Minecraft Windows 10 Vs Java Version Best for You

Minecraft Windows 10 Vs Java Version: Best for You?

Minecraft reached the heights of fame and remained there for a long time. Many people who enjoy expressing their creativity have turned to the pixel world as their promised land. However, what if you want to play the most up-to-date version of Minecraft?

Since the invention of this iconic gameplay, a lot has evolved. Some newer versions changed and became something different. If you play Minecraft frequently, you probably already adore your preferred game version. But if you’re considering purchasing it, you’ve undoubtedly already learned that there are two versions to pick from Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Windows 10. With identical editions, getting lost in all the stuff is simple. However, each has distinct advantages and disadvantages discussed in this article. Don’t forget to examine the distinctions between Minecraft’s Windows 10 and Java versions.

What Is Minecraft?

What Is Minecraft

Until Microsoft acquired it, Minecraft was a Java-based game. With one exception, the team continues to build Minecraft to the same standards as before because the firm largely left it alone. The game has a Minecraft UWP variant. Since Minecraft is a well-known game, having it as a UWP app is an excellent approach to advertising these apps. The Java version is still alive and actively being developed.

Minecraft Java Vs Windows 10: A Detailed Comparison

Minecraft Java Vs Windows 10 A Detailed Comparison

General Overview – What Are Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

Let’s look at some of the past events. Despite their superficial similarity, there are significant critical differences between the Java and Minecraft Windows 10 editions. You must be aware that the game’s initial release was Minecraft Java Edition. It was exclusively created, and you can Download Minecraft Java Edition for personal computers. Linux, macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 all support the Minecraft Java edition.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is a game version created a little later in the C programming language and is the basis for the Minecraft installation in Windows 10. Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios made this game for Windows 10 consoles, mobile devices, and other hardware.

A Brief Comparison Between Graphics of Both Editions

A Brief Comparison Between Graphics of Both Editions

Let’s begin with the fundamental differences like graphics. Many users are concerned that Minecraft, in whatever version, won’t function at all on their machine. The game has grown increasingly demanding regarding system requirements and performance over time. And concerning Java Edition, this is accurate. Loading the vast, intricate universe on less powerful gear can take hours.

Recommended Hardware Requirements for the Java edition include

  • Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD A10-7800 APU
  • 4 GB SSD
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 4.5

However, Minecraft Windows 10 version saves the day. It is a game that offers gameplay adjusted for each device. Moreover, it has learned a lot from the faults of its predecessor. It’s possible that in this version, you won’t be as amazed by the sun’s most minor rays as they dance between the trees’ emerald leaves.

What About Mods?

What About Mods

For more than ten years, mod creators have been creating anything they can think of for the Java version of Minecraft. Do you wish to mine for more resources? Or would you instead create a magnificent universe full of exotic animal types and fantastical creatures? These are only a few of the countless options that mods provide. Except for Java Edition, you only need to pay once to enjoy a vast collection of free games made by the gaming community. However, the Windows 10 edition producers chose to assist mod creators by adding an in-game store where you can purchase any mod and install it in your playtime. Yes, the authentic mods are still available without charge. However, to add slight crispiness to your gaming experience, look through the in-game store’s different stuff.

Do Both Editions Have Servers? Let’s Find out!

Do Both Editions Have Servers Let's Find out!

In multiplayer mode, you can play Minecraft or with other participants. However, the type of planet where you begin your game largely depends on the selected server; both versions host servers of various kinds. There are several options available. But in this comparison, you’ll see that the Minecraft Java Edition has more content. It is because this version has been around for so long. Therefore, players have had plenty of time to develop an infinite number of planets. This category is continually changing in the Windows 10 edition, so you will undoubtedly find something there. Can the Java version of Minecraft be used with Windows 10? Regrettably, no. Users of these editions can only play, be inspired by, and enjoy themselves with other users of their version.

Which Edition Enables You to Crossplay?

Minecraft’s cross-play functionality is a game-changing addition to the Windows 10 version. Here is the main distinction that will influence whatever edition you select. While Java is a traditional PC game with many intricacies and customizations, you may play with people from other platforms with the Windows 10 edition. Nothing hinders you from playing with Xbox or Android players while using a PC. Java, however, limits multiplayer gaming to PC users. Fans of collaboration and competition will love cross-play.

Can You Use Controllers with Both Editions of Minecraft?

Another notable distinction between the Windows 10 and Java versions of Minecraft is the use of controllers. Choose Minecraft for Windows 10 if you enjoy controlling games with a controller. Only keyboard and mouse functionality is available for Minecraft Java. The Windows 10 version, meanwhile, elevates the gameplay by enabling players to use a keyboard, mouse, and controller. Minecraft Keyboard Control is a significant distinction enough to persuade owners of consoles and controllers to purchase the Windows 10 version.

What About the Updates of Both Minecraft Editions?

What About the Updates of Both Minecraft Editions

Despite the numerous tales surrounding both versions and their revisions, there is only one reality. Mojang often releases Java and Windows 10 upgrades at the same time. So, if you’re concerned that buying one of these editions will prevent you from accessing the most recent information, don’t be. No matter what you choose, you’ll always be contemporary.

Resources Consumption: Which Edition Consumes More Resources?

Compared to the Windows 10 version, the Java version of Minecraft consumes a lot more resources. Though there hasn’t been much progress, this is more of a Java issue than a Minecraft one. Using the Windows 10 version of the game is a better option if you don’t want to modify it very much. Despite this, the Windows 10 version of the app uses a lot of system resources.

Minecraft Support Community – Java Edition Vs windows 10 Edition

Most of the game Minecraft users utilize the Java version, while only a small percentage use the Windows 10 version. As a result, most items are available by the creative community for the Java version. The majority of in-game functionality will function identically on both platforms. Still, the Windows 10 version will always lag regarding things like texture packs or bringing other external resources or updates to the program.

Which Version of Minecraft has More Bugs?

You may expect glitches in games, especially ones as complicated as Minecraft. Although both the Windows 10 and the Java versions have bugs, the Java version has been around for ten years while the Windows 10 version has not.

The UWP version of the app contains significantly more bugs than the Java version. You might have noticed that the UWP and non-UWP versions of the program have somewhat decreased mob spawn rates and biome diversity. The low spawn rate makes completing the game’s goal far more challenging.

The critical thing is that while there are flaws in both versions, the UWP version has issues that affect the gameplay.

Minecraft Price – Java Edition Vs Windows 10 Edition

Minecraft Price – Java Edition Vs Windows 10 Edition

Java Edition is available for a fixed price of £17.95 in the UK, whereas Windows 10 Edition is £22.49 if you don’t know how Google works on the Windows Store; both are approximately $27 in the US. However, there is a small fee. Without spending a cent, Java Edition may be played in its entirety, including all mods, textures, and other elements that make up Minecraft. All the variations mentioned above are available for free download in Windows 10, although that version also offers the possibility of in-game payments.

These include new game types, map packages, skins, and visuals. Most people will undoubtedly mock the thought of purchasing add-ons for Minecraft. Still, it’s a risk-free method for parents to get more out of the game without worrying about adverse events because Microsoft Store Minecraft has reviewed all third-party material for Windows 10.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Minecraft Version for You?

Your decision with the Minecraft PC vs Windows 10 comparison depends on what you hope to get out of the game and how much time you intend to devote to it. Choose the Windows 10 version if you’re a casual gamer looking forward to some relaxing and lazy construction time in Minecraft. It is a standard Minecraft experience that works on all gadgets and enables cross-platform gaming. You have no other option if you utilize a console. Only the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is accessible on consoles and mobile devices. While Java now has better graphics, keep in mind that this version’s material is continually expanding and upgrading.

Minecraft Download Java version is ideal for you if you use a PC, don’t care about cross-platform play, and want to get the most out of the game. It is the core game with unlimited user-generated content for countless construction and playing options. Additionally, you will notice significantly improved lighting, visuals, and stunning details. The video game Minecraft Java Edition is for individuals who wish to spend a lot of pleasurable gameplay time submerging themselves in the voxel universe.


Minecraft is an eminent Java-based game that has captured the players’ attention until now. However, the game has scattered itself into two versions: Minecraft Java and Minecraft Windows 10. If you are willing to purchase Minecraft and can’t decide which edition of Minecraft is best for you, target your preferences and choices for Minecraft games. The Java Edition Minecraft is far superior to the Windows 10 version in terms of stability, community size, and support for better maps, servers, and mods. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft has some unique features, supports controllers, and enables cross-platform gaming with other players.

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