5 Best KissAnime Alternatives

You may not know this, but Anime content is a hit pop-culture in Japan that slowly became popular in the masses worldwide, which is why anime fans are found everywhere, leading to a big demand for anime content. 

KissAnime came in and provided a library of working and trending anime content for everyone out there. As the site became popular, it fell prey to shutdowns as well for hosting pirated content. 

This led to a great gap between quality sites, and Techlectual planned to scope out the best kissanime alternatives so that users and still continue watching. So without further wait, let’s tell you which sites are the best replacement to kissanime website.

5 Best Alternatives Of kissanime

1. Anime Streams

Anime Streams

Among the many, we found that ANime Streams is a great Anime streaming website and the best alternative to kiss anime as well. Anime streams have a diverse library of anime series, movies, and content that gives you a tour of the anime world.

Anime Stream comes with a no-cost policy where the site doesn’t cost anything to watch and stream movies. The site offers HD quality videos that make watching anime pleasant and worthwhile.

The main element that sets apart Anime Streams is the availability to find multiple anime genres within a few clicks. They have a great list of categories defined where you can select and start searching accordingly.

The categories come pre-planned with English dubs and subbed edits and a great variety from select from.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll started its streaming in 2006, and since then, it has created a name for itself in the anime market, beating kissanime as well. But the fact that it is not limited to anime is in itself a blessing as users have an option to look at different genres s well.

Crunchyroll has the best anime in the anime streaming world, focusing on English and Japanese, but you can also select multiple other languages. If you need to avoid pirated content than this site the ideal example where close to 15,000 hours of officially-licensed content is available

But the only drawback is not all content is free. The site offers a mix of free and paid content. Then again, with the free version, you can access hundreds of choices of anime and other genres.

3. AnimeFreak


Animefreak is another popular alternative to kissanime website with a huge library of anime content available in HD quality at your disposal. You will get thousands of anime streaming options which doesn’t require any sign-ups. All you require is to click play and start streaming.

The entire wireframe of the site is overwhelming, as it does not require much effort to understand and search what you are particularly looking for. There are multiple categories available where you can start browsing by the genres and find yourself in the release date order and alphabetical.

What’s great is the great color choice that AnimeFreak has that engages users and viewers. Otherwise, most of the anime sites seem dull and boring. By far is one of the best alternatives to kissanime.

4. Anime Season

Anime Season

The Anime Season is filled with a wide range of anime collection that will give you hours of streaming without getting bored. The site has a list of most of the popular anime and series like Hunter and Alice of Zouroku etc.

If you talk about the design of the site, then it instantly appeals to you combined with ease of access. The moment you open the site, you will easily know where to click and how to go about it further.

It is 100% free to watch without any lags and delays, which makes it the best anime alternative to kiss anime. You also get good quality streams and current trending anime as well that can only be accessed on AS. If you get bored, you can look at categories like the most recent, full series listing, and much more to find a lot more content.

5. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a life-saving addition to the anime industry as it has a whopping library of 45,000 legal anime episodes making it the best kissanime alternate out there. The site was created back in 2001 and quickly became a favorite to anime lovers. However, we can exclude the manga lovers as they enjoy the site thoroughly as well. The site is configured to make users move around and scroll without any difficulty, ultimately allowing them to find their favorite anime content.

It offers great recommendations, new releases, and old classics as well. Also, it notifies for all popular manga series as well that are recent and trending.


The KissAnime alternatives list has been prepared for anime fanatics, which offers some of the best content that is present online. The time to find good anime sites is behind us, as with these great kissanime alternatives will allow you to stream all your desired entertainment. You can get access to the best websites, similar to KissAnime.

All of the web sites show heaps of videos, movies, and shows. They are all commonly unfastened, but all are top-rated, among which some are paid as they then offer more features and are free of pop-up ads.

Some of the websites on the list are licensed, and some are not. But then those are the first-class out there, so start streaming your favorite anime content.

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