15 Most Comfortable Earbuds that You Barely Feel

15 Most Comfortable Earbuds that You Barely Feel

Everyone has a distinctive set of ears; thus, aren’t we all unique? However, it’s also evident that most people’s ears fall within a specific size range and typically have a standard shape.

It’s pretty challenging to predict particular earbuds for small ears, but the most pleasant earbuds tend to fit the majority of users and have ergonomic designs.

Also, consider weight, size, design style, and material while choosing comfortable earbuds for your ears. Generally, the earbuds that mold to your ears are rendered the most comfortable and viable. However, the simplest way to be confident about any headset is to test it yourself. You can try them on and determine whether they are comfy when you shop online. 

However, you can’t deal with every model; thus, you may read our guide instead. Here we have compiled a thorough list of the most comfortable earbuds for small ears you can try for your music regime. 

Best Earbuds for Small Ears 2022 – A Comprehensive List

1. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro comes first on the list regarding Airpods for small ears. The earbuds set features an iconic design with sophisticated white housing that defines its allure. They offer a comfortable, snug fit that doesn’t hurt your ear holes, especially if you possess small ears. Apple Airpods have many features, including their sweat-proof nature, excellent soundstage, and transparency mode. You can have extended heavy workout sessions, calls, or zoom meetings without discomfort. 

An active noise cancellation feature provides an enjoyable listening experience, whether you’re at home, office, or working out. You can regard Airpods Pro as the most comfortable wireless earbuds on the market. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The second most comfortable earbuds that will nicely fit you are from Samsung. These new earbuds have improved sound quality with extensive battery life and comfort. They bear no sharp edges in the housing, making them comfy to wear for long periods without any trouble. Additional features include wingtips for extra stability and clinging. Galaxy earbuds are so lightweight that you won’t feel them while wearing them. 

When it comes to sound quality, they deliver an impressive sound experience. The sharp sound becomes punchier and clearer at high volumes. The mids offer excellent bass, and treble and lows are pretty comfortable. 

You don’t have to worry about their battery life because their battery span is strikingly extensive and inspiring. You can use them for more than 11 hours upon a single charge. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ contains an Ambient Aware feature to amplify surround sound for giving a hall-like sensation. 

3. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Your search for wireless, comfortable earbuds has become successful if you have found Beats Powerbeats Pro for your audio realm. Powerbeats Pro is the best definition of what a comfortable wireless earbud is. They are completely wireless, and you don’t need any cord for any connection. Because of their lightweight and extended battery time, you can conduct long discourse sessions with your friends or family through Powerbeats Pro. They feature a hook that helps the earbuds firmly clinging the ears. 

Additionally, if you despise having inline control and tapping your earbuds’ cord after some time, there is good news for you. Powerbeats Pro feature a tap control option that allows you to adjust your volume and switch on/off your earphones through a single tap. 

If talking about the sound quality, their soundstage is effective and matchless. Hence, you can use them for listening to your favorite music or podcasts. 

4. Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds

The introduction of these earbuds lies in their name; quite a comfort. Bose Quiet Comfort is classy and matchless regarding superior audio quality and complete comfort. QuietComfort is an excellent pick for you if you are an audiophile or music enthusiast. Because of their outstanding bass and ambient soundtrack, they will give you the sensation of being in a music concert or a big hall. 

Another striking feature of Bose Quietcomfort is that you can adjust the soundtrack’s bass, treble, noise cancellation, and frequency. Moreover, they have an Aware Control feature, allowing you to filter the amount of noise or external sound from the environment to come into your ears. Hence, you can control the sound volume if you hear an important announcement or a beeping bell. 

Additionally, the earbuds feature a tap control to allow switching between calls and music. A Microphone is also present in the controller. 

Talking about comfort, they are incredibly comfy for extended listening sessions. A silicone clip helps in clinging the earbud to your ear perfectly. In short, Bose Quietcomfort has everything for an audiophile.

5. Master & Dynamic MW08 Earbuds

Master & Dynamic MW08 Earbuds

Master & Dynamic delivers premium but expensive products. Therefore, they might not come to the top of the list. However, their model MW08 is commendable in terms of style, comfort, and sound quality. 

The D-shaped semi-circle earbuds featuring a logo and iconic housing look marvelous and impressive. Moreover, the glitzy metallic finish on the case proves sophistication and glamor. 

Beauty apart, they are matchless in sound quality. MW08 delivers a contemplative bass and immersive sound that audiophiles love. They have a six-microphone system that ensures an enjoyable calling experience and quickly makes voice commands. The noise cancellation feature is admirable, offering two different noise cancellation systems. 

They take two hours to charge fully and get consumed in eight hours. It implies that they are not muchly appreciable in terms of battery life. Moreover, the price might not be reasonable for some users; they come in the price range of $299, which is too high. Therefore, we advise looking for alternatives to MW08 in this price range. 

6. Sennheiser IE60 Headphones

Sennheiser IE60 Headphones

Sennheiser always produces quality products that meet their customers’ needs, and we expect these sentiments from IE60 too. IE60 is the scaled-down version of IE80 but offers almost the same features and sound quality as IE80, the most comfortable earbuds. 

IE60 contains quality build material and comfortable buds that are not sharp and don’t pierce ears. They include extra rubber tips to ensure stability and a comfortable fit. Moreover, the housing is strong but lightweight to relieve the pressure on the ears. 

IE60 is a wired earphone set, with cable having a reasonable length and considerable strength. You can hang the cord loose or wear it over your ears using the two hooks if you like. It is advantageous because it gives you a choice in how to wear your earbuds. With extra bud supplied, you should be able to make them fit snugly and achieve an excellent fit.

If you are hoping for a typical Sennheiser quality, you might find the sound quality to be a bit lacking. However, they will astonish people who enjoy the sound of solid bass. They gain many points for comfort but lose some for the audio quality.

7. Westone W10 Single-Driver True-Fit Earphones

Westone W10 Single-Driver True-Fit Earphones

Westone knows only two things since the first day they started making earbuds; to make earbuds comfortable and to make earbuds snugly fit. They are one of the biggest manufacturers of earbuds, and its W10 is a masterpiece in terms of comfort and fit. 

Regarding comfort, the shape of the ear tip has been carefully crafted by Westone to fit snugly without going too deep. Westone has thought about the crucial design of where the cabling joins the housing. Although it may have an ergonomic appearance, it has a purpose. On the housing, it has a lovely scarlet finish.

The angle of the tips and the cabling connected to the housing relieve pressure when the ear tip rests in your ear. They come with ten pairs of foam and silicone ear tips to ensure the fit is ideal for you. 

They function with a perfectly balanced performance because of their frequency range. Westone is renowned for its single-balanced armature drivers, which produce warm bass with subtle warmth and clear highs. They can withstand sweating if worn while exercising because they are moisture-proof.

The cabling is decent, and there is a control system with three buttons. In addition to offering primary music control, it also comes with a microphone. These earphones are excellent, and the pricing is attractive for something of this caliber.

8. Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds

The memory foam-like ear tips of the Sony WF-1000XM4 feel like pillows resting on the canal and gradually mold to your ear as you wear the headphones longer. The WF-1000XM3’s extended form was replaced with a more ergonomic oval shape, which has much to do with the revised design’s high comfort levels. The listening experience is another comfort aspect, and the WF-1000XM4 doesn’t let you down with its immersive, high-res sound and competitive active noise cancellation (ANC).

These earphones are comparable to Apple AirPods Pro in terms of comfort. You can comfortably wear the XM4s for extended periods throughout the day because they rarely exert pressure on the concha. Sony’s pre-installed foam tips are also helpful for securing a firm hold around the ear. The Optimal Earbud Tips test identifies the best fit for your ear shape and is just as accurate as Apple’s version.

The XM4s excels during the listening experience. The units’ soundstage is exceptionally rich, even without considering noise cancellation. Sony’s headphones tend to lean more toward the bass, and the XM4s are no exception. 

Hence, the noise-canceling earbud market has been entirely revolutionized by Sony’s XM4 headphones. The XM4s are now top-tier earphones thanks to their outstanding fidelity, lengthy battery life, and snug fitting.

9. Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro

Every workout practitioner or athlete remains searching for reliable earbuds that can cope with long distances and defeat long hours without trouble. Beats Fit Pro has fulfilled these demands of sportspeople and athletes by providing a sweat-proof feature, stability, and an extended battery span. 

These earbuds feature a comfortable, snug fit because their wing tip clips your ears tightly and offers a comfortable running experience. Beats have upgraded some of the features of Fit Pro to provide an immersive audio experience to audiophiles and workout enthusiasts. 

You are undoubtedly lucky if you love talking to your friends on voice or video calls. Fit Pro provides a crispy and smooth calling experience and extended talk time because of its battery life. The most impressive thing about Fit Pro is its competitive price that lures customers to buy them; they come at a reasonable price of $199. Hence, whether you’re on a treadmill, house bed, or office chair, you can enjoy a comfortable listening experience.   

10. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The most lauded true wireless offering from Jabra, in terms of comfort and sound quality, naming Jabra Elite Active 75t is the ideal workout accomplice. Silicone Ear Gels seal the canal and remove any remaining moisture for less slippage during activities. You’ll forget you’re wearing them because Jabra made these earbuds 22% smaller than their predecessor and incredibly light, weighing approximately 0.2 ounces. Moreover, the lightweight charging case won’t add extra weight to your excursions.

They excel because of their delightful fit and sweat resistance. The tight seal created by Jabra’s EarGels inhibits sweat infiltration and sliding. You can wear these earbuds for several hours straight without experiencing any discomfort. Hence, this decent pair provides superb sound while remaining comfortably in the user’s ear despite the bumps and jolts of daily movement.

The wide range of active noise cancellation and isolation technology it provides is a boon. With the help of a sophisticated app, the user may adjust these settings and choose how much background noise they wish to let into their earbuds, from perfect silence to average background noise.

Additionally, the battery life is good, offering about 14 hours of continuous use. The 75t will automatically shift to mono mode to ensure you are not losing any sound in the mix if you opt to use just one earbud in case your battery runs out.

11. 1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds

1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds

The Triple Driver is one of the reasons why 1More is establishing itself as a reputable brand in the earphone industry. As the name implies, there are three distinct drivers in each earbud. Two armature drivers provide support for a dynamic driver. Additionally, they are adjusted to work with particular frequency bands.

Compared to using a single driver to cover all frequencies, this results in a superior sound overall. One benefit of these earbuds is their sound quality. The highs are clean without being overly harsh, and the bass has depth without crowding the mids.

These earphones are exceptional in more than just sound quality. The buds themselves are well constructed. They are primarily made from aluminum, rendering them very lightweight, and when worn, they do not feel bulky in your ear. They have a striking, almost costly appearance due to the black and gold design, but they are not extravagant. They have an angled shape in the earbud tip to fit comfortably in the ear.

They sound great and look great, but most importantly, they are very comfortable. Foam and silicone include additional tips to aid in getting a perfect fit. The cable going to the right earbud is where the inline controller is located.

12. Shure Sound Isolating Triple Driver Earphone

Shure Sound Isolating Triple Driver Earphone

The name Shure pretty well says it all for those who reside in or are employed in the music industry. A robust and durable build and high-performance standards are just two examples.

Of course, they are well-made and provide a great degree of comfort. They won’t need to be inserted too far into the ear canal because they have an over-ear design, ensuring they’ll stay in the ear. They are noise-canceling, but like with any earbuds, their fit will determine how well they work. A proper fit in the ear will block external sounds up to 37dB.

Several ear tips are provided to ensure you obtain the proper fit and a high degree of comfort. These come in a variety of styles, but one of them has a memory foam tip. As you insert it, it will expand inside your ear. It guarantees a secure fit without putting strain on the ear canal. They do not cause any pain because they are so light.

Of course, the sound quality is superb. You get a wide range of precise frequency responses via each earbud’s triple drivers, which include one woofer and two tweeters, exceptionally good for a pair of earbuds. Since the bass is not overt, you can hear the mids clearly and concisely.

13. JLab Epic Sport Air Earbuds

JLab Epic Sport Air Earbuds

A friendly and stable earpiece is what an athlete always looks for. The over-ear loops on JLab’s Epic Sport Air earbuds create a snug and comfortable fit whether you’re training for a marathon or simply jogging to catch the train. These earphones were intended for workouts and sports. The Epic Sport has plenty to offer at a terrific price when you combine that comfy feeling with other outstanding features like ANC, more extended playback, and even a deficient latency movie mode. They are the most comfortable earbuds available in 2022, especially for sports. Moreover, they perform pretty well when it comes to rich sound quality.

It does not matter what exercise you practice; squats, lunges, push-ups, and burpees, remain stable within your ears. They have a hook design similar to Powerbeats Pro, which helps better grip and stability. 

JLab features active noise cancellation, noticeable if you habitually work out at noisy places such as roads or parks. Moreover, if you work in a noisy office, these earbuds will suit you excellently because of the presence of the ANC technique. 

If we talk about their battery life, they offer a non-stop 8 hours span. It means you can effortlessly use them for calling or office meetings. 

14. Philips PRO6105 

Philips PRO6105

The use of wired earbuds can be more convenient for extended listening sessions. They eliminate the requirement for ongoing battery recharge. This particular type is made by the well-known electronics manufacturer Philips.

When talking about comfort, they are the best earbuds for small ears. Philips has made three alternative soft tips that allow you to choose your size; for example, you can pick from the small, medium, or oversized fit.

It offers fantastic value even if the accuracy isn’t as high as other alternative possibilities. Although not of the caliber of a recording studio, they work well as a pair of earphones for the casual listener, with comfort ranking among their best qualities.

PRO6105 has inline control and a microphone, allowing you to receive and make phone calls. The voice sounds relatively straightforward and crispy in these earbuds. The bass is also impressive at mids. However, the only drawback of Philips PRO6105 is that it does not offer any option to use them wirelessly. Moreover, this earpiece does not feature noise cancellation and surround sound, 

In short, the flexible and soft tips offer a cozy solution for all-day listening. They can be an excellent option if you want something affordable, lightweight, and snug-fitting in your ear.

15. Tribit FlyBuds C1

Tribit FlyBuds C1

Flybuds C1 sounds good and is reasonably accurate to the original recording despite the minor V-shaped enhancement. The overall sound of the FlyBuds C1 is warm and smooth, fitting for many musical genres.

Earbuds are comfortable and durable enough to last even the wettest exercises. Overall, FlyBuds C1 appears to be stable enough for regular use. They are made of solid plastic split evenly between glossy and matte black.

Their design is comparable to AirPods Pro, and they are comfortable. They barely penetrate your ears, avoiding uncomfortable pressure during insertion. Even if they don’t fit very securely because of this, you can wear them for a long time without becoming tired.

With 9.5 hours of playback time and an astonishing 38 hours of standby time within the charging case, a longer battery life allows prolonged listening sessions.

The soundstage is modest, and most sounds still feel originated in your head. On the other hand, imaging is very accurate, giving you a clear understanding of the location of the sounds without any blind areas.

In conclusion, these earphones work technically admiring and offer a good sound profile.


It is not easy to find the most comfortable earbuds on the market right now because there are a lot of possibilities for each requirement. Before deciding on the most comfortable earphones, consider for what purpose you will use them. Would you like wireless? Water protection? Do you want comfortable earbuds to wear for calling or at work? Do you need them for the workout, or are you seeking lightweight, portable options?

All the earphones discussed above have their benefits, features, and drawbacks, and one of the choices will probably be appropriate for your particular requirements.

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