Top 15 Einthusan Alternatives

Einthusan is one of the most popular and reliable websites for streaming South Asian content for free. On this platform, users can find a large variety of movies from some of the biggest film industries of Asia, including Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Chinese, etc.

You might already know that Indian movies are loved by people all around the world, and sites like Einthusan are a great place to watch this type of content for free. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, Einthusan is no longer available. However, Einthusan users should not worry because there are some alternatives, which we will talk about today in this article.

Einthusan offers a free and paid service. You can access the full benefits of the site by purchasing a subscription through a one-time registration fee. But that does not mean that the Einthusan is legal. Although the legality of the services provided by Einthusan is up for debate, most people agree that it is ethically wrong. This is why many governments have blocked the website, and it’s no longer accessible in various countries.

Is Einthusan Free?

Similar to many other online streaming platforms, Einthusan is also free to use and stream content on. You can watch Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi films directly on the site without buying a premium subscription. To stream only need a stable internet connection and an internet browser to start enjoying South Asian movies. You can also sign up for an Einthusan account on the site, but it is not necessary or advised.

Is There An Einthusan App?

Although many streaming sites have launched apps for smart devices, Einthusan has unfortunately not developed an application to stream movies on phones and tablets. There are also no reports of any Einthusan App underdevelopment. The only way to access the site is through a browser on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Thankfully, the website works well on most devices.

Why Is Einthusan Website Down?

If you have recently tried to open the Einthusan website and hit a dead end, then it means that the site is probably blocked in your region. Ethusian’s services lie in the gray area of legalities because it does not host any content on its servers. It merely serves as a bridge between users and third-party servers that host the content.

Sites like Einthusan play a part in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, which is why Governments and legal authorities are cracking down on them. Regional ISPs are instructed to block these sites, making them inaccessible for everyone living in the location.

How To Access Einthusan?

You can access Einthusan through a VPN or use alternative sites that offer a similar service. Einthusan mirror sites also look and work the same way, but they aren’t always reliable or safe.

Is Einthusan Accessible Through A VPN?

VPNs are one of the easiest and safest ways of accessing Einthusan and most other streaming websites. All you need is a trustworthy premium VPN working on your phone or PC to use the site anonymously and safely.

A VPN will also protect you from prying eyes trying to get your information. It will let you avoid the legal problems of using a site like Einthusan.

Are Einthusan Downloaders Effective?

There are tons of video downloading sites that allow you to download content from Einthusan directly to your device. Unfortunately, these websites aren’t always safe and can cause serious problems for you and your device. They are infected with malware and have a ton of intrusive ads, which you should never click on. Overall, we strictly advise you to stay away from the Einthusan downloader pages.

What Type Of Content Is Available On Einthusan?

Einthusan features a large variety of movies from the South Asian film industries, including Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and more. Most of the content is in HD quality. The films have been neatly organized into different categories.

Top 15 Websites Like Einthusan

If you are unable to access Einthusan or just want to try a free streaming site that offers Bollywood movies and other content, there are a handful of websites that will meet your needs. We have selected the best 15 alternatives for Einthusian and reviewed them for your convenience. Read on to learn about them:

  1. YuppTV
  2. Hotstar
  3. Sonyliv
  4. Zee5
  5. YouTube
  6. Yomovies
  7. HindiLinks4u
  8. 123Movies
  9. FMovies
  10. YesMovies
  11. MoviePublish
  12. Filmlinks4u
  13. WatchNewMovie
  14. TodayPk
  15. Look Movie

1. YuppTV

One of the top picks for Einthusan alternatives is YuppTV which is entirely free to use and full of great features plus an excellent user interface. Like Einthusan, YuppTV specializes in providing movies from India, including regional content in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and others.

If you are looking for Indian Hindi TV shows, YuppTV has them too! All you need is your browser to stream videos in HD directly on the site without paying any money. New episodes are added to the website daily so that you won’t miss anything new.

We appreciate the easy-to-navigate design that’s beginner-friendly. Just use the content search bar to look up content using keywords or titles or explore the different categories, which is an excellent way of finding something new to enjoy.

2. Hotstar

If you are a fan of how Netflix looks and works, you will also love Hotstar with its user-friendly interface that closely resembles that of Netflix. When you first open Hotstar, the easy-to-use, the intuitive, and pleasing design stands out, additionally, the sheer volume of Bollywood and Indian content is impressive, and the library is constantly growing as new stuff is added regularly.

We commend the people behind Hotstar for developing such a user-friendly website full of content for all ages, including shows and movies for kids. This is truly a family entertainment website that costs nothing. There is plenty of stuff from Disney plus that everyone can enjoy. Besides being available on PC and mobile browsers, Hotstar also has dedicated iOS and Android apps, which Einthusan has yet to offer. The design of the apps is also modern and streamlined.

3. Sonyliv

Since we are on the topic of Family entertainment online streaming sites that also offer Bollywood movies, Sonyliv is a great pick. This worthy alternative for Einthusan has a ton of free-to-stream content. However, registration is necessary to watch videos on Sonyliv. Signing up for an account is quick and easy and takes no time at all. Once you are registered, you can begin streaming movies and TV shows.

As we said, Sonyliv is for the whole family, so you will find a large variety of media fit for all ages and plenty of Tamil and Hindi movies to keep movie lovers entertained. There is even free content for sports lovers and fans of drama serials. With so many things to watch, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The user interface is simple and tidy with no clutter, which makes navigating the site a breeze. There is also a search tool that is powerful and quick. Most of the regional languages of India are supported on Sonyliv.

4. Zee5

Fans of Bollywood movies and Indian tv shows come in all different shapes and sizes; people of different ages and those living in other parts of the world appreciate content from South Asia.

Zee5 is the ideal choice for international users because the platform supports Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Indonesian, and Thai, to name a few, which is great for anyone living outside India. The expansive library of Bollywood movies and local, regional industries is impressive. You will always have some new and exciting content to watch on this platform.

Zee5 also offers a personalized experience for every user by learning about their preferences when they first come to the platform. Registering for an account is necessary to stream on Zee5. After you have signed up for the account and provided information about your likes and dislikes, the system will offer content suggestions just for you, including movies and tv shows.

Zee5 also offers a paid premium service that will give you access to even more content and additional features. If you just want to watch stuff for free, there is an excellent selection of videos to enjoy.

5. YouTube

Suppose this isn’t your first item using the internet. In that case, you probably know about YouTube as one of the most significant video-sharing and social networking platforms for watching free content created and uploaded by millions of creators globally.

The pool of international content creators provides exclusive content in almost every language. Therefore, this news shouldn’t surprise anyone that YouTube also has plenty of free Indian movies and Bollywood hits.

Searching the Bollywood movies on YouTube might not be as straightforward as on other sites on this list. The key to finding movies you need is using the right keywords and subscribing to channels that upload such content. Unfortunately, copyright-infringing videos are quickly taken down or claimed, so the films might not be available for a long time.

YouTube is great if you want to find an unexpected gem. Try searching “Hindi movies” or “Tamil movies” to see what comes. The disadvantage is that the selection might be minimal.

6. Yomovies

Suppose you love Bollywood movies but like to switch things up from time to time by enjoying a Hollywood flick. In that case, we suggest that you check out YoMovies for its enormous database of Hindi movies, other regional content, and Hollywood blockbusters that are all free to stream in HD quality.

YoMovies has an easy-to-use interface and a neatly organized library with content that has been sorted into different categories. You have the option to either stream videos on the site or download them to enjoy later. You aren’t limited to watching movies on YoMovies either, because it has many popular American tv shows and titles from premium paid streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

One weakness of the site is the abundance of ads that can sometimes ruin the viewing experience, but you can avoid this hassle with a reliable adblocker.

7. HindiLinks4u

HindilLinks4u is one of the most recommended streaming websites because of its impressive streaming experience. HindilLinks4u is jam-packed with new, classic, and all-time popular movies and series.

HindilLinks4u is the best website to find Bollywood movies in HD and FHD video quality. The website also has a large selection of content in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and more. What we love about HindilLinks4u is that it also has a massive range of English movies and series. You can also find Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar, Eros Now, HBO, and other exclusive series on HindilLinks4u.

The website interface is simple and easy to use, with well-designed categories and filters that make content search a hassle-free task. You can search movies and series by Categories, OTT platforms, Actors, Actresses, and Year. HindilLinks4u regularly updates the website with new films and TV series episodes, so you would never have to switch websites to find your favorite content.

8. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the top favorite online streaming websites of current times. It has developed a solid fan base by consistently expanding its content range. No matter if you want to find old, new, or trending movies and complete seasons of TV shows, 123Movies is the best online streaming platform to find it.

If you don’t find the content you are looking for, you can request the 123Movies team to upload your desired movie and TV series or share its streaming link.

The main reason behind 123Movies’ worldwide popularity is its expansive range of HD and FHD content from across the globe. It has a wide range of Indian movies in HD and FHD. However, we have noticed that 123Movies does not have several popular Hindi films in its content range, so we recommend revising their range and adding more movies to the list.

The website interface is impressive; it has neatly organized categories, smart filters, and an accurate search bar to help you find your favorite movies and TV series within no time. The biggest con of 123Movies is the abundance of ads.

You would have to close multiple click-on, pop-up, and on-screen ads while browsing the website and streaming. We hope that 123Movies will reduce the number of ads to improve the browsing and streaming experience.

9. FMovies

If you are looking for the best free streaming experience, then FMovies is hands-down the best choice. FMovies has an ever-expanding range of movies and complete TV series seasons with full-length HD and FHD video quality episodes. FMovies is also highly recommended for its range of Hindi movies, making it the best Einthusan alternative.

You get multiple links with each movie and TV series, so you can switch if one link is not working or buffering for too long. You can change the speed and video quality of videos depending on your preference and internet speed.

We also love the dark-themed website interface, which is easy on the eyes; thus, it significantly improves the streaming experience. The website has several features and filters that make content search and selection a quick and simple task.

To further improve the streaming experience, FMovies does not have too many ads. We hope FMovies continues to provide a top-notch online streaming experience for free.

10. YesMovies

YesMovies has tripled its fan base during the past two years with its fantastic Indian movie and series range. Apart from a vast range of Bollywood movies, YesMovies has a massive collection of films and series in various popular Indian languages. The team of YesMovies ensures that you never run out of streaming options; thus, they regularly update the website with the all-time popular and latest content from all over the world, including India.

The simple website interface is perfect for beginners. You can easily find your desired content with the help of YesMovies’ smart filters or make the search simpler with YesMovies’ accurate search bar. For finding new content, you can browse through YesMovies’ well-organized categories.

YesMovies’ dark-themed website interface improves the online streaming experience so that you can enjoy endless hours of free online entertainment. YesMovies ticks all the boxes, except one – the abundance of ads! You have to close multiple ads throughout your content browsing and streaming session. If only YesMovies would reduce the number of ads, nothing could stop it from being the best free online streaming website.

11. MoviePublish

MoviePublish is one of the top-rated Indian movie sites, which is widely known for its massive Indian movie collection. With MoviePublish, you can stream and download unlimited Bollywood and South Indian movies, including Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and more.

MoviePublish is also an excellent platform for finding the most extensive range of Hindi dubbed and subbed Hollywood movies for free. The best thing about MoviePublish is that no matter if you watch Bollywood movies, South Indian movies, or dubbed/subbed Hollywood movies, all of the movies are available in HD and FHD video quality.

The MoviePublish team regularly updates the website with new and popular movies. However, if you do not find your favorite movie on the website, you can always request the team to update the website or share the link to your favorite movies.

12. Filmlinks4u

Filmlinks4u is another popular Einthusan alternative with a similar content range. Filmlinks4u has a massive collection of Bollywood and South Indian movies for free streaming and downloading.

Filmlinks4u is one of the best platforms for not only Bollywood and South Indian movies, but it also has a vast collection of classic, latest, and popular Hollywood movies and series for free. You can also find an impressive collection of content from OTT platforms, including Hulu, Zee5, Netflix, and more.

The website interface is simple yet jam-packed with filters and features to make your content search a breeze. So, if you are looking for a streaming website with a similar (if not better) streaming experience as Einthusan, then you can depend on Filmlinks4u without a doubt.

13. WatchNewMovie

WatchNewMovies is a widely popular and highly recommended movie and TV series streaming, downloading, and sharing website. Its fantastic content range is the biggest reason behind its widespread success. WatchNewMovie is the best website to keep you updated with new and famous Hollywood and South Indian movies in HD and FHD video quality.

The website is perfect for beginners because of its simple-to-use interface with tons of features and efficient filters that help you locate and select movies within no time. You can also search for your desired content with the help of the search bar. The best thing is that you can stream, download, and share all content for free without any registration.

Movie streaming fans love WatchNewMovie for its massive content range, efficient website, and impressive streaming experience, so we highly recommend WatchNewMovie as an Einthusan alternative. However, we recommend parents to stay cautious because WatchNewMovie has a collection of adult content available for free streaming and download.

14. TodayPk

TodayPk is a highly impressive Bollywood and South Indian movie collection. However, it, unfortunately, does not get as much attention as it deserves. The website has an expansive range of Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi, and other popular Indian languages movies.

It will not only provide you with its ever-increasing range of Indian movies, but it also has a massive range of subbed and dubbed Hollywood movies for free streaming and download. TodayPk also has an impressive website interface that is jam-packed with smart and efficient features that make content search, selection, and streaming a hassle-free task.

If that’s not enough to convince you to try TodayPk, the significantly lesser number of ads as compared to other popular streaming websites will surely convince you. TodayPk is hands-down the best Einthusan alternative, and we highly recommend it.

15. Look Movie

The last on our list is Look Movie, another popular streaming website, and an excellent Einthusan alternative. Look Movie has a somewhat similar content range as Einthusan; thus, it is popularly recommended by Einthusan fans.

Look Movie has an ever-expanding range of Indian and South Indian movies in HD and FHD video quality. You can enjoy unlimited hours of free online streaming without any registration or sign-up. The website interface is similar to other streaming websites and features well-organized categories and filters to make your content browsing and streaming experience enjoyable.

The only con of Look Movie is the abundance of ads that ruins the streaming experience and makes content search and selection a challenge. Hopefully, Look Movie will reduce the number of ads and improve the search and streaming experience. Apart from the ad disturbance, Look Movie is an excellent Einthusan alternative, and we recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions – Einthusan

Are Einthusan alternatives legal?

We have mentioned both paid and free online streaming Einthusan alternatives on our list. Paid online streaming platforms generally have 100% legal content. However, free online streaming websites illegally share copyrighted content. 

Are Einthusan alternatives safe?

Most of the paid online streaming services are safe from malware. On the other hand, free streaming services have an abundance of ads and download links that might be infected with malware and security threats. Therefore, you should always get a paid service and protect your device and data from security issues.


Einthusan is the best Hindi movie online streaming website, and finding its best alternative is difficult. We have shared our top 15 favorite Einthusan alternatives. We are confident that you will indeed find several streaming sites in our list with a similar (if not better) content range and streaming experience. 

Have you tried any of our Einthusan alternatives? What is your favorite website for streaming and downloading Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free? Please share it with Techlectual; we would love to know your favorites.

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