8 Best Moviezwap Alternatives

With the elapsing of time, things have evolved to the digital world; similarly, online streaming platforms have eliminated the quest of visiting cinemas. When it comes to online streaming platforms, the choices have no boundaries; an ocean of choices comes up when you search out for a specific title on the web. You can even come across tailored platforms against each search for region-varying content.


Moviez wap is among those online streaming platforms that are specifically designed to present Hollywood & Bollywood entertainment content. Movie zwap is quite popular in the Indian community for offering absolute super-fast & lag-free streaming service. At Moviezwap, you can stream & watch HD content without paying a single penny even.

What happened to Movezwap?

Movezwap also allows its users to download a compatible Movie zwap mobile application for a more convenient experience. Although the Movie zwap platform is rich in the best quality streaming content, it may not always give a safe user experience because, most likely, it can put you in trouble by infusing malware or virus into your respective device.

Moreover, you may not be able to access it from specific regions as being a pirated site, and it might face geo-restrictions in many states. So, in such a case, your urge to access the Moviez wap content particularly can only be fulfilled by landing on the most appropriate alternative website.

Best alternatives to Moviezwap

A good alternative platform must meet at least the basic criteria of the respective website, especially in terms of hosted content. This process of exploring out a suitable alternative website might seem tiring & time-consuming. Therefore, to regulate such stress, we have compiled a brief yet comprehensive list of the best alternatives to Moviezwap.

1. Einthusan

In the list of top Moviezwap alternative websites, Einthusan.tv is worth mentioning, which offers an entirely HD streaming experience in both web & app versions. The Einthusan.tv is quite popular for presenting a wide range of licensed Bollywood content; that is why it is also the recommended platform for the users more concerned over content piracy.

At Einthusan.tv, you can access your desired Bollywood movies in 9 Indian regional languages, namely Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujrati, Tamil & Hindi; even you can discover the content in the Chinese language too, with an option to enable subtitles.

The platform comes with a highly efficient search function as it enables the users to search the content by custom titles & members of the cast. However, you will see so many banners & video ads that are totally beyond the pale, but you can also get rid of these horrible ads by paying $25, which is a one-time cost you would have to bear.

Another feature you might like the most is its comment section; you can get a better review on certain movies by means of user-generated ratings at the Einthusan.tv website.


  • Efficient search function
  • Support multiple Indian regional languages
  • Displays user-generated ratings
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Subtitles available
  • User-friendly interface


  • Display too many ads
  • Registration is compulsory
  • Low streaming speed

2. Bolly2Tolly

Nowadays, Bollywood content is highly in demand worldwide. People from all over the world hunt for the latest released Indian videos irrespective of language barriers because the subtitles supported streaming platforms have regulated the language issues completely.

In context to this extensive demand for Bollywood content, Bolly2tolly is a leading platform that exclusively presents the widest collection of HD Bollywood movies with subtitles options.

It is basically a torrenting website; it means downloading your desired content is merely a duck soup with Bolly2tolly. At Bolly2tolly, you can access an extensive range of Bollywood content either for online streaming or offline downloading.

The only downside associated with the usage of the Bolly2tolly platform is that it isn’t safe to use because it uses too many redirect links.


  • Dubbed movies
  • HD resolution content
  • User-friendly & intuitive interface
  • Subtitles available
  • Free torrenting


  • Unsafe to use
  • Many redirects

3. Hotstar

Encounter geo-restrictions (Accessible in states of Canada, United Kingdom, US & India)

Hotstar is also an online streaming platform like the aforementioned platforms but relatively more popular than the rest cited in the entire discussion. The platform is safe to use and ensures the security of your credentials.

You just need to sign up on Hotstar, and then you can access the widest entertainment collection instantly; it encompasses extensive content genres, i.e., live sports, news, Tv programs, etc. Although the Hotstar platform is free to use, it also comes in the paid version.

If you intend to use the advanced features on Hotstar, then you can go for its monthly or annual subscription plans. The good thing is that you can use even the Hotstar premium version free of cost for a trial period of one month.

However, there are also a few drawbacks associated with the Hotstar platform. The website speed is relatively low; if you have a strong internet connection, it won’t make any considerable difference in website speed. Despite the low speed, generally, it consumes more data than many other platforms.


  • Extensive content genres
  • Host legitimate content
  • Extremely secure
  • Free trial of premium features


  • Sign up process is mandatory
  • Low streaming speed
  • Consumes more data

4. Movierulz

Movierulz is a great spot to stream entertainment content; although it hosts pirated content, it is still quite popular in relevant communities. Actually, the original Movierulz website is no more available on the web, as it was taken down intentionally on the grounds of hosting copy-righted content illegally.

However, many proxy sites are available; at present, the proxy site Movierulz. desi successfully offers free streaming & downloading services similar to the original Movierulz platform and holds approximately millions of active daily visitors.

You can either watch online or download the HD entertainment content in all regional languages of India, such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, etc. but note that you would not be able to download the entire presented content. However, you may get irritated with annoying advertisements it displays frequently.


  • Supports offline downloads
  • HD content
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly layout
  • Easy movie streaming


  • Displays many advertisements
  • Pirated content
  • Encounters geo-restrictions

5. Thiruttuvcd

Thiruttuvcd is an online torrenting site and stands among the popular pirated websites available on the web. At the time of inception, the platform initially offered its streaming services in Tamil & Telugu, but now it has covered many other areas too.

At Thiruttuvcd, you can browse the content in any genre as per your interest as it encompasses all sorts of genres in its content library such as horror, mystery, western, war, Tv shows, sports, history, fantasy, Sci-fi, Sitcom, etc., and this is the factor that has earned it great popularity.

Language barriers are no more troubling if you have access to this website as on Thiruttuvcd, you have the choice to play any video in a language that is fully interpretable by you. Although Thiruttuvcd presents all content HD resolution ranging between 480P to 1080P, in case if you are low on data, you can definitely opt for a low resolution.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy to navigate
  • HD resolution
  • High loading speed
  • Latest released content
  • Dubbed content available
  • Doesn’t require registration


  • Pirated content

6. Play Sominal Tv

Till now, we have explained platforms that present different content in various languages, but if we narrow down the content choices to only Telugu content, then we can see many platforms designed to offer Telugu content dedicatedly; Play Sominal Tv is an excellent example of such platform.

Play seminal Tv is an online streaming platform that hosts only Telugu movies even it permits the users to enable the English subtitles option to overcome the interpretation issue. You can easily search for your desired content with an advanced search function as the Play Sominal Tv allows you to explore the content by ratings and genres.

Nonetheless, all these services are not freely accessible on Play Sominal Tv. The platform requires a paid subscription; you can either opt for a monthly paid subscription by paying $11.99 or the annual plan at the rate of $99.99.


  • Advanced search function
  • English subtitles available
  • Easy to navigate
  • User-friendly interface


  • Sign up required
  • Available in paid version only

7. The Cine Bay

The Cine Bay is also a free streaming site dedicated to hosting Telugu content, but unlike Play Sominal Tv, it also presents other Bollywood content. The platform hosts all the content ranges in HD resolution free of cost, and you can have a totally lag-free & buffer-free streaming experience.

Given the time limitation, many users opt for downloading the content instead of watching online; being a Torrent site, The Cine Bay also allows its users to download their desired content offline.

At The Cine Bay, you can stream & watch the latest released Tollywood & Bollywood content and also the information regarding upcoming releases. The good thing about the platform is that you don’t need to get yourself registered with The Cine Bay; the sign-up process is optional.


  • Free of cost
  • Buffer-free streaming
  • HD content
  • Search filters available
  • Free Torrenting
  • No registration required


  • N/A

8. Pycker

Pycker is another free streaming spot that is much like the platform The Cine Bay; it is a well-organized platform that presents the content of 5 different channels such as Mollywood (Malayalam), Tollywood (Telugu), Kollywood (Tamil), Tollywood (Bangla), & Bollywood. Still, unlike other streaming platforms, it doesn’t host anything directly.

Actually, it uses redirect links to a few other popular streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Spuut, etc. The Pycker comes with a pretty user-friendly interface, and you can have a fast & buffer-free streaming experience relatively.

At Pycker, the users can easily navigate to the latest released content, trailers, trending news, gallery pictures, and genuine reviews section; you can also explore the articles on top stories of lifestyles, beauty, stars, etc.

The platform offers a pretty smooth playback and presents content in HD resolution. The search function of Pycker is also good; you can easily find out your desired titles there.


  • Well organized content
  • User-friendly & intuitive UI
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast speed
  • Extensive content categories


  • Redirections


Moviezwap requires no introductory statement; it can be considered as a central streaming spot for watching the latest released Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu & Tamil movies free of cost; even it is available in mobile application version for a more convenient user experience because in application version the platform’s speed gets higher and doesn’t display any popup ad. too.

Actually, Movezwap is a pirated site as it hosts copy-righted content illegally; therefore, it isn’t safe enough to use, and it might be inaccessible in your region due to imposed geo-restrictions. Such as, if you are an Indian resident, you won’t be able to access the Moviez wap platform.

In this regard, we have compiled a list few efficient streaming websites that can best serve as an alternative to the Movie zwap website, i.e., Einthusan, Pycker, Bolly2Tolly, The Cine Bay, Play Sominal Tv, Movierulz, Hotstar & Thiruttuvcd.

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