on multiple devices, whether tablets or smartphones, to watch movies and TV shows wherever you are.

4. GoMovies

GoMovies is the best alternative to give you access to a movie streaming site that is free of charge; second has been around for a while now, Entertaining hundreds on a worldwide platform. The internet site has an impeccable variety of content that can be looked upon.

The website caters to multiple genres where a petty issue is the bombardment of ads. Yes, the internet site leaves a wrong impression on users who do not support the idea of popup ads, but since the content is authentic and current, users tend to ignore the ads and still continue watching on the site.

5. 123Movies

123Movies has a name for itself in the streaming world, bringing HD quality content to your screens without compromising on quality and movies. 123Movies is considered the best out there because it harvests content from multiple sources that make it unique with a trending content library.

The platform is a high rate of users coming and using it because of the ease of access and usability provided by the decent and simple to use wireframe.

It is the chosen streaming site by hundreds.

FMovies (Working) Proxy and Mirror Sites

Since Fmovies is constantly targeted by shutdowns and threats from the officials, there will always be a chance the current URL of the site will be broken, and if that is the case, you can always go through these proxy and mirror sites that will get you to the authentic site URL.

  1. FMovies.cab
  2. FMovies.cc
  3. FMovies.wf
  4. Fmovie.biz
  5. Fmovie.fm
  6. FMovies.to
  7. FMoviesc.me
  8. FMovies.pw
  9. www8.fmovie.cc
  10. fmovies.taxi
  11. Www6.fmovies.to


Like we mentioned, COVID-19 is not going anywhere, but you need to buckle up with some amazing streaming sites so that you don’t get frustrated sitting at home the entire day. These fmovie alternates will get you though the day easily.

We take out time to carefully analyze each and every site before we can recommend it because we understand the seriousness of streaming sites and how important it is for a binge-watcher.

That is it in today’s blog. We appreciate it if you leave a comment and tell us your experience. 

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Daniel is a tech enthusiast and marketing student. He is completing his degree in marketing. He started Techlectual to follow his passion for writing and research about the latest technologies. He is co-founder of Techlectual.com. He also loves to travel and playing games on ps4.

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Daniel Jose: Daniel is a tech enthusiast and marketing student. He is completing his degree in marketing. He started Techlectual to follow his passion for writing and research about the latest technologies. He is co-founder of Techlectual.com. He also loves to travel and playing games on ps4.