10 Best SevenTorrents Alternatives

Being a movie fanatic, good torrent sites are like the cherry treats on your favorite dessert. It takes so much effort to get to a website that meets your needs and saves you the unnecessary hassles of ads, pop-ups, and unwanted security issues.

One of the leading and best torrent sites, Seventorrents, has recently retired, and it’s definitely a downhill ride for many movie lovers. Seventorrent withheld a large database and was a haven for 40 million unique users over the past 10 years.

However, what is gone is gone! Thanks to the owners of the Seventorrent, the site’s large database is said to be shifted to a friend site “WatchSoMuch.” However, it will take a while to figure out this new website and its performance.

Suppose the website for some reason is not accessible from your web. In that case, you can always try to find a WatchSoMuch proxy or an easier way is to explore other alternatives to seventorrents high-quality movies.

To make your lives a little easier, let’s look at 10 torrent sites that could be a good replacement to Seventorrent.

1. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Known as the “King of Torrents”, Pirate Bay tops the list of being one of the leading alternatives to Seven torrents’ site.

The reasons for this are set clear – good speed, supports magnet links, has a large database, allows peer-to-peer file sharing, and has a simple interface. All this adds to its credibility in the torrent market and is heavily reliable.

Currently, Pirate Bay can be easily accessed through its, original domain, and can be made available through proxies in different parts of the world.

Working Website:

2. Zooqle


What is better than finding a torrent site completely free of malware and adware. Imagine not having to cancel on those pop-ups and annoying adverts.

Well, Zooqle, which is relatively a new friendly site in the torrenting world, offers us just this with a very user-savvy interface. Offering peer to peer sharing and accessibility across the global, the site makes it a good alternative to seven torrent.

One just has to sign-up and have subscriptions to over thousands of verified torrents.

3. LimeTorrent


With a range of entertainment content stretching from movies, games, anime, TV shows, and softwares, LimeTorrent is up to give some real competition to its counterparts.

An extensive library coupled with an interface which gets you through hassle-free, LimeTorrent could be the next big torrent site for high-quality content.

Working Website:



We all like surprises but not the ones which come to us in the form of annoying malware or adware. Torlock comes within the list of 10 best SevenTorrents alternatives due to its credibility to have verified torrents only.

This means every torrent is safe and clear to use on downloading. And there is more to this. The website not only claims that it offers completely verified torrents but also is willing to pay a dollar for every fake torrent identified on the site.

Does it get any better? The answer is yes! Adding to the authenticity is the large database the website offers with hundreds of active users every day. The site sets itself apart for being secure, reliable, and speedy with high-quality content.

5. 1337X


Another innovatively thought torrent site, 1337X, is a community-based platform. Yes, you heard that, right! The site allows people to share torrent files that can be downloaded for free.

Launched in 2007, the site has a huge presence and traffic from the UK. The site is also indexed by many torrent sites such as torrentdb and torrentz.

Working Website:

6. KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents

One of the popularly known torrent sites, KickAss torrents, comes as a leading choice, with an updated and secure database.

Owned by and operated as a clone to the original KickassTorrent site, the platform has garnered a lot of attention recently. Well divided sections, good speeds, and a large variety does the good for any outlookers of the latest content out there.

Working Website:

7. SkyTorrents


A little limited in its database, SkyTorrents makes it to the 10 best list, and the reason for it is very simple – safety and privacy is the priority. You need to weigh the opportunity costs and what is important to you.

Downloading from SkyTorrents allows you to avoid unnecessary ad pop-ups and be at ease with the privacy of your data. For us, this makes the site incredibly credible. The site also offers a simple to deal with an interface that doesn’t take you down a whirlpool!

Working Website:

8. ISOHunt


We say none can fill the shoes better than this old master of a site ISOHunt. Yes, it’s old master, existing since torrents were not even the trend or need of time.

This gives the website the advantage to hold one of the largest and oldest databases for all entertainment content and offers unlimited free torrents. The website has been crossing the roads, easily surpassing any and all restrictions or copyright laws. The site can fill the gaps for SevenTorrents.

Working Website:



Well, let’s agree to find a good torrent site should be the end of the drudgery to downloading a high-quality movie. Nobody would like to reach on a torrent site, take the time to download a movie and end up with bad quality.

RARGB comes with a knack for this very pain-point. It hosts and is highly known for its “High-res” content, making it to the start list for alternative Seven torrent sites.

The torrent-indexing website has attracted massive popularity and has a huge database for movies, games, TV shows, and software programs.

Working Website:

10. SeedPeer


This one wins the race for its extraordinarily designed interface. A haven for beginners to torrent sites, this website offers easy navigation and features that make torrent downloading experience less of a hassle.

With brilliant interface functionality, supreme quality, and extensive database, the site offers more than the conventional torrent sites out there.

Working Website:

Tell us about your favorite torrent site, For this use comment section below.

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