6 Best Sockshare Alternatives

If you’re a movie buff like me, you must have at least used SockShare once in your binge-full life; my craze for movies is beyond the sky; I remember how religiously I used to stream some of my best movies and TV shows online on Sockshare.

Do you know, it was not just its clean interface, with limited ads and no sign-up or registration requirements, that made this powerful streamer an apple of our eyes; it was the quality and quantity of the available content that we all missed badly.

The platform took years to gain relative popularity; however, it’s unfortunate fate didn’t help the streamer to survive for long; the streamer shut down some time ago.

When something good disappears, it becomes difficult to find perfect alternatives of the same nature and performance threshold; no worries, I have already worked on its twin-streamers.

Try any of these best Sockshare alternatives and resume your binging sessions. 

Don’t know why Sockshare is Down?

One of the drawbacks of streaming websites, including Sockshare, is that most of the content available is pirated, and this is what makes many such platforms prone to sudden takedowns due to legal actions by Governmental authorities or by the content creators.

Predicting a similar threat and avoiding shutdown by law enforcement agencies, the original Sockshare website closed down. Consequently, we were forced to move towards alternatives.

The easiest fix to watch Sockshare movies is to keep a list of alternative streaming websites. Following are my top picks alternatives to Sockshare.

Best Sockshare Alternatives are…

#6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

This is not a replica of Sockshare and other conventional streaming websites, allowing you to download movies… sadly, only on PC; so, if you love catching up on Sockshare movies while commuting, transfer the movies on your PDA. 

To watch your favorite movies for free, you don’t need extranet usage; worry not, it has nearly no ads to interrupt your binging time. On top of that, the video quality is also classical.

#5. Flixtor


Another perfect option to consider when looking for Sockshare alternative online streaming is Flixtor. It has a bunch of new movies available, too; however, if you are thinking of streaming an old movie, you will not be regretted. 

It is an easy-to-use website, which does not require registration, except for your craze for 1080p resolution. 

All the content on Flixtor stream with multilingual subtitles, which I count as an added feature. Like most streaming websites, ad annoyance is there. 

#4. SubsMovies


Another best alternative for Sockshare…. for your search for the best streamer is SubMovies; why? Because it offers a hulk of movies, series, TV shows, and whatnot, all the content features with subtitles.

Having subtitles means watching movies in Chinese, German, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish; I have tested the subtitles, which were impressive and accurate.

Yes, ads annoyance is there, but not the worst… I guess! 

#3. 123Movies


If you are looking for a streaming website just like Sockshare and have to have all-genres content presented across an easy-to-use interface, then checkout non-other than 123Movies.

123Movies also offers a convenient search tool, which helps you find all the source links for all your latest HD titles in no time; other extras include limited ads, eye-pleasing theme, and tiles are organized categorically.

#2. GOMovies


One of my highly-recommended streamers, and yes, a close-to-perfect alternative to Sockshare, is GOMovies. It is a widely popular online platform to stream shows and movies, thanks to its fantastic range across the known genres. 

Being easy to use interface and a search tool within… also adds charm to this Sockshare alternative. The best thing about GOMovies is that most of its free content is in HD quality but bombarded with ads.

So, if you are OK with ads, GOMovies is the best website to catch all the newest and oldest movies.

#1. Putlocker


One of the best yet oldest Sockshare alternatives and my favorite is the Putlocker. It has all the favorite movies and shows. Yes, it is a hassle-free interface with no registration needed to access a wide variety of new and old movies.

Thank God, the number of ads is limited; they are not annoying, though, which is honestly an essential factor in any visual experience; the only downy is the quality of the content that gets blurry sometimes.

This well-reputed Sockshare alternative follows an easy interface with no no-fuss complications, offering a wide variety of content and an active community.

And the best Sockshare alternative is…

These are some of my tested SockShare alternatives that can be accessed to stream content online. 

You can share your favorite Sockshare alternative in the comment section below; I would love to add them… only if I like them.😃

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